just missin this place and these kids today...

Busy Bees!

Welllll the past few weeks have seriously come and gone. It is sooo crazy to me to think that ben has only been home for ONE month. yeah i know you were just as surprised as i was. Time has just flown by. But with that being said things are great and i couldnt be happier. We've done a lot of fun things so let me just tell ya about some of them ok? ..k cool....

The crew. on the soaking wet grass. loveee wet butt marks.
 We had a date night to the bee's game... summer list.. check off! i love baseball and even though the majority of the night was spent socializing, the game was still a blast. The bee's came back and won quite the intense little game!
my girls: Whit & Jess
 Ben and i have been boating a couple of times. His family loves to boat so whenever we get the chance we take advantage! Tubing is my absolute favorite thing and i have to say i was surprised when i got up on the wake board. yeahhhh baby.
Boating pics are always so attractive.
 My dear friend Jacie got married in St. George. So of course, it was natural that we would drive down for it. And even more natural that ben would come along.
Jacie was our next door neighbor my freshman year. She was the first person to come welcome us to our apartment complex and the first person to really seem to want to be our friend. She is so great and her and her husband Danny are perfect for each other.
The gorgeous Bride
That same week was the annual Kamas Demolition Derby. Carson's family goes every year and they invited Ben and I to come tag along with them. We spent the 24th of July weekend in Park city.. doing fun things like shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping... well you get the idea. The boys were loving their lives! k kidding obvi. But we really had so much fun riding the Alping Roller Coaster, shoppin at the outlets, going to the derby, swimming, and eating 2914890328498 chocolate chip cookies.
just waitin in line for the coaster. Ps WAYYYY better than the alpine slide. just fyi
The derby with heather, Cars, and benny booo
Ben and cars have always been besties and this picture just shows how big of nerds they are. Heather and i were off getting ready for the night.. and when we came out this is how we found our cute boyfriends.....
In 'towels' watching sports center. Quite a contradiction dont you think? hahaha
 They are such spazzes. But we still love them anyway :)

Right now i am job searching. So if any of you have hook ups in marketing/advertising/event planning please please please let me know! Alsooo ben and i are planning two little trips.. one to lake powell and one to Cali! you are jealous i know. But hey school starts in two weeks and we gotta do fun things before all the misery starts!