Jess And Evan

Jess and Evan are finally married. They have dated since they were in 9th grade.. and now, 4 years later are finally married! They seriously are the perfect couple, and honestly all through high school we referred to them as "the married couple". It is nice that the statement is finally true!

The Beautiful bride after coming out of the temple.

My dear friend Evan! i have known Evan since i was in about 7th grade or so. They moved into our ward and i could see their front yard from my backyard. When i was little, I would always jump on the tramp so i could see Evan and Ben playing baseball! haha

The girls missing Brooke! (Haley, Haley, Jaimie, Steph)

My favorite little kids campers were at the wedding! Lexi and Elle.. I seriously love these girls. They are such little angels!

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