Teagan just happens to be like Ben?

Ahh i love my cute little brother!..These are two pictures that describe teagan perfectly in the past year since i started dating Ben. When Ben came home from our cruise with the "kanye sunglasses" teagan commented on how much he liked them and no one thought anything of it. A couple weeks later, Kalinee and Teagan were at the mall when Teagan stopped at a sunglasses stand and was giving a lot of attention to the same glasses that Ben had just bought on our cruise. Teag kept debating on whether he should buy them, because they were "just so cool." He never bought the glasses that day, but after the next week of non stop talking about these "awesome glasses at the mall" my mom eventually took him to the mall and he did indeed buy the sunglasses. Somehow Teag also randomly wanted "abercrombie shirts" for Christmas and his birthday in the past year too.. Coincidentally Ben also wears Abercrombie t's all the time?

Let's continue on this "coincidental" change in Teagan and his favorite styles and trends... once again, Teagan thought that ben's Polo shoes were just the coolest thing ever, and so he again forced my mom to go and buy them for his first day of school! And just recently he told my mom that his new favorite color was baby blue, and that he wanted to redo his whole room so that is was baby blue. Do you think it is a coincidence that Ben's favorite color is also baby blue? I think NOT! But my favorite of all these stories, just happened last sunday at sunday dinner. My mom knows that ben doesn't like tomatoes, so she didn't put any on his salad plate. Teagan pointed out that ben didnt have any tomatoes, and my mom told him that it was because he didn't like them. Later on at dinner, Teag hadn't eaten any of his salad, and when told he needed to eat his salad, his reply was "i don't like tomatoes." hahaha! what a joke! He wants so badly to be like Ben, and i think it's because just about a year and a half ago, he lost his biggest brother Chan, to an LDS mission. He was devastated, and still has a hard time with Chan being gone. But for some reason, i know that Ben not only came into my life at the perfect time, but obviously he has made a huge impact on my family's too. 

Bowling Night

This past weekend my team had a tourney up at the BYU indoor facility. It was so good to see the girls that i grew up playing with, and it was good to be back in a familiar territory.. I drove home early, so i got to spend some extra time with my family. On friday night i was hangin out with Ben and my family, and Teagan kept bugging us to take him bowling. Finally, we caved, and ended up going bowling.. It was so much fun! I miss being able to see Teag everyday, and it truly was so good to spend some extra time with my best little buddy. He can just brighten my day, and knows exactly how to make me smile. His little "10 year old jokes", really crack me up just because he thinks he is so clever! uhh i love my littlest brother!
Despite my horribly inconsistent bowling skills, i actually did pull off a few strikes! So i of course had to make my "strike" pose
Me and Benjamin after bowling. It was so funny because he swears that he pulled a muscle that night.. seriously though.. Who pulls a muscle while bowling? hahaha! That's like saying you broke your arm throwing darts.. or something along those lines! :)