Welp another one of my friends is ENGAGED! Just want to say congrats to my best friend Lexi Dahl, soon to be Lexi Stuart! She and her boyfriend Brock got engaged last weekend and i am so excited for her! These two could not be more perfect for each other it is kinda ridiculous.

Lexi and I have been friends since preschool. We grew up walking to each others houses, riding bikes to school, playing soccer, doorbell ditching, and being the little mischiefs of the neighborhood. When lexi moved in 8th grade to Arizona i was devastated! We continued to be friends even though we only saw each other once or twice a year.

Every time we are together it is like we were never apart. We could talk for hours and although we did most of our 'growing up' apart from each other, we are both so much alike! I credit a lot of my personality to lexi. When we were little, she was always the one to make me do things that i normally wouldn't do. "HALEY JUST DO IT! Are you scared? You wuss. Wow you're a sissy girl!" These were constant comments coming out of Lexi's mouth. I got in more trouble with Lexi than i have in my entire life, but i wouldn't trade those times for anything!

Lexi and Brock are seriously meant for each other. Last summer a bunch of us went down to AZ for Lexi's brother Ian's wedding. Of course, Brock, being one of Ian's best friends was in attendance. Lexi and Brock hit it off. Although they have known each other since we were tiny, it was this weekend that their relationship blossomed. I could see it in their eyes that they were falling hard and fast!

Nothing really happened that weekend between the two, but as soon as we left i could tell this relationship was going somewhere! They texted and talked on the phone all day, every day. Soon enough they were a couple, and began visiting each other as often as they could! They are scheduled to be married on August 14, 2010 in the Mt Timpanogos Temple. These two are a perfect pair.. who else would give me 'credit cards' while holding hands and walking through church? Only these two. I am so excited for these love birds!

Tag you're it! Kylee, Allie, Haley, Momma, Jess, and Megs Guest, Cyd.

A - Attached or Single: that is a very complicated question..i'm in love with my missionary ok?
B - Best Friends:
Hay Dut, Brooke, Jaimie, Steph,Benny, roommates, Jess, Lexi, my mother.
C - Cake or Pie:
hmm i love cake! but pie is good on occasion!
D - Day of choice:
Fridays! I live for the weekends!
E - Essential Item:
chapstick, perfume, hair elastic.
F - Favorite Color:
I love orange! and i love wearing green!
G - Gummy Bears or Worms:
Worms: so amazing!
H- Hometown:
Born in Salt Lake City, Currently living in St. George! i love it here so much!
I - Indulgence(s):
All kinds of shoes. i love naps. I love being outside.
J - January or July:
JULY! Summer.. Duh.
K - Kids:
5 or 6. more boys than girls. and i want to adpot an african baby
L - Life is incomplete without:
having Fun, and having people to have fun with!
M - Marriage Date:
not any time soon that's for sure!
N - Number of Siblings:
4: three brothers, one sissy!
O - Oranges or Apples:
Oranges.. event though i absolutely hate peeling them!! not a huge apple fan, but i will eat them!
P - Phobias or Fears:
I hate spiders. And i HATE having loose hair or fur on me..whether it's mine or a dogs--get it off me. seriously i will gag.
Q - Quotes:

"Stick to your task til it sticks to you,
beginners are many but enders are few.
honor, power, place and praise,
will come in time to the one who
Stick to your task till it sticks to you;
bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too;
For out of the bend and the sweat and the smile
comes lifes victories after awhile.."

"Fear is a friend who's misunderstood, but i know the heart of life is good" -John Mayer

R -Reason to smile: Sunshine, my wonderful friends, new clothes or shoes, seeing my family, watching siblings play sports, playing soccer, JOHN MAYER, seeing two people madly in love, the beach!
S - Season:
Summer is my FAVORITE! and fall.
T - Tag Friends:
Kenzi, Kylee, Allie, Haley, Momma, Jess, and Megs Guest, Cyd.
U - Unknown fact about me:
I was the sbo prez at my high school? I have a spot on my left shin that is completely numb to touch.. it's about 4inches by 4 inches. Weirdest feeling everr.
V - Very favorite Store:
Umm.. i love Forever 21, Abercrombie, Macys, and Dillards.
W - Worst habit:
i am a picker.
X - X-ray or Ultrasound:
Too many x-rays to count! knee, ankle, toes, nose, fingers, shin.. etc etc etc..
Y - Your favorite food:
I love fruit! Raspberries are the BEST.
Z- Zodiac:

Smart Hay.. Real Smart

Last monday i went to the computer center to do some research on an argumentative presentation i had to prepare. This class is only once a week and really isn't too strenuous. i pulled out my syllabus.. and realized very quickly that i had FORGOTTEN to take a test the week before. I immediately freaked. I have NEVER in my life not turned in an assignment, never not taken a test, and never turned anything in late. How the crap did i completely SPACE taking a 100 point test?

I honestly felt like i was going to pass out. i put my head on the desk and sat there for good 5 minutes repeating... How the crap!? What was i doing the previous thursday that was so important that i forgot to take a test? Oh yeah.. that day was April Fools. My roommates and i were busy pulling pranks on our neighbors. We were dying Easter eggs. We were playing with water guns til 2 in the morning. We were throwing confetti filled eggs at people. All awesome reasons not to take a test right?

