The Great Race!

Every year at Dixie there is a college wide event known as The Great Race. Teams of 10 sign up to compete in a different obstacles that run all around campus. The soccer team put a team together and we made these sweet shirts.
 My leg of the race was the Mud Pit. I didn't think it would be that hard, but oh my heavens was i wrong! This is a picture of a random guy that is trying to make his was through the mud pit. Oh did i mention the pit was dug 6 feet into the ground, and i would say about 20 yards long. As though the mud wasn't a large enough obstacle, there were these tunnels that we were required to crawl through.
Ok, if you look close enough you can see me. I was exhausted and i was barely even half way done!
This is the after effect... And let me tell ya.. the shower did not look pretty after i was done with it. I also failed to mention that this day in St. George, it had been pouring rain, and it was reezing cold!...which didn't make it any more appealing to climb through this freakin mud pit.
My legs were literally coated with about a half an inch of mud on my legs!

And the after effects on my body.... nasty little bruise... Sweet i guess!

You have been called to serve in...

All while we were in San Diego, Ben's mission call had been delivered and had arrived at his house. Poor boy had to wait two extra days to even see his fate-filled envelope. We drove all the way home from San Diego to Sandy on Saturday. Needless to say, it was a very long day. All the way home i could see the stress, excitement, and anxiousness in his eyes. Finally we arrived home, and while i quickly showered and got ready, his family was meeting at Camee and Matt's home.
The moment he opened his envelope was so exciting! The spirit was so strong and i think everyone was a little emotional..
And the call is... Mozambique Maputo Mission! Now, how crazy is that! For those of you who don't know where that is, it's down in the southern tip of Africa, right above South Africa. It is a fairly new mission, and there are currently only about 20-35 missionaries serving there. He leaves June 24, and i am so happy, excited and anxious for him! It is still surreal to me that all my friends i have grown up with are now out all over the world serving missions! What a great group of boys i was blessed to be able watch as i saw them prepare for their missions! I know all of them are serving honorably and i love and appreciate each one. I also know Ben will be an amazing new addition to the country of Mozambique! I love the Missionaries!

The San Diego Zoo!

I know it has been awhile but i still want to tell you all about the rest of my spring break. For one of the day we went to the world famous San Diego Zoo. I hadn't been there since i was really little, so i was pretty excited! I was amazed at how massive the zoo was. All of the exhibits were super nice , and the animals were so cool!
This picture was taken at the opening gate.. we were laughing so this picture is kinda cheezy.
You can't really tell, but this picture overlooked the whole zoo. Honestly it is a HUGE zoo! so cool though!
The polar bear exhibit was one of my favorites! Me and Benj decided to take a pic on this metal polar bear.. sweet right?
Ok this picture still makes me mad!! We waited in line to get this character drawing thing done for so long!! It was getting late, and kinda getting cold, i had a pounding head ache. But i have always wanted to get one of these drawings done, so i was excited to finally have one.  When the guy turned the picture around to show us, i was so disappointed!! hahah it was horrible, i mean, Ben looked really good. And i honestly looked like some horse girl with huge gums. I was super mad, but whatever. To this day, ben makes fun of me for it, because it really looks NOTHING like me. Sooo funny. NOT.
Last picture of the day.. the Flamingos!

Body Worlds! san diego!

While in San Diego, we had some extra time and decided we would go to the Body Worlds exhibit. Oh my word! It was the coolest thing i have ever seen! and I definitely left with a greater knowledge of how my body works, and a higher respect for my Heavenly Father! call me crazy, but it made me realize even more, how wise our loving Heavenly Father is!
So these pictures have some funny stories behind them! We walked to the museum and on the way, there was this huge garden with a big gazebo right in the center. There were these little signs next to all the rose plants, and each one said some funny name! I thought they were hilarious so i took the time to take them out of the dirt, and take some pics! The one on the left says "Double Delight" and the right one says "Howdy Dooty!"
"First Kiss" and "Whisper".. i love how ben just plays along with me.. even though he was getting so annoyed and kinda embarrassed! i love it though!
This one is the one that my mom got so embarrassed and informed me after that there were "plenty onlookers looking in disgust" ahaha i thought it was so funny! oh my gosh. So if you can't tell this one says "Double D" because someone had broken the sign, so that was all that was left. and no.. i am definitely not a Double D but i just couldn't resist!

Spring Break in San Diego!.. Beach Time!

A couple weeks ago it was my spring break, and me and Ben really wanted to do something fun together, because who knows if we would get the chance again before he leaves for his mission. We ended up going with my mom and teag, and staying with my aunt and her family in San Diego. It was so Fun! She was an awesome hostess and we were constantly busy! 

The beach is one of my natural loves. I love everything about it! We planned Wednesday for our Beach day, because it was suppose to be the warmest day of the week. When we pulled up to the beach i was so disappointed because there was this thing they call the "marine layer" that had taken over the beach. The sun was no where in sight! It was warm outside, but it looks completely miserable! Nevertheless, we had a great time!

Me and Benjamin doin some boogie boardin! Ben was super good at it.. and as the day went on, i got pretty good too! Except i did have a very snobby california girl stare at me and say rudely, "Your board is upside down." and she turned and laughed with her 13 year old friends. ahah what joke! But I am use to things like that happening.. it is just such a Haley thing to do!
This picture was taken right after i had been destroyed by a massive wave, while ben watched. I actually smacked my face on the ground and it felt like i was broken everywhere! But, i will say, coming up out of the water and seeing Ben starring at me laughing is head off made me start laughing too, and made all my pain go away... Despite the amount of salt water i had just swallowed, and considering my back felt like it was broken!
Ok this beach was so cool! These seals come in and harbor there right on the beach! These little animals were so funny to watch and were pretty cute!
For Breakfast one morning my Aunt made reservations at this famous California beach house restaurant. It was really cool! ..and my blueberry pancakes were delicious. Oh! and my cousins from Iowa were also in town for the first day that we were there, so it was fun seeing them too!