Today I...

... woke up wayy too early for my liking.
.. successfully avoided Mr. P. {ps. pretended to be asleep and took a little one eyed peak. only to see he was creeping...eeeek can you say uncomfortable?}
... cooked din din for the sibs. and left the plastic bowl on the hot oven burner. things like this are the reasons my roommates never let me cook. Somehow something alwaysssss goes wrong.
... watched 90210 and i loved it. See ya Emily! pretending to be mother. not being that successful might i add.
... used 9183924173 tubes of chapstick. annoying.
...made 25 bucks on the few items of clothing i sold to Playdo's Closet.
... gave a presentation on my trip to Africa.. don't worry i cried. in front of the whole class. embarrassing.
... decided Ashley and Brad's date on the Bach was the most awkward thing ever.
...texted a certain someone. It made me happy.
...packaged my soap reallyyyy fast at work. 40 bucks in 2 hours. not too shabby.
... sat next to someone on the shuttle who apparently smoked who-knows-what. Gross.
... got my tentative flight plans for Italia! gahhhh!!!!!!!!!jadfianfi dna kdn  .so.excited.
... am missing my old roommates. Playing with them this weekend was way too great.
... wrote 5 journal entries that were supposed to be done through out the semester thus far. shooot me.
... ran into the roommate of a boy i went on a blind date with. He grilled me on why i haven't talked to his friend since. That was somewhat weird.
...honestly have felt like complete CRAP. Lets all pray i am not getting sick. even though i know i am.
...took Teag to Spoon me. Family Home Evening treats for us. [everyone else is TC. too cool] ps they have homemade belgium waffles with ice cream. delish. going to bed early. 3 hours of sleep is not enough for a girl like me. i love my sleep way too much.

good night world 

Legally Blonde

a little hesitant at first...

But i am in LOVE!
Horrible pic. but whatever people... judge freely. :)

What do ya think? I loveee it. :) It is a lot more blonde than i have ever been but i am adoring the change. 

If ya need a good hair stylist.. you should check out Lisa's over at the Juicy Tube! she is so great.


Last night Omega had its membership ceremony. This was the first one that i have been to where i was already an active member, which means i didn't really have to do anything besides sit back and watch the pledges. I will admit that i was not one bit excited for Omega last night and not one bit looking forward to a boring membership meeting. HOLY MOLY. i am so dumb. Last night was seriously amazing and i am beyond glad that i went. 
so mad! the lighting on this one was all weird.
 It didn't take me long to realize that i was supposed to be at membership meeting last night. The spirit was so strong and i felt the love of my Savior so heavily. It is so crazy to me that something one person says can hit you as if they were saying it specifically for you. I can't tell you how many times that happened to me last night. I am so grateful for my Omega sisters and their willingness to share their thoughts when prompted by the spirit. 
Gosh i love these girls! Sorry the pics might be blurry
I think its about time to get my hair done.. what do you think? hahaha
I know it may sound cliche... But Omega has seriously changed my life. It has brought me closer to my Savior, helped me make institute a priority, and has given me 40 new best friends. Honestly i can say i wasn't a believer in this sorority stuff, but I know with out a doubt that Omega is the best thing i could have done when i transferred! If there is one thing i have learned through Omega it is that my Heavenly Father loves me and hears my prayers. My worth is great in His eyes, and so is yours!


No school. No work. What is a girl supposed to do on a day off? well let me tell you what i did today! I completely cleaned out ..half... of my closet. It may not sound like a feat in any way, but trust me people... It's a BIG deal! I have a great big stack of clothes that will be heading to Playdoh's Closet here in the next day or so, and whatever they dont of you guys can find it at the DI! 
Come one! Come all! Take whatever you would like!

Isn't having extra closet space the best feeling ever? Now the next trick is finding time to clean out the other side of my closet. ehhhh. Until then.. i am completely satisfied with the neatly organized one side of my closet :) Lets see how long it stays like that.

ps can you see my lovely new Kohls purchases? LOVE.

Retail Therapy

Ya know, i never really realized the power of retail therapy. Yesterday my mother and i were talking and we decided that we are firm believers. So.. what did we decide to do? Well with the recent post on Lisa Morgan's fashion blog The Juicy Tube, i decided that i needed to go check out Lauren Conrads new line at Kohls. I will be the first to say i am not a huge fan of Kohls, but with my recent winning at the soap factory of a 100 dollar gift card there, i decided it was worth taking the time to see what all the fuss was about. Let me publicly thank Lisa for completely opening my eyes to what could be one of my favorite new designers. I loved EVERYTHING i tried on. Narrowing it down to 100 dollars seemed like an impossible task, and i ended up spending wayyy more than i should have. But the good news is i got a 40 dollar 'kohls cash back' deal, an additional 25% off my entire purchase, and everything was 30% off. Talk about a deal! My mom has taught me.... when there is deals like that.. you have to partake! haha I am so excited about my new clothes and can hardly wait for spring time when they can make their big debut! 

