Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin Everywhereeee

..Yupppp that's mine for eternity.

Too Far?

Sorry I'm not sorry. 
Sue me. 

Ps. Am won the Western Region Golden Glove award. Basically it means he is the best defensive shortstop in all the west conferences. Sweet right? Wellllll that also means he is up for a national Golden Glove award! He doesn't think he has a chance winning it... but i certainly think he does!

Grown up status

we finally crossed something off our hugeee list of to-do's. Today we registered at Crate&Barrel. And oh my heck did we have fun. Who knows if we will get anything off our list.. But if we do I reallyyyy hope it's the super cool cutting board. (did I really just say that?.....) Next up.. we have good ol Target.

And yesterday I finally bought my jewelry that I have been obsessing over for weeks now. Checkity check check check. What would really help is if I could stop having nightmares about ordering/altering my dress wrong. The last two mornings I have woken up in complete panic mode thinking my dress is ruined. Geezzzz! Who knew I would freak out so much over a neckline? I guess that's what happens when the neckline is my favorite part of the wholeee dress. Weird I know.

Are you guys as excited as I am excited for all this stuff?!? :)

The day i almost punched a lady in the church parking lot

The scenario goes something like this:

I walk out of the church building with my sister Kalinee, only to see Blair, a sweet 19 yr old handicapped girl in my ward dancing to One Direction music outside of her mom's car. It was obvious she had taken the keys, rolled down the windows, and was playing the music loud enough so that she could have her own little dance party. I walked over, and immediately she turned the music down so that she could talk with Kali and I. I asked her questions about the music, their upcoming concert, etc... All of which Blair cant really answer because she can't talk very well. Out of the corner of my eye, i saw a woman staring at us from the catwalk that connected the adjacent neighborhood and the church parking lot. I could tell that she was a little bugged about the previous loud music, but was sure she could tell that Blair didnt know better and that the situation was now under control. She stood there for a few minutes, and then the next thing i knew.. This happened:

She walks up to Blair, and in a veryyyy rude, loud, disrespectful voice yells in her face something like this, "Ya know what?! Your music is soooo loud and you just realllyyyyy need to turn it down!" (keep in mind at this point, the music was off).. Mid sentence i looked at the lady and said calmly, "She's handicapped, please don't talk to her like that. You can talk to me about the music, but please don't treat her like that. She doesnt understand." At this point, the lady says, still completely pissed off, "Is this your car?!" to which i told her no, then she looks at Blair and asked her the same question. Blair mumbled in her own little language "MOM". The lady goes off about how since its not my car I have nothing to do with the situation and just need to 'butt out'. I simply said to her "I understand the music was loud but you do not have to treat her like that. She deserves some respect and for you to come yelling at her doesnt solve anything." (i am seriously shocked how calmly i handled this psycho.. i had all sorts of four letter words flying through my head)... She FLIPS out. She goes off about "i have been listening to that music for 40 minutes now (church had gotten out at 4:00, it was not about 4:20) and my kids are trying to play in the backyard and they cant because of this loud music. Ya know what, i deal with this all the time and i can call the cops!" I wanted to sarcastically tell her to call them, because i was sure they would loveee to explain to a handicapped teenager that playing the music loud isnt right. WTH lady. Now, this lady is up in my face yelling at me for who-knows-what! My mom, and Blair's mom walk out see this whole crazy thing happening, and walk over. At this point she is saying "Ya know what? You are an interesting lady! This has nothing to do with you.. SHE needs to learn to behave!" (I'm the interesting lady? youre the one yelling at a handicapped child about music that is turned off?) All i said to her was, "The music is not the issue! You have a right to have the music turned down, but you do not have the right to treat her like that!" ... Then she starts going off about how this is reverse discrimination and yada yada yada because "Where do you live? DO you want me to come BLAST music in your driveway?! Just cuz she is handicapped doesnt mean a thing!".... ok you looney lady. I've dealt with that before actually. Try living across the street from a high school for six months. Morning announcements were fun to wake up to at 7:30 every day!

