Lake Powell

Am and I went to Lake Powell this week with his sister, brother in law, and niece and nephew... along with their family friends. It was such a fun trip. (But lets be serious now.. when isnt lake powell a fun trip?... umm never!). We were only there for a few days, and even though it was windy and the water was choppy.. we still had a blast. The only downside to lake powell?....coming home 42904832 pounds heavier. Whyyyy is there always soo many treats?! I guess it is a good thing my first dress fitting went perfectly. No two-a-days for the next 32 days. Hallelujah!!!
I promise my eyes are open
why is he sooo strong?! i can neverrr dunk him.
My cute little [future] niece Grace.

Already on Instaaa

Butttttt just for you my lovely blog followers..... another little sneak peek to our upcoming weddin!!! wahoo!
Photo by Ian Barkley

 taken by Ian Barkley

I know.. i'm teasing you by not posting more.. but i gotta keep you guys on your toes! 42 days and counting! whatttttttt?????

turning 22

Woke up to the most precious kiss ever from the most amazing fiance ever. slowly dragged out of bed to see a bouquet of white roses, a book, and an envelope on the table. opened the envelope to find tickets to see the US National womens soccer team. shrieks of excitement! A Red Sox jersey from his parents. SO happy. shower, get ready, and dance party in the car. Call Me Maybe was the first song on the radio, my response: "this is a sign that it's going to be the best birthday everrr!" Then it was off to lunch with my soon-to-be sister in law, and my soon-to-be niece and nephew. Chili's chips and salsa always make me happy. homeward bound to make welcome home posters for my cute aunt and cousins coming home from Italy after two years. A new purse, maxi dress, and shirt waiting my arrival. Whipped out my high school banner making skills. Blow gun competitions with the little brother. Shot an egg with the first dart. nbd. Fashion Place Mall kindly provided me with a new swimsuit. (complements of mother, of course). bought my first fedora. Way too excited not to have to do my hair when it's greasy.. instant solution: fedora. long shorts and skirts that are "G" approved were added to my wardrobe as well. A quick nap, and off to another wedding reception for my cute friend Aubrey. Hustled home and hustled even more to make it to the airport on time. Waiting and waiting. Ammon holding the sign that said "YAY". Hilarious. And big hugs and happy tears after hugging my cute Aunt Cyd. even bigger hugs for my two cutest cousins Halle and Savvy. (remember when i stayed with them while i was in Italy?) Laughs and funny faces at "Scripture Boy"..their nickname for Am. A drive to grandmas, and Happy Birthday songs sang. The best Nothing Bunt Cake ever. Halle's impersonation of the "Italian Momma's". Lots of laughs and funny stories shared.

22 might have just been the best birthday yet. LOVED seeing the Dixon's.. even though i was lucky enough to go see them in Italy.. Nothing beats having them home and close. Am treated me like a princess and my mom and dad spoiled me. Chan even got me a gift.. batteries and corn husk holders. Awesome story behind that gift.

best birthday ever.