Just a few of my little purchases :)

So excited to wear this cute little dress! It really is way cuter in person 
LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ruffle Chiffon Dress
I absolutely adored this trench. It is super feminine and has the cutest bow on the back tie.
LC Lauren Conrad Trench Coat

This shirt may look really plain, but the back is semi open with a lace detailing. 
LC Lauren Conrad Crochet Banded-Bottom Top

It may not look that cute, but i fell in love with the detailing on this top! it has a tie, and the buttons only go half way down the shirt. And the tulip sleeve----ok love it!
LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ruffle Blouse

I actually bought this top and this cardigan. I love them both. The cardigan is really versatile, and the top looks different in person. love them both. 

LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Camisole

Welp you just got my little fashion update. Seriously though.. can spring come a little quicker? I just want the warm weather, no school, flip flops, and shorts. Doesn't that just sound lovely?

Oh ps. i got all these images at


I am beyond excited to go back to Kenya. Holy Moly preparations are under way and it is getting me a little too happy sometimes. June 9th cannot come fast enough!!! if you know anyone that is interested in maybe joining our team. ..let me know :)

In other news... I am heading to....
for 10 days after kenya! Crazy right?! I can seriously hardly wait to see these two little girls! And of course my aunt Cyd, and uncle Damon. 
All in all i will be gone for just a little bit less than a month.. june 9-July 3. two and a half of those weeks in Kenya, and the rest in Italy and London. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy and seriously i can hardly wait for summer!!

Oh The Day of Loveee

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there! 
This year is the second year that i haven't had my Valentine here with me but let me tell you.. He certainly makes up for it. :) I can hardly believe that this is our 4th Valentines Day spent 'together' and it completely freaks me out that he is coming home in about 4 months! Holy moly time is sure flying! This boy is just so amazing and i am so grateful to have him in my life :)
Picture overload i know.. but i was looking through our pictures together and i cant believe how young we look! haha i couldnt narrow it down.. so these will have to do. :)

TL: at a ranch in the summer of 08. TR: on our 18th birthday downtown
BL: Senior Trip on our cruise to Mexico. BR: going away party before i left for college.
TL: in st George fall of 08 TR: gateway winter 08
BL: Thanksgiving point Christmas lights BR: bowling with Teag
Spring Break of 2009 in San Diego. Pictures at the San Diego Zoo, Body Worlds Exhibit, and some random park
TL: Ben's Farewell TR:19th Birthdays
BL: Vegas for our Birthdays BR:Park City to ride the bobsled

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. Well besides my squinty eyes. Isn't he cute though? 
I love this boy. 4 months cant come soon enough!!

Well Happy Valentines everyone... 
sorry i'm a day late!


Totally obsessed with this song right now. Actually i am totally obsessed with this album. Actually i am totally obsessed with this band in general. This video is so great.

i highly suggest you guys listen to this whole album. The acoustic version of this song is just fantastic. And i also love this song. yuppp listen and love it. do it.

Jaimie is Engaged!!

Well it is official! Another one of the six kicks is getting hitched. How exciting! Jaim got engaged a few weeks ago but i just havent gotten around to blogging about it. I am pathetic! But how cute is this couple?

Jaimie and Chad
excuse the crappy resolution photo.. it was obviously stolen from her facebook :)
Jaimie and Chad met through a blind date last...i wanna say last.. October ish?  Jaimie's childhood best friend lined them up to go to the Brad Paisley concert together. I think that's who it was? Anywayyy... they totally hit it off and have practically been inseparable ever since. They are set to be married May 21, 2011, in the Salt Lake temple. I am so happy for these two. They are seriously perfect together and i cant wait to see her in a wedding dress! ahhh 

Congrats [future] Mr and Mrs Broadhead! 

Helpppp meee

K i feel really bad writing this.. but i am looking to my fellow bloggers for some serious help. I have a person my friends and i like to refer to as a "mr persistent". I have to give credit to dear kylee for this term. i am a firm believer in karma.. and back when i was reading her blog about her "mr. persistent" i have to admit that i laughed. Now look what i got myself into!

Background on the story:

Last semester my omega girls and i would go to this weekly event known as Pi Night. Basically it is a social gathering that the sigma boys put together on thursday nights at the Pi pizza restaurant. One night this boy kept talking to me as if i had known him for years. He kept telling me every time he was going to do something. Example: "ok i am going to get a refill now." "ok well i am going to go say hi to that guy over there." "ok well i am leaving now.." and so on... The next week at sorority one of the girls in my sorority came up to me and said that 'Jack' (we will change his name for obvious reasons) wanted to know what i had thought of him. My response was "who is jack?!" honestly i didnt even know the kids name! hahaha she told me that she had explained to him that i was dating someone--- which at the time i was, and that i also had a missionary. She said he was still very curious about what i had thought about him. I think i remember just kind of staring at her and then we both started laughing. I never saw him again that semester. Thankfully.

