Today I...

... woke up wayy too early for my liking.
.. successfully avoided Mr. P. {ps. pretended to be asleep and took a little one eyed peak. only to see he was creeping...eeeek can you say uncomfortable?}
... cooked din din for the sibs. and left the plastic bowl on the hot oven burner. things like this are the reasons my roommates never let me cook. Somehow something alwaysssss goes wrong.
... watched 90210 and i loved it. See ya Emily! pretending to be mother. not being that successful might i add.
... used 9183924173 tubes of chapstick. annoying.
...made 25 bucks on the few items of clothing i sold to Playdo's Closet.
... gave a presentation on my trip to Africa.. don't worry i cried. in front of the whole class. embarrassing.
... decided Ashley and Brad's date on the Bach was the most awkward thing ever.
...texted a certain someone. It made me happy.
...packaged my soap reallyyyy fast at work. 40 bucks in 2 hours. not too shabby.
... sat next to someone on the shuttle who apparently smoked who-knows-what. Gross.
... got my tentative flight plans for Italia! gahhhh!!!!!!!!!jadfianfi dna kdn  .so.excited.
... am missing my old roommates. Playing with them this weekend was way too great.
... wrote 5 journal entries that were supposed to be done through out the semester thus far. shooot me.
... ran into the roommate of a boy i went on a blind date with. He grilled me on why i haven't talked to his friend since. That was somewhat weird.
...honestly have felt like complete CRAP. Lets all pray i am not getting sick. even though i know i am.
...took Teag to Spoon me. Family Home Evening treats for us. [everyone else is TC. too cool] ps they have homemade belgium waffles with ice cream. delish. going to bed early. 3 hours of sleep is not enough for a girl like me. i love my sleep way too much.

good night world 

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  1. okaay creeper needs to take a hint and quit creepin on my friend. i swear it will never end. please bless that once next semester rolls around you won't run into him anymore.


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