Turkey Paleeeasee?

Yup you better believe that is definitely my bowling score tonight.  It happened. it really did. Somehow i bowled the most insane game of my life.... just to be defeated in the tenth frame by a split. But really.. i dont even care with a score like that!!! Best game of my life.

182 babayyyyyy!!!

Lessons Learned In Africa #1

Welp to start off my Africa series.. i wanted to share a post that my mom did right after i left to go to Kenya. It is on her blog and describes perfectly the miracle that occurred while we were at the airport. I know it is probably hard to comprehend but honestly, it was a nothing short of a MIRACLE. 
Miracles do happen.
 It was proof to me that our Heavenly Father is very mindful of each of our personal wants and desires. 

So Click HERE to read a short little story about my airport miracle.


K people ... i know i am pathetic. But i have been meaning to do a really good post about Africa for the longest time now. The problem is i honestly dont know where to start. So i think what i am going to do is do.."Lessons i Learned in Africa". Some of them will be spiritual, some may be physical, and some are just straight cool things. But over a series of posts you guys will become well aquanted with my life changed trip to Kenya.
 K. cool.
 Posts will hopefully start coming tomorrow. Get ready people.

Here is a little sneak peak.. :)

picture taken by Aly Johnson

Bowling night

So seeming that 2/6 of my closest girlfriends are married or practically married.. it always makes for interesting nights. We have been going bowling every wednesday night down at Fat Cats for 50 cent bowling night! what a deal right? Last week Jaim had a date.. so at the start of the night it was.. Jess and Evan, Jaim and Brig, and me? hahah then to make it better.. Dan and Brooke showed up. hahahah It's times like these when i just have to laugh at myself. Luckily my date finally showed up----Haley Dutson. It really was such a fun night!! love my friends.

the girls lovin the bowling balls

Ev and Jess. love these two. Dang look at that bling!

And finally.. my date.. Haley Dut.

Bryce Canyon

Last weekend Hay Dut, Steph, Jaim and I took a quick little trip down to Bryce Canyon. The girls had been training for a the half marathon and unfortunately my training was interrupted with my trip to Africa. Ok lets be honest.. never really started training-i'm not much of a runner, but i hope to be someday! So i just went to watch and provide some good moral support. The girls did great and we ended up having so much fun!

We almost ran out of gas in the middle of no where on our way to Panguitch. Somehow we miraculously made it 30 miles on the gas light. Never been happier to see a SILVEREAGLE
Takin a nice little picture in front of the Bryce Canyon sign.. which by the way wasn't even near where we were supposed to be.

Such a scenic view :)

We were homeless cuz we didnt want to drive all the way up to the campsite, and a hotel would have been too expensive.. so we camped out on the LDS church's lawn in Canonville. Dont worry the population of Canonville is 130. so funny. Luckily there was a family reunion that night so we got to use the bathroom..or else we would have been in serious trouble! 

Bieber Fever

Last night three of my friends and i went to the Justin Bieber concert. Yes he is 16 years old. Yes he is a little young. And yes some of his songs are cheezy. But i dont care! The concert was so awesome. Trust me people. Sean Kingston opened which was-amazing. Then, JB came out and that was even better! Us girls had a blast and i would definitely say it was well worth the 40 bucks! I LOVE Biebs!
While i was in Africa Cato, Ali, and Jess made their shirts.. so i made my own right before the concert :)

Honestly, this concert was more of a dance party than anything. It was soo fun!

All us gals having the time of our life!

The place was seriously packed full. Mostly of 13 and 14 year old girls with their mothers. The moms there were freaks! for real. 

All in all the concert was great. i loved it and i love JB even more now. Even though my little 11 year old brother tells me.. "hay.. he is so gay!" haha love it