Anyway, this lady was down right crazy. There were a few times i thought i was going to have to take off my heels and defend myself. I was soo angry that someone would everr treat another human like that, especially one that clearly doesn't know better. I was tearing up trying to get this lady to calm down because the things she was saying were sooo disrespectful. I do not handle disrespectful people well. I am still a mess just thinking about this crazy lady. There are so many things i want to say to her now, but i am so grateful that i kept my 'filter' turned on!

People are crazy. And whether or not she was just having a bad day doesn't matter. I learned a huge lesson. We must constantly be striving to become more Christlike. Even when we are having the worst day ever, or life is hard. If we are always thinking about our Savior, our ability to handle hard things will become easier. I reallyyyyy need to work on that. (Clearly, because i had curse words flying through my head at this lady). This week, my goal is to try to think as Christ would. Maybe we should start a challenge? One week. Everyday try really hard to think like Christ. Who's in?

Oh and while we're at it.. who wants to go egg this lady's house? hahahaha kidding of course.


Secrets Secrets are no fun...unless you get to tell everyone.. right? Isn't that how the saying goes? :) ... Well you my little blog followers are in for a treat tonight. I am going to share some wedding secrets with you. But only if you promise to still plan on attending the reception. Promise? ...Ok good. continue reading...

Color Scheme: shades of pink, gray, and accents of tiffany blue.
Number of Bridesmaids: 6.
Number of Groomsmen: 6
Dress: Absolutely gorgeous. That is, if they ordered the right one. (i've been having crazy dreams lately)
Location: Draper Temple.
Reception: Noah's in South Jordan.
Food: scrumptious. (Joni Hansen style)
Decorations: Classic. pretty flowers. Not vintage (AT ALL).
Photographer: Ian Barkley. (never heard of him? try googling his name along side "Michael Jackson")
Videographer: Nathan Pickett. Soooo excited for our video.

Wanna see my weddin shoes? k cool...

They look really pink. They are more of a beige. 

Remember.. keep all this Hush Hush. :)

wrapping things up

I have officially moved home for the summer. [actually just til the wedding]. And i am so happy to be back! It is always a weird transition moving home after living away, but i am glad to be home.

The last few weeks in St. George were very bitter sweet. Am and I both graduated [halle-freakin-lujah!] and unfortunately our graduations were on the same day. I was up in Salt Lake, and Am was down in St. George. That day we were constantly sending pictures and 'wish you were here' messages. {Being away from your fiance, no matter the length of time.. always sucks}. Dixie's graduation sounded a lot more entertaining than the U's. Mine was straight up awful. I could have fallen asleep to our speakers! Even my sweet grandma Tucker said it was terrible. It is a very weird feeling being completely done with school. I had always thought i would go to graduate school, and now i am reconsidering that decision. We'll see. I have to admit i was very jealous of all my Dixie friends being able to walk together.. at the U it is a little harder to connect with friends.. seeming nearly 1100 walked at the Humanities ceremony. Blahh.

I was lucky to be able to take some pictures with my girls in St. G! We started college together.. and we end together!

Am also had his Senior baseball games that same weekend. Which meant another drive down to lovely st g. The whole drive down i was a nervous wreck. I know how much baseball means to him, and i knew that it was going to be a rough series for Am emotionally. Well the senior festivities went well, and i was amazed by Ammon's career stats. First in number of games played. First in number of games started. First in most at bats. Third in most runs scored. Second in most hits. First in most assists. First in most double plays turned. Yeah... he is an all star. The team even coined a saying after his crazy defensive skills "you just got ammo'd" ...kinda cute if you ask me. It is a bittersweet feeling knowing that i wont get to see Am play on the Dixie State field again. BUT i know that he will somehow find a way to make baseball a part of our lives.

