Sooooo this is why i have sucked at blogging

And i have never been happier!

He makes it real for meeeee

i love this song. and i love my honey.

Soooo yeah

I sorta suck at blogging. Life has been busy and yet ohh so delightful. Today Jess and Ev are coming to visit.. and i cant hardly wait to see that cute preggo belly of hers! Then its off to Vegas tomorrow! I reallyyyy need to blog about kat's wedding. It was probably the most gorgeous wedding i have ever been to. Hands down. But for now.. i am off to cheer on my man at the dixie state baseball game. Goooo numba 7!


K for reallllll. My friends little sister has talent. Watch this. Listen to it. Become addicted to it just like i did. she is trying to win a contest so listen to it all day if you can! Emily's got it goin on.

and i freakin love the lyrics to this song! soo great