You've Got a Friend in Omega

This weekend was so great. We had our sorority retreat up at Scottie's cabin on friday night, and on Saturday morning there was the big kickball tourney for all the sorority chapters. I love my Omega Girls! It was such a blast just spending time with them and getting to know each of them a little bit better. Oh! and don't worry.. Omega won the Kickball Tourney! booo yeah! It was such a fun couple days and i cant wait for what is to come!
Kim Possible and I ridin the DEER! Get buck!
Omega Gals
Lacey and I pre-tourney

And the Result..... CHAMPS! Go Omega!

15 months 15 months

Today marks 15 months for benjamin! I cant believe how fast time has gone, but at the same time i definitely can. Elder Woolf is doing extremely well and is absolutely loving serving the Lord.

It is so weird to think he only has about 9 months left... and let me tell you ..that is pretty dang exciting! I love the fact that i can say he is in the single digits. I guess that means i can no longer get pregnant before he gets home.. with out him knowing. hahah well lets be honest that was never in the plan, and would never happen, but it's pretty funny to think about.

He is such a stud. I love reading his letters every week, and it has really made me realize just how focused on the work he is. He is just so great!

Happy 15 months Elder Woolf!

Isnt this the Truth?

Food for Thought

Faith is the Power
Obedience is the Price
Love is the Motive
Spirit is the Key
Christ is the Reason

Thank you best friend for being so amazing.. Love you

Africa- I miss it!

Lately i have been having the most random flashbacks of my experience in Africa. It is so weird. i was driving in my car the other day and all of a sudden the most strong taste came into my mouth of the dinner meals that i had every night while i was there. No, i didn't particularly enjoy the food that i ate while i was in Africa. And i honestly am confused as to why my taste buds crave the food so heavily. Mashed potatoes, rice, and the weirdest tomato soup i have ever eaten, are not on my 'must-have food list'. I have even had times where i smell someone's horrible B.O. and my mind immediately takes me back to teaching in the crowded musty African school rooms. It is so weird, but i think that my  emotional thoughts are now taking matters into their own hands by making my physical body long for Kenya. 

I think the thing i miss most is the feeling that i got when i spent the time with those children. They seriously are amazing. They are content with their life, and love the lives that they live. I miss how they made me feel. I miss the overwhelming happiness that they brought into my life. 

I miss my little Kenyans :)


Lately i feel like all i have blogged about is.. this wedding.. that wedding.. this person is engaged, that person is engaged.. blah blah blah. I am SOOO happy for all my friends that have gotten married. This post isn't about them. Its about ME. I came to quite a realization in the past few months that has made me think i am quite smart. :)
sleepover on Stephs trampoline
I feel like my whole life i have been looking forward to that 'next stage'. I was so excited to drive, then i was excited to graduate, then i was excited to move out, then i was excited for college soccer, then i was excited to graduate from college. And my startling discovery..... i am FINALLY perfectly content with where i am at in my life. I love going to school, i love working, and i love being single.

Utes game.. 5th row baby!

Lets address that last part.. single? I hate when people ask me that question. If you are a 20 year old girl and not married you are very familiar with it....Are you dating anyone? How do I answer that question? Technically i am not really dating anyone. BUT i do write someone every week? is that the same? i dunno. All i know is that i am loving the time of life i am at right now. I love the fact that i am in complete control of where my life is going, and no one has a say but ME. Selfish? maybe. But it has taught me so much about who i am, what i want, and even the things that i really truly enjoy. I love the fact that i am single. I have gotten to do so many cool things that i know, if i were married, i wouldn't have had the opportunity to accomplish. 
I love my African children

That is not to say, that i NEVER want to get married. Every girl dreams of getting married someday. But for me, that day isnt now. And i am perfectly fine with that. In the wise words of John Mayer.. 
Nothing to do, Nowhere to be. 
A simple little kind of free. 
Nothing to do. No one but me.
 And that's all i need...
I am perfectly lonely

