Dixie Normas

For the past few weeks i have been playing on an intramural coed-flag football team. We call ourselves the Dixie Normas. Quite the clever name don't ya think? ....no mother i had no part in the picking of the name.. but i do think it is soo funny. Anyway i signed up with some of the boys in the apartment below us, and i will be honest.. i thought we would be horrible. But i am happy to inform you that we were pretty decent! We creamed most teams, and held our own against the better teams in our league.

Pictures during half time.. we had our play off game last night vs the Trojans... 
Trojans vs. Dixie-Normas. 

I love this girl to death. 
Meet Lindsay. 
We laugh during the whole game together.
And she had the SWEETEST interception ever.

Team Huddle=pointlessness.

Outcome: we lose.
and i have one messed up finger.
oh joy.

But it was super fun and i loved every minute of playing football with these boys.

Next up: POWDERPUFF!! wahooo

just wishin time flew!

YAY! i hit the three month mark two days ago! phew! Ben has now been out for... 1/8 of his mission. Is that a warped way of thinking or what? i mean.. let's put this in simple terms.. "would you want 1/8 of a pie?" i would! so i figure 1/8 of a mission is quite the mark too right? He made it through the MTC and has now been in Africa for a whole month! He loves it and his weekly emails crack me up. uhh monday mornings are the best part of the week! hallelujah its pretty much Sunday today!! here are a few pics he emailed this past week..

He is so cute.. Still! 

Benjamin and his "nice" house 

African Sun!... so pretty. He says sunsets are AMAZING!

Members houses? i am assuming 

One thing Ben always mentions is how grateful he is for everything he has! He was already such a humble kid, but even more so now. He really loves where he is serving and never complains about anything.  i swear he doesn't know how! but anyway.. just always remember how much we are blessed with and keep the missionaries in your prayers!

Halle vs. Haley

So one of my favorite little cousins Halle has recently learned how to use the computer. She knows how to take pictures,
 upload them, and email them to anyone she wants. Smart little girl for only being 4! As i bet you could have guessed.. i get probably 10-20 emails -at least- every week from her! You may think this might get annoying after awhile.. but trust me.. it doesn't. It brightens my day and makes me laugh every time i get a new picture she has taken of herself. Most of the time the subject of the emails are "ahdifaj kmadl" or "haley you are 2 years old" (this being her favorite thing to say to me) and sometimes "I'm shakin my booty at you!"

Halle shakin her "booty" in the laptop's camera

Isn't she just so adorable? and soo funny!

Alright these are kinda scary, but i cant leave a little girl hangin! I started emailing her funny pictures back and now it has turned into a war!

Oh man i miss this little girl! she is so fun to be around and one is always guaranteed a laugh when talking to her. She loves to cause mischief and trouble.. and she loves to mimmick me. haha i love her and cant wait to visit her and her cute family this Thanksgiving in San Diego!

Love you Dixons!

Workin Lady!

I'ma Player.. I'ma Player.. I'ma Player!! ......If you dont know that song, maybe you should look it up cuz it's now my new theme song! haha no i'm kidding, but at the same time totally serious! I have been down here in St. George for almost a month, and fortunately i was one of the lucky few who found a job. I went into Players Sports Grill the first full day i was down here and asked if they were hiring... And they were! Not only was i in shock, but they gave me an application and then a manager came out and interviewed me! .... and to continue this pattern of 'Luck' he gave me the job right then and there! hmm crazy day full of a lot of information but i was pretty excited. So i am one of the newest Hostess's (thats a lot of 's's) at the restaurant! I have now been working for about 3 weeks and so far it's not too shabby! I get base pay, and if i get any tips on take out orders i get to keep them! i think on my total of 3 take out orders i have made about ten buckaroo's in tips. haha so happy about that. Who doesn't love a little extra change? 

So.. basically my job is pretty easy.. just welcome guests, seat them, and tell them the soup of the day. Sometimes its super boring but i have met some pretty cool people. i met a cute little old couple that has been traveling the U.S in their motor home since June! what a life! Oh and let me get on my soap box here for a second.. Our food is delicious! The restaurant has sort of a upscale, classy feel about it.. and seriously everything there is sooo TASTY! yumm!

SO excited to go to work! .......not!! But really if you are ever in St. George you best come visit me at work! 

hanging up the cleats..

Crazy i know! Some of you are probably reading this thinking.. "Really? there is no way..." welp it's true. I quit soccer. Done-zo. And to be quite honest with you i am surprisingly ok with it. Although i miss the sport so much my teammates and all the good things that came through playing soccer.. i do not miss the super hot practices, conditioning, running stadiums multiple times, having absolutely no time for myself.. and having no money! i dunno its such a bittersweet decision, but i put a lot of thought and prayer into it, and i have realized LIFE GOES ON. and even more surprising... there are more important things in life than soccer.

Now, it is super weird going to games and knowing that i no longer play, but even more weird is trying to come up with an answer to the questions.. "What are your hobbies?" and my favorite.. "What do you do in your spare time?" And well you see.. my typical answer would normally be "soccer" but since i no longer really have that option.. What am i left with? Nothing.  I always joke with my roommates and say.. oh my newest hobbies are tree watching and rock throwing... i am such a DORK. It has taken some time to get use to the fact that i am a LOSER now with no hobbies, but at the same time, it has given me time to myself to really do a self evaluation and say "what do i really like to do?".. I may still be trying to answer this question, but i know eventually it will come, and hopefully it will be something new and amazing.

Here are just a few pics from the past year of soccer. Man i miss these times!!

My girls from Dixie State.. Team prayer before every game.

Team Activities.. beginning of the year BBQ.. we did some pretty good karaoke!

Halloween Practice.. we look pretty fierce right? we were the Hunters

Roommate ice baths during two-a-days. Lovely. i wish i were that tan still.

Having 25 girls that i can all my best friends. i knew they were always there for me.

I will miss it, but i am OK for now!