Tender Memories

So the other night Am and I were cuddled up in bed.. We had just watched Twilight [i know i am a horrible wife for making him watch these movies with me..] and Am was dead asleep. There i was, laying on his chest and the most overwhelming sense of gratitude came over me. It was one of those moments where I felt so incredibly lucky to have him as my husband, to have him forever, and my heart was just overflowing with love for him. I felt so inadequate to be his wife, and I began saying a silent prayer thanking my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the most amazing man as my husband, when I was reminded of an experience I had last fall.

The experience went something like this.. I had been fasting for 3 sundays straight for guidance in my relationship at the time. I was confused, miserable, and unsure why. I remember coming home from church soo frustrated that I had felt absolutely NO direction with where I was supposed to go, what i was supposed to do, and why I hadn't received any answer. I went straight downstairs to my bedroom where i literally collapsed on the floor in frustration and sadness. I was a bawling mess, but I slowly began to pray to my Savior. For the first time, instead of asking "who"..I told him the qualities I wanted in my husband, the things that were most important for him to have, the type of family I wanted, the things I wanted to accomplish, my deepest and most private desires.  It was a long genuine prayer filled with lots of tears and humility. As soon as I closed my prayer, a simple thought came into my head "that's Ammon." And at that second, I knew that my Savior was right.

Time proved to complicate things, and i quickly forgot the experience I had that Sunday. But as i was reminded this week, I vowed to never forget that experience again. I was reminded of all the things I asked for.. the things i told my Savior I wanted.. and guess what? Ammon is and has been the answer to everything. I love that dang husband of mine! And I love that my Savior provided me with that answer (which at the time I didn't think much of). It is such a testimony builder to me to remember that sweet "That's Ammon" moment.

Guys. The Lord answers our prayers. He knows us better than we know ourselves and he is there to provide us help when we ask. It breaks my heart to see my friends struggling with dating, life, school, decisions, etc.. But here's the thing I know to be true: If you will honestly submit your will to your Savior's will.. He will take you down the right path. You will end up right where you need to be. And you will be happier than you ever thought possible!

(this post was supposed to be a Sunday post.. but our internet is out soooo you got it today instead! Hope you don't mind)

For a good laugh (turn the captions ON)

the best dinner everrr

So we all know that I am not much of a cook. But thanks to the saving grace of my dearest neighbor's blog.. Baking With Blondie.. i have come to have [some] confidence in the kitchen. This is a recipe I found on her blog that has become one of mine and Ammon's favorites. It is superrr easy and relatively quick to prepare.

I got this image from the Banking with Blondie website. I have ZERO talent taking pics of food.. sooo i hope she doesnt mind i shared hers :)

Mexican Chicken Stuffed Shells.
1lb shredded chicken (I use the canned kind from costco..2 cans)
1/2 package low-sodium taco seasoning
4 ounces cream cheese.
20ish jumbo shells (i usually just boil the whole box)
1 1/2 cups salsa
1 cup enchilada sauce
1 cup cheddar cheese
1 cup moterrey jack cheese ( I just use mexican blend)

Here's what you do:

Combine shredded chicken, taco seasoning, and [melted] cream cheese in a bowl.
Prepare the pasta shells according to the box directions.
place the noodles on wax paper so they don't stick together while they cool.
Stuff the shells with the chicken mixture.
Fill the bottom of a 13x9 pan with the salsa.
Place the stuffed pasta shells in the dish.
Pour the enchilada sauce on top of all the shells.

Cover and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.
Uncover and scatter cheese on top of the shells.
Cook for 15 more minutes uncovered.

I like to eat mine with sour cream. Mandy, suggests topping with olives and cloves. Either way.. these things are DELISH and easy to make!

According to Mandy's blog, "I found this recipe on The Girl Who Ate Everything, but it looks like it isn't her recipe. The original recipe is found on The Way to His Heart. Both great websites, but I wanted to make sure the original got it's fair dues."

Under Contract

Soo exciting news?.... Am and I are under contract for a house!! Whaaaaa?! I know right? Well our plan was always to save up for a few months and try to get in a house as soon as possible. Well... Luckily things have definitely worked out in our favor and we found the perfect house for us! It's out by Desert Hills high school in a brand new little subdivision that reminds me a lot of Daybreak up in the slc valley.

The house is still being built and it has been such a fun little process. Since we bought it before anything had been put in, we got to pick the paint, granite, bathroom stuff, etc. It's kinda scary picking all that stuff but it was soo fun! We went out this week to check up on things and the granite had FINALLY been installed and everything has been painted. We [should] close around Thanksgiving which will give us a week to move all our stuff over!

We are so excited to finally feel settled and at home. We can't wait to have room for visitors and feel soooooo blessed for the ability we have to buy! People! We have plenty of extra room so please come visit! ;)

rock on rockers

While taking this picture Am and I kept saying.. "just keep thinking like you would if you hated your life".. we could not stop laughing!

Am and I had this great idea to be minions for Halloween this year. We had the whole thing planned and thought we were so clever. Until we saw the pictures of the Dixie Halloween party.. Where a good group of 15 people decided to be minions. We decided instantly that we had to figure something else out. Well.. turns out our gothic rockers costume wasnt too original either.. but! whatever! We had fun and I LOVED the fact that Ammon was so excited to get all dressed up.