Family fishin trip

And i know, technically i am not perfectly lonely. If i didn't have certain individuals, things would be very different. But as for me, here in Sandy, i am perfectly lonely. 
And this is not to say
There never comes a day
I'll take my chances and start again
And when I look behind
On all my younger times
I have to thank the wrongs that led me to a love so strong

I LOVE my life right now. It is full of so many challenges, decisions, and opportunities. Although sometimes it is hard.. it is SO exciting. I am fine with not being married. I am fine just living my life as a normal college student. Someday though.. i will be ready to be married.. but for now..

i'm good thanks :)
Ironically.. driving to Brooke's wedding

My BF is Married!

Its official.. my long time childhood best friend is a married woman! Lexi and Brock sealed the deal on Saturday in the Draper, UT temple. I was so fun seeing them and how happy they were. I felt so lucky to have been able to spend the night before the wedding with Lexi at her apartment. We had so much fun catchin up and i am so grateful for her friendship! Seriously Lexi has and always will be my best friend. She has so many qualities that i wish to aquire.. and to see her so extremely happy brought me to tears.
I love all these girls! Lexi, Breanna, Jenny, and I were the neighborhood terrors when we were children. We were always up to no good and we have sooo many funny stories to tell about it. There were numerous times we were chased by dogs, kids, and crazy parents trying to catch us doorbell ditching. Once we even got chased by a girl carrying ski poles. hahah too funny!

I loved hanging out with Lexi's friends that i met last year in AZ at Ians wedding. If you dont remember how Lexi and Brock hooked up.. read here. If you wanna hear about my trip last year.. read here :)

Lexi's dad Jordan was our soccer coach all while growing up. I remember it was so hard for me to refer to him as COACH Jordan and not just Jordan. He was like my second dad and it is always fun seeing him and catchin up.

Me and Lex.. this girl is the most genuine caring person i have ever met. She is so sincere with every one she comes in contact with. I seriously wish i had her attitude and zeal for life.

This picture sums up lexi's and my relationship. I love this girl and am so extremely happy for her. She found the most amazing man and married him for time and all eternity. They have the best relationship and i absolutely adore them both. 
Congrats Stuarts!! Thank you for your wonderful example of love, kindness, and everything between.

Cheers to New Beginnings!

Holy Moly my life has been so crazy busy.. sooo here is a quick update with a lot of pictures..

  • I joined a sorority up at the U... weird right? It's through the institute and i am already in love. I love the girls, the activities and the opportunities it gives me! Goooo OMEGA!! 

  • I went to the John Mayer concert... did you know he is my absolute favorite? Always has been and always will be. Yes, i know he is kinda sketchy.. but he is ridiculously talented. Holy smokes. Honestly the whole time i was just in awe at his amazing musical skills. Really though. He has a God given gift.. and it is so evident. I love how all his songs are so relatable, and so true. I first fell in love with John Mayer back in 2008 when Ben and I went to his concert together. That night was one of the best nights ever. I remember we were a little disappointed when he didn't sing Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, (one of our absolute favorite songs to sing together) so needless to say.. i was ecstatic when he sang that song this year. Ben would have been flipping out, cuz he loves that song. It made my night and for a second there i felt like Ben was right there singing it to me! hahaha i am such a nerd..

Reppin the John Mayer T-shirt.
Ali, Lacey, and i met up with a bunch of friends from high school! John mayer really is just so great.

  • Utes kicked off the football season last night! .....and i am officially a member of the MUSS! It was such a fun game and so dang intense. i loved every second of it. It is so crazy how big the student section is, and how much school spirit everyone has. That is one thing that is different from Dixie, everyone has pride in their school! GO UTES!!
Official MUSS member. Lovin the Tee

The girls.. Lacey, Brooke, and Scottie.

Right after we won in OT! such a crazy game.. with an unnecessary overtime..

I am loving my life right now! i am so busy but time is flying by.. which is exactly what i need :)

Lexi gets married tomorrow so expect a post about that coming soon :)