Fast forward to now:

I have seen this boy around the institute building numerous times. Because we were never really on a personal basis, i never really felt the need to say hello. Well come to find out he is in my institute class. One day after class (before Ky and Jason joined me) he hunted me down and insisted that we walk to our next class together. It was a normal walk and usual conversation with this boy.. awkward, and uncomfortable. I was happy when we parted our separate ways. Well i figured that since Kylee and Jason joined me in institute class, that i wouldnt have to worry about anymore awkward encounters with this Jack character. Boy was i wrong!!

 I have an hour break before i have institute. Usually this time is filled with studying, (currently blogging), and reading, in the commons of the institute building. Welllll this boy loves to come and sit at the same table as me. He will sit and talk and talk and talk. I have tried the whole 'headphone trick', and yet for some reason he will still come sit next to me. One time he even gestured to me to take out my headphones. Awkwarddddd. And every time our conversation is the same..."how is your day? what homework are you doing? what are your plans tonight? what are you doing there on your computer?" question after question after question! I have used the "i have to use the restroom" excuse too. To which, his response was "oh i will watch your stuff and we can walk to class together". Ummmmm i quickly gathered my stuff and headed to the restroom for the remainder of my break.

Last week my friends abandoned me in institute alone. I knew he would insist on walking me to class again, so as soon as the word "amen" was said, i left the classroom and started the longgg walk to presidents circle. As i was heading down the stairs of the institute building i didnt see Mr P in sight. Good sign. ....or so i thought. I was heading through the parking lot and suddenly i hear from behind me "soo haley how is your day going?" ahhh i had been caught! Conversation followed for the next 10 minute walk. At some point i think he was even hinting to me that he needed a date to the formal dance this friday. Luckily i already have plans, but for some reason i told him i had work? I crumble under pressure! Seriously i couldnt even think straight! i knew i had something on Friday, but i couldnt for the life of me remember what it was. So the excuse that i had work came flying out. Once again.. awkward. It really is the only word to describe the convo.

I feel so bad avoiding this Mr. P, but what other choice do i have? I feel like i have given subtle hints but he doesnt seem to catch them. I dont want my institute class to be a place where i feel i have to be mean, but honestly he just isnt getting it. And what about what the girl in my sorority told him last fall? To his knowledge i am dating someone and i have a missionary. What the crap!? Although only half of that sentence is true, you would still think it would shy him away in the slightest!

So my question to you fellow blogger...what is a girl to do? how do i fix this problem? Really it is starting to put a damper on my days because i worry about it so much. Any advice would suffice. please. i beg of you.

Birthday men!

 I have missed some birthdays i need to get caught up!! Last week was my dear little brother Teagan's 12th birthday!

Teagan Dane
January 31
this kid is so awesome. I love him to pieces. He was so excited to be able to receive the priesthood and his first temple recommend and cant wait to go to the temple next week! What a little stud. i cant believe he is already 12! I remember vividly the days i got to stay home from school to help mom.. i would sit on the couch all day with this little baby in my arms and just talk to him. He has always been--- and will always be my little buddy and best friend! he loves to give me dating advice and is always sure to tell me what he thinks of the few men i have brought home. He is getting to be a little stinker though and wont hold my hand in public! What a brat. haha I love you teagy!

Andddd today is the birthday of two of my very good friends!

 Elder Eric Proctor
Currently Serving in Seoul, South Korea
Eric and I on carving pumpkins Halloween of 2008.
Eric and i have been friends since 9th grade spanish class when he decided to write 'dirty haley' on my desk, chair, and every paper i turned in. Dont ask me where he got 'dirty haley' because to this day neither of us know! All he will say is that he knew it bugged me so bad and so he kept doing it just to make me angry! what a butt head! We became even better friends our senior year when we served on Student Government together. He is probably the funniest kid on the planet and i am sure he is being such a great missionary. i cant wait for him to come home in may! Happy 21 Elder Proctor!


Ammon Zitting
not the greatest pic of us but it was one of the most recent that i had :)

Am is so great is so many ways! We became close friends in the fall of 2009 while we were both attending Dixie. We dated on and off through 2010 (i will admit it was my fault every time i suck at dating) and have now decided to just be friends. He is wayyyy legit at baseball and is one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals i have ever met. He served in Japan and really taught me to love the asian culture. I learned a lot from this boy and wish him a very Happy 23rd birthday!

Happy Birthday gentlemen! One year older and wiser too? 