Our "Water Gun Experiment" that we were busy doing while i should have been taking a test.

Luckily my good friend Ammon was there to 'laugh it off' with me. It was the weirdest feeling.. i was so devastated but i wasn't too worried about it for some reason. Yes-this meant i was probably going to end up with a B..maybe a C if i didn't ace my final speech, and my final test. SHIZZZ. Talk about pressure. I called my mom. She had the same response as Ammon.. she LAUGHED. My roommates-Same reaction. Laughing?! I was so confused why everyone thought this was so funny? CUZ it definitely wasnt.. WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE!

Well long story short.. I didnt say anything to my professor.. i was too scared, and i knew i didnt deserve to take the test. Plus he is a good argue-er ..hence he teaches Argumentation and Critical Thinking. I dont regret not taking the test because i learned a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.
1. play time is always more fun than study time
2. I became closer with my friends that day-we had some great experiences that i will remember forever.
3. Maybe i should buy a planner?
4. Life isn't over when something unfortunate happens. Life goes on.
and #5 comes from my mom who said..
5. At least it didn't have any Eternal Consequence.

How true is that? Sometimes i get so caught up with stuff.. that really doesn't matter. Yes, education is important. But i had more valuable experiences and learned more from NOT taking the test than i would have if i took the test. I am grateful for those who were there for me that day to laugh it off with and the lesson that they taught me that ..
life really does go on!

Easter week

Wednesday my roommates, i, and some other girls from the soccer team, decided to drive up north and watch the USA vs. Mexico soccer game. What a cool game to attend! it was freezing but definitely worth the horrible weather, and 6 hour drive home that followed!

On thursday we had friends over to dye Waster eggs! We had so much fun making each other eggs, and playing April Fools day tricks! hahahahah.. and there were definitely plenty of laughs! I think Whitley takes the prize for making the best eggs though.."Quality Eggs" as she would call them.

Friday i went home for the weekend and spent soo much time with my family! It was fun to be home and it was especially fun to have all my cousins from out of state in town!

The Annual Hansen Easter Egg hunt. I think i have set the record for consecutive years of finding the coveted "golden egg".. i think it is 4 years running now? i dare you to challenge me.
so happy about finding my egg.

Cutest little cousins! I am so sad they are moving to Italy this summer! What a cool experience though.. It is adorable hearing them practice their italian!... i am seriously considering going to nanny there next spring if my aunt can find me a family!

It is weekends and times like these when i realize how important family is. I love my family so much and i love spending time with them! I am excited to have the Andrizzi's closer to home.. They will be moving to Newport Beach this summer!.. and they better expect visitors!

creepers at the bank! funnyyy stuff

Last week i went to the bank to deposit some money into my account so that i could go pay for my passport. It was a crazy busy week last week in St. George for some reason and it was taking me forever to drive anywhere. Finally i make it to the bank, and there is a HUGE line for the drive up. I got in one of the lanes and waited, and waited. Finally, i make it to the front, put my money in the money sucker-deliverer thing, and sat and waited. As i waited, i had that feeling that you get when you KNOW someone is watching/looking at you. I finally got my receipt and just as i started to drive away.. some guy in the drive up lane next to me says..

(keep in mind--lane next to me.. honestly i could hardly even see this kid with out awkwardly leaning around the ATM.)

Creep: Hey do i know you? you look so familiar?
Me: No i dont think so...
-what i really wanted to say:NO you dont know me, NO i dont look familiar, and DID YOU REALLY JUST USE THAT PICK UP LINE?!
Creep: Are you sure? i mean you just look like someone i swear i know.. where did you go to school?
Me: I went to Jordan.. it's up north.
-what i really wanted to say: WOW really!? you are going to ask me where i went to school before you ask my name? if i look so familiar wouldn't my name sound familiar too? DUH
Creep: Oh thats cool. So i must not know you.. are you just down here going to school?
Me: yup.
-what i really wanted to say: No.. i am just wearing a Dixie State hoodie, i actually attend Dixie high and am a sophomore..
Creep: Oh that's cool. What are you studying?
(keep in mind at this point there is a huge line of frustrated people behind me waiting to use the money sucker-deliverer thing.
Me: Communication. How about you?
Creep: Oh that is sweet. i am doing the business program. But i am not sure which emphasis i want to go into or what i really want to do with it. I just love the business classes and ... BLAH BLAH BLAH on and on and on he went..
Me: Oh well good for you! good luck with all that..
-what i really wanted to say: Do you really think i care what major you are going into? and what emphasis and what your 5 year plan is? Oh? weird? cuz i didnt.

and this is about the time i drove away laughing.
what a great experience. :)


i am loving this right now..
I just got my letter of ACCEPTANCE to the University of Utah!
Utes.. here i come Fall of 2010!

i am loving this right now..
I signed up for the the MUSS today!

i am loving this right now..
Absolutely LOVING St. George right now! Amazing weather and such good friends!

i am loving this right now..
I ACED my 3 biggest projects in my Intercultural Communication class! FULL points on all 3 of them... 400/400 = Automatic A+!!!! yessss its a miracle!

i am loving this right now..
John Mayer extended his tour and is coming to Utah this summer!!

i am not loving this right now..
Everyone and their dog is getting married this summer. hahah busy summer ahead!