I love when..

·      I love when i wear ballet flats to school and it conveniently decides to snow outside. Ok not just snow.. lets say it was a total white out. walking to class and almost falling every step is probably my favorite thing ever. Let alone... my feet = frost bite.
·      I love when i set my alarm to my favorite song. I now HATE what use to be my favorite song. i gotta quit doing that.
·      I love when i forget that i have to write a 7 page self reflection paper. And i love it even more when i then procrastinate to write the paper until 11:00 the night before its due.
·      I love when i miss the shuttle in the morning by 1 minute. waiting in the FREEZING cold for the next ten minutes is just so fun!
·      I love it when my brakes dont work and i slide through a whole intersection. I love it even more when somehow the person in front of me slid too, making it so i didnt hit them. (i really do love that)
·      I love when i cant find a bra in the morning. seriously so annoying. where do they all go?!
·      I love when my paychecks are smaller than expected.
·      I love when good friends do stupid things. i wanna shake them and say.."what are you thinking???!"
·      I love it when i go to they gym only to find out that i REALLY need to start going more often.
·      I love it when really awkward boys are persistent in talking to me. If i have my headphones in.. you would think that is a good sign to anyone that i dont really want to chat. Right? …wrong.

Ok now that i got that out.. I REALLY DO LOVE …
·      I love when i wear ballet flats to school and it makes my outfit that much more cute.
·      I love when i find out that 3 of my good friends are coming to Africa with me.
·      I love going to institute with Kylee, Jason, and Carson. Institute with friends is the best thing ever. Also avoiding being embarrassed in front of the whole class is another great feeling.
·      I love going to get slurpees and having heart to hearts with this boy. Also chatting with this boy is just as wonderful.
·      I love playing soccer again with my long lost best friend Lexi. And I love it even more when the coach tells me that i’m ‘brilliant’ in the cutest irish accent known to man. Seriously nicest compliment ever.
·      I love when I hear that one of my best friends is engaged. but I’ll do more on that later.
·      I love when i get put in the same group as an attractive wide receiver on the football team. Teagan is convinced I should have our group meetings at our house.
·      I love when I hear new songs that completely speak to me. Maroon 5 is bomb.
·      I love when I get to talk to my roommates and laugh at funny pictures.
·      I love how somehow everyone I come in contact with is somehow connected with someone else. It is so weird.
·      I love that I get to take the shuttle instead of walking 20 minutes in the antarctic weather outside. Shuttle = convenient in numerous ways.
·      I love when I wake up feeling refreshed. Even if I want to shoot the song that plays on my alarm.
·      I love when I get a paycheck. Period. It is the best ever.
·      I love when I know I have plans for the weekend ahead. Omega retreat is calling my name!!
·      I love when I know that Ben gets home in about 4.5. HOLY SHIZZER.
·      I love when I talk to my married friends. Lexi and brock. Brooke and Dan. Jess and Ev. they are all so great. 
·      I love talking to people about Kenya. Coincidentally I have had it happen a lot lately and it makes me happy.
·      I love it when I get new blog followers. Jump for joy! someone actually reads what I write! Not that its that exciting.
·      I love working out to Richard Simmons..with my omega gals. 80’s outfits make it that much more fun.
·      I love that at the gym today I learned I am not in as horrible shape as I thought. Still not great. But getting there.

So I guess after all this week wasn’t too shabby. Sorry for this ridiculously long post with no cool pictures. I know posts without pictures are boring. My B.


  1. best line of that entire post
    "I love it when really awkward boys are persistent in talking to me. If i have my headphones in.. you would think that is a good sign to anyone that i dont really want to chat. Right? …wrong"
    i can seriously picture this entire thing going down and i am laughing so hard. note to self: come early to institute so haley doesn't have to deal with this again.
    4.5 months left? get ouuuuttt! so excited for you right now! i didn't even realize how soon it was!

  2. I love you Hay!!! I can't believe Ben only has 4 1/2 months left! SO EXCITING! We need to do lunch... and quit saying that, but really have it happen!! Love ya girl!

  3. Megs! i need an invite to your blog! haleyj@me.com :) seriously though! i will text you this weekend and we can figure out something in the next few weeks yes?! i love you!


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