I love when..

·      I love when i wear ballet flats to school and it conveniently decides to snow outside. Ok not just snow.. lets say it was a total white out. walking to class and almost falling every step is probably my favorite thing ever. Let alone... my feet = frost bite.
·      I love when i set my alarm to my favorite song. I now HATE what use to be my favorite song. i gotta quit doing that.
·      I love when i forget that i have to write a 7 page self reflection paper. And i love it even more when i then procrastinate to write the paper until 11:00 the night before its due.
·      I love when i miss the shuttle in the morning by 1 minute. waiting in the FREEZING cold for the next ten minutes is just so fun!
·      I love it when my brakes dont work and i slide through a whole intersection. I love it even more when somehow the person in front of me slid too, making it so i didnt hit them. (i really do love that)
·      I love when i cant find a bra in the morning. seriously so annoying. where do they all go?!
·      I love when my paychecks are smaller than expected.
·      I love when good friends do stupid things. i wanna shake them and say.."what are you thinking???!"
·      I love it when i go to they gym only to find out that i REALLY need to start going more often.
·      I love it when really awkward boys are persistent in talking to me. If i have my headphones in.. you would think that is a good sign to anyone that i dont really want to chat. Right? …wrong.

Ok now that i got that out.. I REALLY DO LOVE …
·      I love when i wear ballet flats to school and it makes my outfit that much more cute.
·      I love when i find out that 3 of my good friends are coming to Africa with me.
·      I love going to institute with Kylee, Jason, and Carson. Institute with friends is the best thing ever. Also avoiding being embarrassed in front of the whole class is another great feeling.
·      I love going to get slurpees and having heart to hearts with this boy. Also chatting with this boy is just as wonderful.
·      I love playing soccer again with my long lost best friend Lexi. And I love it even more when the coach tells me that i’m ‘brilliant’ in the cutest irish accent known to man. Seriously nicest compliment ever.
·      I love when I hear that one of my best friends is engaged. but I’ll do more on that later.
·      I love when i get put in the same group as an attractive wide receiver on the football team. Teagan is convinced I should have our group meetings at our house.
·      I love when I hear new songs that completely speak to me. Maroon 5 is bomb.
·      I love when I get to talk to my roommates and laugh at funny pictures.
·      I love how somehow everyone I come in contact with is somehow connected with someone else. It is so weird.
·      I love that I get to take the shuttle instead of walking 20 minutes in the antarctic weather outside. Shuttle = convenient in numerous ways.
·      I love when I wake up feeling refreshed. Even if I want to shoot the song that plays on my alarm.
·      I love when I get a paycheck. Period. It is the best ever.
·      I love when I know I have plans for the weekend ahead. Omega retreat is calling my name!!
·      I love when I know that Ben gets home in about 4.5. HOLY SHIZZER.
·      I love when I talk to my married friends. Lexi and brock. Brooke and Dan. Jess and Ev. they are all so great. 
·      I love talking to people about Kenya. Coincidentally I have had it happen a lot lately and it makes me happy.
·      I love it when I get new blog followers. Jump for joy! someone actually reads what I write! Not that its that exciting.
·      I love working out to Richard Simmons..with my omega gals. 80’s outfits make it that much more fun.
·      I love that at the gym today I learned I am not in as horrible shape as I thought. Still not great. But getting there.

So I guess after all this week wasn’t too shabby. Sorry for this ridiculously long post with no cool pictures. I know posts without pictures are boring. My B.


This last weekend some of Chan's friends were going down to St George to go four wheeling. They graciously let me come along for the ride so i could go visit my friends down there. You all know how much i love St. G and i have to is days like today when i trulyy MISS living in the sunshine. Dont get me wrong i love walking to class in -8 degree temps but i also love playing volleyball in shorts and a tee in the middle of January as well. 
 On saturday Alex took us shooting. We use to go all the time together and i was so happy when he agreed to take us. He brought along his girlfriend Teisha and i was so excited i got to meet her. She was so easy to be around and honestly i felt like i had known her for a very long time! We had a lot of fun.
Alex and his prey.
 Alex got to practice his aim when we saw this little rodent scurrying along the hillside about 40-50 yards from where we were. He was SURE that he hit it.. and sure enough when we went to check.. he had nailed it. :)
How sweet is this picture really though?

Haley. Paige. Whitley. Min.
Me and my roommates went to the Dixie basketball game together. I got to see a lot of people that i havent seen in quite awhile. It was so fun! I love spnding times with my roommates and i was so excited when i got to hang out with Madison and haley for a bit. AZ trip reunion..only missing court.

All in all it was a great weekend. Only a few weird things occurred and it was made up for by spending quality time with the roommates. Paige should be getting her mission call this week so i will for sure let you all know where she is headed!