Bumpdate: 16 weeks

'Bumpdate'...For some reason that phrase sort of bothers me, but whatever. I am not clever enough to come up with something else so I guess it will do! I have been absolutely TERRIBLE keeping track and notes of each week of my pregnancy but hopefully I will start getting better at it as the weeks go on..
This picture was taken at about 15 1/2 weeks!
How far along: 16 weeks (and 2 days.. but who’s counting?)

Size of the baby: Avocado or about 4.5 inches

Weight gain: about 3-5 pounds depending on the day or time i weigh myself :)

Maternity clothes? Barely. I bought my first pair of maternity pants last week (holla at H&M.. best maternity pants ever) and have worn them once. All of my clothes still fit me but they are so dang uncomfortable by the end of the day. Screw wearing skirts to work because pencil skirts are of the devil right now and basically the most uncomfortable thing on the planet. Besides tights. Which go hand-and-hand with skirts so basically I just hate them both right now. Getting dressed for work is stressful because I am supposed to dress business casual, but wearing my regular pencil skirts is a big HECK NO, and heels make my sciatic nerve go crazy.

Sleep: GOOD! I have pretty much always been able to sleep through practically anything.. and for the most part pregnancy has been the same. I can still sleep on my stomach since I barely have a bump, but it is getting to be a little uncomfortable. Some nights are better than others but I can still sleep through the whole night with out having to wake up to go to the bathroom. Win! I am dreading the nights of waking up 2-3 times to pee.

Cravings: they change all the time! I have been absolutely loving on hot wings right now. Which is sooo weird because I normally don’t even really like wings! Buffalo Wild Wings has saved me and I have ordered the 3rd hottest sauce on my wings.. Wha? I am normally the biggest baby with hot foods. I have also been craving celery and carrots.. and I have to drink orange juice every morning. So weird. My food intake really hasn’t changed too much.. just sometimes things sound reallyyy good!

Baby movement? Yes! I felt my first solid kick at 15 ½ weeks! It was unlike anything I have ever felt before.. it happened three consecutive times in a 10 minute span or so.. all in the same general area. I was freaking out!! I was so excited. Unfortunately I have not felt little kicks again, but I am sure they will become more consistent in the weeks to come. So excited for that.

Gender Prediction: For my whole pregnancy thus far I have thought girl, but in the last few weeks I am so unsure!! I am UNREAL excited to find out boy or girl.

Challenges this week: I have had some cramping, (muscles/ligaments making room for baby), but other than that I have felt SO good! With the exception of occasional gnarly headaches,..No complaining here. My sciatic nerve is doing much better and for the most part I have learned to understand what my body needs.

Best moment this week: Feeling the baby kick and going to my appointment tomorrow! Two weeks from today we will know the gender.... Eekk!!!

Nursery: Ammon’s parents bought us a crib for our Christmas present this year and I am OBSESSED! Am and I bought the matching dresser to go with it and I can’t wait to get it all set up!

From the front you can't even really tell. haha somedays are worse than others. 

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