The Real thing

alrighty! i figured it out! here is my new and improved video.. now you can actually watch it from my page instead of having to go to youtube. i hope you enjoy it! i know there are some parts that will make no sense to some viewers..haha please forgive me! i guess those are the moments that few people will really know what was going on!

also forgive me for my crazy outbursts. A lot of you probably have never seen me in situations.. well.. Welcome to the life of Haley Hansen!

My girls

Can i just say how much i loved being home for Christmas? It seriously was the absolute best thing ever. I loved spending time with my girlfriends, family, and friends that i hadn't seen in a very long time!

Every year "The Kicks", as we like to call ourselves, (call it cheesy i know but it all started in high school with a pair of shoes from Walmart.. and it just kinda stuck).. but we get together and have our annual gift exchange. It's supposed to be a secret who each of us 'has' but that really never seems to work. This year i had Brooke.. and my question is.. what do you get a girl who seriously has everything? i struggled.

So.. an umbrella and a cardigan are the winners!

We all met at Brooke's house and exchanged gifts, then we went and met up with Jess (she had work) and drove downtown to eat and go to temple square. It is absolutely crazy when we all get together and i love it so much. We ate wayy too much food at California Pizza Kitchen and then rode trax the three or so blocks to Temple Square to see the lights.

California Pizza Kitchen din din!

Just ridin trax!

This is by far the funnies picture of the night. We were so excited to finally get to Temple Square.. and as soon as the walk sign went on, Brooke being her crazy self took off running across the street . --keep in mind it is PACKED --there were hoards of people everywhere watching in awe as this girl took of sprinting across the street. The one word that flashed through my mind at this moment was.. ice. About one step from meeting the sidewalk.. yup she definitely hit ice. boom!!! yup there she went. Her blonde hair went flying and all the random peoples faces were in shock. It was hilarious!!.. but she survived.

Every year we take this exact it.

Brooke and I had to take this picture for our lovely little elders-- Elder Woolf and Elder Williams.


We are all going there someday.. how exciting is that!?

We all had so much fun and had so many funny thing happen.. i think we will always laugh about that night. I love those girls and i miss them so much already! and ok..? Jess is getting married in May! i am so excited for she and Evan.. it is going to be awesome!

Cruise anyone?

Over Christmas break my whole family had the opportunity to go on a short 5 day cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was so fun to be with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins on the Tucker side of the family. I wouldn't have traded the time spent for anything. It was sooo nice to finally get to spend some much needed time relaxing with my family.

There were too many pictures to upload all of my favorites, so sorry the pics are soo small. hopefully you get the idea of what we spent our time doing. :)

This is the first day we were on the boat.. it seemed like it took forever to finally get to San Diego. By the time we got on the boat i was soo worn out!

The second day on the ship was a day at sea. we spent our time playing ping pong, laying by the pool, and exploring the ship.

Finally we made it to Cabo! The only crappy thing was that is rained the whole time we were there! Bummer! It wasn't cold though so we grinned and bared the flooded streets and the slippery sidewalks. --you are probably wondering why Easton's hair is slicked back like it is.. Oh goll this boy loved surprising grandma on formal night with that lovely hair do.

The second day in Cabo was a completely different story! It was warm and soo sunny! thank goodness. We rented some jet ski's for the day.. and after kali, me, and chan got stranded in the middle the ocean (literally.. we tipped over and the key to the jet ski flew off Chans wrist..) we decided that it was probably time to take a "glass bottom boat" taxi drive around the coast of cabo. Ahh Lovers Beach was BEAUTIFUL!

The rest of the week seems like a blur.. but reguardless of what we spent our time doing, i was seriously just so grateful that i was with the ones i love most.. my lovely family :)

1/4 seems pretty big right?

As most of you probably know.. i got to talk to my cute little Elder Woolf on Christmas Eve.. Which also happened to be his 6 month mark! crazy i know! I dont think i could have asked for a better present.. it was exactly what i needed and i am so grateful that the Woolf's shared their special call with me.

The Tuesday before Christmas i had been having such a bad day.. nothing seemed to be going right and everything was just so crappy. It's days like these when i especially miss Ben.. cuz seriously he was the one person that could always make things seem alright. Well.. long story short i was going out with my girlfriends for our gift exchange when i got a text from my mom that said "There is a beautiful bouquet of flowers here addressed to you.." instantly i replied.."are you kidding me? from who?".. At this point i am freakin out because there was absolutely no one that would send me flowers.. the thought didnt even cross my mind who they were actually from. She called me and read me the note that was attached...

"Haley, Merry Christmas from Mozambique! I am thankful for you, be happy and know that i am thinking about you and that i love you!
love your elder,
Elder Benjamin Trevor Woolf"

To say the least i teared up, and seriously everything at that moment seemed to be ok. Isnt it crazy how from the other side of the world he can still tell just what i need, and when i need it? Ahh i love the dang boy! Then two days later i got to talk to him, and lets just say he is doing amazing! i couldn't be more grateful for such a strong example of love, obedience, and courage! He is so happy and absolutely loving Mozambique. I am so proud of his decision to serve a mission and i cant believe how lucky of a girl i am!

This is definitely a time when i wish flowers could live forever....