My BF is Married!

Its official.. my long time childhood best friend is a married woman! Lexi and Brock sealed the deal on Saturday in the Draper, UT temple. I was so fun seeing them and how happy they were. I felt so lucky to have been able to spend the night before the wedding with Lexi at her apartment. We had so much fun catchin up and i am so grateful for her friendship! Seriously Lexi has and always will be my best friend. She has so many qualities that i wish to aquire.. and to see her so extremely happy brought me to tears.
I love all these girls! Lexi, Breanna, Jenny, and I were the neighborhood terrors when we were children. We were always up to no good and we have sooo many funny stories to tell about it. There were numerous times we were chased by dogs, kids, and crazy parents trying to catch us doorbell ditching. Once we even got chased by a girl carrying ski poles. hahah too funny!

I loved hanging out with Lexi's friends that i met last year in AZ at Ians wedding. If you dont remember how Lexi and Brock hooked up.. read here. If you wanna hear about my trip last year.. read here :)

Lexi's dad Jordan was our soccer coach all while growing up. I remember it was so hard for me to refer to him as COACH Jordan and not just Jordan. He was like my second dad and it is always fun seeing him and catchin up.

Me and Lex.. this girl is the most genuine caring person i have ever met. She is so sincere with every one she comes in contact with. I seriously wish i had her attitude and zeal for life.

This picture sums up lexi's and my relationship. I love this girl and am so extremely happy for her. She found the most amazing man and married him for time and all eternity. They have the best relationship and i absolutely adore them both. 
Congrats Stuarts!! Thank you for your wonderful example of love, kindness, and everything between.


  1. haley! that picture on the left of christ holding the baby is my favorite picture too! we have it framed in our house and i love it to death.

  2. Haley, your blog is so cute! I LOVe it!


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