The tale of the missing wallet

Friday night i ran a late night errand to Smiths to buy some baking ingredients. I only took my wallet since it was going to be such a quick trip to the store. On my way out, I bought a Redbox. I went home, and put my wallet back on the counter, but NOT in my purse.

So Saturday morning I woke up, went to the gym (no wallet), came home got ready and headed to a baby shower. I remember vividly thinking "grab your wallet and put it in your purse so you can get gas". After the shower i headed straight up to my mom's house so we could go to the What Women Want show at the expo center. We headed down together and after about 30 minutes at the expo, i went to pay for something and my wallet was gone! I had a  moment of pure panic. I could have SWORN i put my wallet in my purse. So i called ammon who was at home.. sadly.. no wallet at home. My mom reassured me that it probably just fell out in my car, which was totally realistic and so i carried on with no worries. At this point i really hadn't thought about praying because i just knew it was in my car (DUMB). After the show i looked in my moms car.. no wallet. We got to my parents house and I checked my car... No wallet. Now i really started to panic, we drove down to my house in Lehi and rummaged through the house.. no wallet. I was freaking out. I called my bank.. no charges had been made but i was getting worried. It was like my wallet disappeared out of thin air. literally. We continued looking, but it was no where to be found. I said a silent prayer that i would find my wallet and went on with the night. We headed to dinner with nate and sheena, and then went to nickelcade.

Sunday morning i woke up and panic really set in. I am supposed to travel in two weeks for work and NEED my license since my passport has the wrong name. Plus, my company card was in my wallet along with my 3 debit/credit cards, health insurance cards, etc.. so i was really stressing. Nothing says 'IRRESPONSIBLE' like losing your company card in your first 5 months of working for a new company. I will be honest.. at this point i thought the wallet was gone for good and my faith was really lacking. I had called Smiths and the Expo center numerous times.. and no wallet. I had prayed to find it or be guided to find it.. no wallet and no spiritual comfort.

We headed to church and i was a wreck. I was stressed, worried, and completely lacking faith. All during the sacrament I was just praying and crying(embarrassing) that I would find the wallet. I truly felt so unworthy to ask for help.. i was reflecting on my weaknesses and how many things i 'can do better'. I knew i could do better at reading my scriptures/praying/serving others.. and so I was depressed and wishing i could have a do-over so that i could feel confident in asking for help. DUH. that is how Satan wanted me to feel. Anyway, so i started praying that someone else who is worthy of a blessing (so dumb i really felt that way) would find my wallet and that i would be able to be guided to find them. I headed to relief society and the lesson was on faith. Ironic right? I knew I just needed to have faith in my heavenly father that he would at some point answer my prayer.. and if not, then it was a trial that I was meant to have. I can't even tell you how many prayers I said that day.. just pleading that i would be able to somehow find my wallet. Still no charges had been made, but I was almost wishing that they were so I could tell my boss my wallet got stolen, and not that i 'lost' it. I pretty  much decided it was gone for good, and I said a prayer something like "heavenly father i know you can help me, and i know i shouldn't put a time limit on you answering my prayers, but if i can't find it today i have to start working to fix it tomorrow so I can travel for work. please please please guide me"...... i felt so bad even saying those words but i was thinking it, so I knew my heavenly father already knew.

Ammon and I drove up to the expo center to see if maybe it fell out in the parking lot. No luck. I was feeling so exhausted and down, and even told ammon that I would fix it all starting in the morning. On our way to my parents I felt like I should call the expo again to see if they had found it while cleaning. I called and the man on the other end kept asking me all these questions about my wallet.. which i thought was weird..and finally he said "yup we have it here! Someone just turned it in!" I was screaming and crying and totally overreacting, and in the moment I had an overwhelming feeling of love that i knew was sent directly from my heavenly father. I knew he answered my prayers and I knew he was the reason I found the dang wallet. I have no idea how my wallet fell out of my purse.. but somehow it did and someone with integrity found it!

We drove back, i went in and confirmed that the wallet was indeed mine, and left crying tears of happiness. I cannot tell you how much this silly little story has strengthened my testimony of my savior. I know he lives. I know that he hears and answers our prayers. He knows that sometimes we feel inadequate, but he makes up the difference anyway. He loves us each so much! He knows who we are and the things that are important to us as individuals. He is my Savior and I am so grateful for him.LDS Quote Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Also to make the story better.. i found this note inside my wallet....

Ammon's response was my favorite.. "what the!? does it not say you're married on your license?!" hahah i laugh every time i think about it. 

updates and such

I am a terrible blogger. A lot has happened but not a lot has changed. A quick update via pics will suffice for now..

I headed to Seattle (and Cali, New Mexico, and Denver) for work earlier this month and absolutely fell in love with the city. I had the best salmon i have ever had.. and that's saying something for someone who doesnt like seafood.

I found the cutest shoes at Nike.. originally 130.. marked to 44. SO mad i had to pass them up considering i had just washed my 5 pairs of frees the week before. Which then let ammon on to how many pairs of nike's i have (8). eek.

I survived my business trip as a presenter! BIG WAhOO! Presented in four states in four days and had a great time. I. LOVE. MY. JOB.
normally i would never post a selfie, but this was a monumental day!! i had to show my mom my outfit

I ordered my first swimsuit of the season. I thought i was 'over' chevron.. and then i bought this. I don't regret it, but i do regret not working out for the past few months. (can you say eek) :)

I have however rediscovered my love for hot yoga. I got a groupon for a studio up here and have loved going.  It makes me feel so refreshed afterwards!

I won $100 bucks at work.. within 10 minutes of me getting off work i had spent it on skirts and such at jcrew. I justify it since i wear skirts practically everyday and you can never have too many presenting outfits.

I tried Bountiful Baskets for the first time ever. Best thing of my life (hypothetically speaking of course).. YOU ALL SHOULD DO THIS!

My mom and I started a new adventure selling jewelry. My mom is a consultant and basically i just help her at her parties and such. The necklaces are to die for! If you want to host a party let me know. :) there are incentives offered for hosting one.

Last weekend I officially finished organizing the apartment. LOVE the little vanity hutch thing ammon got me for christmas.. it looks perfect in our bathroom.

It has officially been two years since Am and I got engaged. CRAZYYY talk. I loved that day so much and can't believe we are coming up on our two year anni!

ALSO.. our room went from this:

....................................................................................................To this:

I finally got a chance to clean up.. and i hung my timeline canvases up and I LOVE them. I order all my canvases from they rock!

I've got issues

Guys. I dont know what it is but I have got issues lately. Things like:

>not being able to freaking finish a project with out getting bored and moving on to the next thing. I have like 10 blog posts that are saved in my drafts folder.. yeahhhh
>crying at anything that is somewhat spiritual. Bawled my way through all 3 hrs of church like 3 weeks in a row now.
>I worry about Ammon all the time. Like I always worry when he is driving or traveling.. maybe i am just getting more and more attached to him that I worry about his every move! NOT healthy.
>I am so paranoid living in our apartment.. for no reason at all. I check the doors are locked like 5 times a day. OCD maybe
> I can't stop thinking and dreaming of vacations.. anywhere warm and sunny with a beach will do. Lake Powell even counts. Anyone want to let me tag along with you this summer? ;)