ok how cute are these kids.. they were just begging for Am's autograph. so adorable.
The last night we were in Saint George we had a nice little bbq with a bunch of the boys on the team and their girlfriends. It was so fun to talk and meet some of the players that i had never officially met before. I had heard so much about them from the 'girlfriend row' but because of the games i had never met some of them. I loved being around the guys on the team and watching them interact with each other. It made me miss soccer soo much. All the inside jokes. The bond that a team shares. The funny mix of personalities. Sports really are the best! And of course.. a bbq isnt a bbq with out some burnt hot dogs, someone getting thrown in the pool, and a dance party. It was so great. These get togethers is what i am going to miss most about college. ..No doubt we will continue having bbq's and hanging out with friends, but i just know its not going to be the same. I already miss the st george crew!
Now that things have [sort of] settled down.. i guess i should start planning this wedding! I was stoked when i found the perfect bridal shoe on clearance for 30 bucks. Now if i could just be lucky enough to do the same with jewelry. Why is bridal jewelry soo dang expensive?! Plus Am is out of town this week.. Dixie got the regional bid.. so he is now up in Oregon playing more baseball! If they win this tourney they will be heading to Nationals in North Carolina! How sweet right? i wish i could be there sooo badly. I miss him like cray.

Cutest brother

I got to talk to my cutest missionary brother yesterday! It was ohhh so glorious! He just got transferred into some wayyyy crazy area that isnt even on the map, and where no one speaks spanish. He is now assigned to learn to speak Qechi. He assumes that he will be finishing his mission there and he could not be more excited! Every day is hiking day, and he has already made slingshot to kill birds on his daily hikes. Literally people, he is HIKING everywhere. Just to talk to us he had to hike some hill for 30 minutes in order to get cell phone service. 

It was so easy for me to forget what it was like having easton around. After he left, i moved to St george, so it wasnt abnormal to not have him around. However, after talking to him i realized just how much i miss him. It is sooo crappy that he isnt going to be at the wedding, but i know in the long run it wont really matter. He is soo happy and content with where he is and i am so proud to call him my brother! I love and miss him more than everrr!

a quick Sneak Peek...

For those of you who do not follow me on insta.. 1. shame on you! and 2. you probably missed out on a sneak peek to some of our super casual engagements we did this week. Am and I reallyyyy wanted to get some fun pictures on the baseball field before we both moved up, and my dear friend Levi (with MLA-Photography) totally hooked us up. I am soooo grateful he was willing to come take some pictures with such short notice (like i'm talking.. the day before.. Am and i decided we wanted pics.. and we literally had like 3 hours that we were available). Plus he was soo easy going and just all around fun! Anyway.. we wont get the disk of the pictures back for i figure posting my two favorites from our 'sneak peek' isnt that big of a deal. In all honesty i am not going to post that much stuff about our wedding cuz i want all of you to COME out of curiosity.. instead of knowing everyyyything that i am going to have there. So ha. Send me your address so you can attend!

I HATE being annoying

BUT for real fellow bloggers i NEED your help! I got an email this morning from Abbey, the wedding photographer that's giving away the awesome package.. and well this is a close race we have on our hands people! She said in the first day over 1700 votes have been cast, andddd between the 1st place and the 5th place couples is only a difference of 20 votes! wth.

I am sooo grateful for all of you who have voted means the world! But! What i really need you to do is post about it! Post on your blog, FB, Twitter... everything! The contest ends Saturday at midnight. Is one blog post really going to hurt? :) even if all you do is put up a link to my blog.. i would be forever grateful! You all know i don't like to be annoying or anything so i apologize in advance for my beggingggg. But we want to win sooo badly!

Ps. if it helps to know.. this package includes: Free Bridals, Free Engagements, Free groomals, free wedding day coverage, free reception coverage, 500 free custom designed invitations, free sign in book, free picture display, PLUS free hair and make up on the wedding day, 500 dollars worth of reception decor rentals, andddd a videography package. Sooo yeahhhh if that isnt enough motivation for you to vote for us.. i dont know what is!

