This last weekend some of Chan's friends were going down to St George to go four wheeling. They graciously let me come along for the ride so i could go visit my friends down there. You all know how much i love St. G and i have to admit..it is days like today when i trulyy MISS living in the sunshine. Dont get me wrong i love walking to class in -8 degree temps but i also love playing volleyball in shorts and a tee in the middle of January as well. 
 On saturday Alex took us shooting. We use to go all the time together and i was so happy when he agreed to take us. He brought along his girlfriend Teisha and i was so excited i got to meet her. She was so easy to be around and honestly i felt like i had known her for a very long time! We had a lot of fun.
Alex and his prey.
 Alex got to practice his aim when we saw this little rodent scurrying along the hillside about 40-50 yards from where we were. He was SURE that he hit it.. and sure enough when we went to check.. he had nailed it. :)
How sweet is this picture really though?

Haley. Paige. Whitley. Min.
Me and my roommates went to the Dixie basketball game together. I got to see a lot of people that i havent seen in quite awhile. It was so fun! I love spnding times with my roommates and i was so excited when i got to hang out with Madison and haley for a bit. AZ trip reunion..only missing court.

All in all it was a great weekend. Only a few weird things occurred and it was made up for by spending quality time with the roommates. Paige should be getting her mission call this week so i will for sure let you all know where she is headed!

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  1. thats it. we're taking a vaca to st. george asap. this cold weather combined with shin splints from walking on campus is too much.


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