Luckity Luck Luck

The streak of good luck for Haley Hansen continues onward! I didn't blog about this before but back in October i received an interesting email from the U. It said i had been entered to win a gift certificate through the bookstores facebook page, and that i had won a 500 dollar gift certificate! Oh MY GOSH! This must be a joke right? nope! it was dead serious. i went in to the bookstore and signed a paper, and the next thing i knew i was 500 bucks richer! It has definitely come in handy- i have bought 2 sweatshirts and some sweatpants, and I am using the rest to hopefully buy my books for the next 2 semesters! YAY! Honestly i have to say i was in complete shock because while yes, i may have luck getting great parking spots, I. NEVER. WIN. ANYTHING. EVERRR.

or so i thought...

Last week was our company Christmas party. We had a blind auction for wrapped gift cards that were to different places for different prices. They had informed us that there were two 50 dollar gift cards, and one 100 dollar gift card. The rest were either 10 or 25 dollars. Considering there are like 30 employees i definitely didnt really think twice about my chances of getting any of the 'choice prizes'. Plus throw in the fact that it was completely unknown what you were bidding for. Anyway, long story short, i was talking to East, and looked up to see my boss auctioning a bag. No one was bidding on it, so i just threw down my 200 fake auction dollars, and took the bag and sat down. As i opened the bag.. i saw 

100 bucks! 

 Seriously though i dont know how things like this have been happening to me! plus they gave each employee a 25 dollar card to Target! I am so grateful for my luck this year! And even more grateful for my amazing job, and the bosses that care so much about their employees. 

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  1. follow me around will you? let your luck rub off on me a little. my luck is far from good. finding a good parking spot never happens. bring my mom to gamma once... rock star parking. carpool with a friend once... hello good parking spot.


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