Thanks love you all!!!!

to vote: Log on to FB. Search "AK Studio and Design". Like the page. Then click the orange "W" (wufoo app) and select Haley and Ammon. It is that easy!!!! you guys are the best!! xoxoxo

We NEED your HELP!

Okkk sooo here's the deal. Am and I have entered to win a wedding package from our absolute FAVORITE photographer Abbey Kyhl. She has done sooo many of my friend's weddings and i loveeee her work. Anyway on FB there is a HUGE contest going on. There are 14 other couples trying to win.. BUT Am and I think we can dominate! hahah That is, if you guys help us!

All you have to do, is "like" AK Studio & Design on FB. Then click on the orange "W" (it says 'wufoo app'), and then select our names to vote! SUPERRRR EASY. You can read more about the contest here. Also, if you are willing, will you please please pleaseeeee post something on your FB, blog, or twitter about the contest.. asking friends to vote for us?! i know.. its way annoying but the contest only runs for a few days and every vote counts! I know a lot of you readers have like hundreds of people reading your blogs.. so if you feel comfortable please post about it! you guys are the best!

It's {practically} official...

More details to come.. but for now.. just know that i am stoked beyond belief

Just take a minute and admire Little E

just ignore my laser eyes 
Is he not the most perfect baby you have ever seen? OH MY HECK. i am in love!!!!

Emmitt Scott Mero
7 lb 12 oz
21 in

babes all aroundddd

I cannot help but notice that all around me lately are the cutest little children. I'm not even joking.. they are everywhere! I'm at work and there are little girls practicing their lipstick application. I'm at Am's baseball games and there are little boys imitating the 'big' boy's swing as they warm up. I'm at the grocery store and the mom in front of me in line has the most adorable baby girl. I'm in my car and make eye contact with a toddler in the car next to me.

SERIOUSLY! what is the deal??! and....everyyyy single time i look at them, i cannot help but smile and want to interact or play with them. Little kids and i get along well. I have always loved kids. Maybe it started when i was 12, and Lexi and I put on a summer kids camp for all the kids in the neighborhood. Maybe it started at my LC job doing sports camps for the gym kids. Or maybe i was just born with a natural love for little ones. Either way, i have come to a major conclusion in the past few weeks.

Today my best friend Jess gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. This morning I got a text saying she was going in to be induced. All day at work i was thinking about how miraculous it is that she is going to be a mommy! One of my best friends. is a mom. Then, i was thinking about how amazing the experience of giving birth must be. It is quite crazy if you think about it. And every time i had these thoughts, i could not help but hold back the tears! I can hardly imagine how much love she feels for her little Emmitt! What an incredible experience she had today. Honestly, i can hardly wait to experience that someday.

Hold up. I know what you are thinking. And, NO, i did not literally mean that 'i can hardly wait'. Trust me people. I can wait. I can wait a good 2, 3, 4, years for that to happen. But, what i AM saying is that the process of life is pretty incredible. Growing up, maturing, learning, going to school, getting married, and starting that whole process with your own little family? think about it. It is pretttyyyyy amazing. And i am soooo excited to do that one day for myself. I am excited to have my own family. Maybe if Am and I are lucky we'll get baseball playing sons, and soccer players for daughters? I guess i wouldn't even mind if one of my girls wanted to be dancer. .....i hear dance mom's are really cool? i think i could pull off that role quite nicely. And, let's not forget about my babe's that are waiting for me in Africa.

ps i am going to see the new Mom, dad, and Little E on thursday. You bet i'll be posting pictures. Even though i have some pics of the sweet babe right now, i'll wait for mommy and daddy to give his first debut. :) until them... swoon over these...
adorable kids fashion by Zara

I Love this... but with the Braves DEF NOT THE PHILLIES.