Welp tomorrow is Christmas! i know you are all rolling your eyes thinking "duh of course it is haley!"Although i am super excited for Christmas and the fun things i will receive, there is something a little bit more exciting that i have been waiting for... tomorrow Benny boy gets to call! Oh my gosh i can hardly wait. The last 3 nights sleep have been full of dreams of talking to him and the funny things we will talk about on the phone. I am so excited!! After tomorrow Ben will only have one more phone call until he is home. Now that is a crazy thought. Time is starting to really fly by. In fact.. today is Bens 18 month mark! HOLY MOLY. 6 months and that cute boy will be home. I havent gotten pictures from him in awhile.. but here are some pretty dang adorable ones that i dont think i have shared. He is currently serving in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, as a ZL and loving being ridiculously busy.

 Cooking some hotdogs at his mission presidents home.

 "the field is white and ready to harvest!" hahah love it.

 I never thought i would see the day come... Ben wearing a soccer jersey!? :)

 So adorable. Please tell me you agree.

Ben went to the "zoo" there, and thought of the marvelous idea to buy a chicken off the side of the road and throw it in the crocodile pen. "Hay it was like live National Geographics!" Seriously i know this sounds crazy that they would allow this to happen there, but really it is a different world down there! and yes.. those chickens are alive! 

Well i wish i had more pictures to share.. but i feel like i talk about his lovely elder all the time on here. I cant wait for June to come rolling around! I am so proud of this boy! He never ceases to amaze me and i am so grateful for his amazing example. Yay! i get to talk to him TOMORROW! :)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Kicks Gift Exchange

Last night was the annual kicks gift exchange. Usually we go to dinner and to temple square, but this year we had a hard time finding a time that we could get together. Brooke is flying out to Chicago to have her wedding reception for Dan's family on the 26, and seeming that today is christmas eve, and tomorrow christmas, it didn't really give us a ton of time for us all to have a night out. We met up at Chili's to have appetizers and desserts last night at 9:30. It was soo fun being with all the girls again. It is crazy to see the pictures and movies from last years exchange. None of the 6 were married, and now 2 are married, with one maybe coming soon! Jaim is dating someone pretty serious so we will see what happens there! But how exciting right?! It is a fun time in our lives but it was nice to have a night out to ourselves. And as always, everyone got adorable gifts!
 Jaim had me and she got me the cutest earrings, scarf, and socks! I am sooo excited to wear them!

 I had Dutson, and i got her a sweatshirt at Aerie, and some jewelry. Plus i owed her 42 bucks so she also got that! finally.
 Brooke had Steph and got her a sweet hat, (total steph hat) and a cardigan.
Jess had brooke and got her some cute sweats to wear while she is in Chicago with Dan's family. Jess got some cute gloves and some other stuff from Steph. 

It was such a fun night. I wish i would have gotten a picture of the whole group but Brooke said she will email me hers. When i get it i will for sure share it all with you. I love my friends and i am excited to see where we all are next December! 

Dessert night

Monday was the annual Hansen family dessert night. My mom bakes ridiculous amounts of yummy treats and invites the whole neighborhood over for dessert. It is a fun tradition that we look forward to every year! 

 Love these girls! My roommates are the best!!! I  miss living with them so much.

 Jess and I. Best friends since forever!

Even Linda and Trevor stopped by. This isnt the greatest picture but i was so happy to sit and chat with them! 

Mo Tab and David

Last night my family had tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance feat David Archuletta! I somehow ended up with the two tickets and asked Dut if she would come with me. We rode trax down and waited in the huge mass of people, got in our seats early, and waited. Oh my gosh. Words cant even describe the feelings and spirit felt. It was so amazing to say the least! I have to admit that i wasnt the biggest David fan... but after last night... heck that kid has a new number one fan! He is soo talented and just the sweetest most humble kid ever. There were multiple times when dut and i would look at each other only too see our eyes gushing water everywhere! To say that i loved it is definitely an understatement.
Just Dut and i on our date night together! Funniest part of the night was when miraculously the doors opened on trax as it was driving away and we somehow managed to jump on! so funny!

Winter Formal

I didn't even realize that i never blogged about our sorority Winter Formal! Wow shows you how much extra time i had during finals week. Ok so two weeks ago we had our winter formal date night. I took Brayden Ward, and Lace took Jake Finnerty. These boys are really good friends so we thought that they would be the perfect boys to accompany us. We were totally right! We had a good time for sure!

We picked the boys up and headed to dinner with the Omega gals at a church in Murray. We then drove up to the U to park, and rode trax down to the Salt Palace. At this point we took pictures, danced the night away, and 'whipped our hair'.

I have to say one of the better parts of the night were seeing the random people out in the hall who looked like they were going to a stripper convention. (no exaggeration!) We asked one of the few sober people where they were going.. and to our surprise found out that it was the 97.1 Very Jersey Christmas Night feat Pauly D and J-Wow from mtv's Jersey Shore. This girl had won 10 free tickets for being 'Halloween Hottie Number 3'.. and willingly gave us 4 tickets! hahah we were laughing pretty hard but decided to go check it out.
This is what we saw on our walk to the party....
 Way Attractive right? hahah too funny. i was seriously laughing so hard. And i swear.. this sounds rude but it is always the 'bigger' girls that think it is so hot to show off their bodies!....... 
...........little do they know... that is only a MYTH.
It was a fun experience though and i really am glad we went. It definitely spiced up the night a little bit, and created some super funny jokes. Gotta love seeing celebrities right?

This is the best picture i could get.. the smoke machines screwed me over!

Overall it was a fun night! we only stayed with Pauly D for like 20 minutes.. but it was really quite the experience. Such a great night!!

Family Home Evening

Last week for FHE my family decided to go downtown to see the lights at temple square. I have to admit i was not excited to go considering i had SOO much homework. I reluctantly went and i am so glad that i did! My family always has a blast together and we definitely had a good time. :)

Luckity Luck Luck

The streak of good luck for Haley Hansen continues onward! I didn't blog about this before but back in October i received an interesting email from the U. It said i had been entered to win a gift certificate through the bookstores facebook page, and that i had won a 500 dollar gift certificate! Oh MY GOSH! This must be a joke right? nope! it was dead serious. i went in to the bookstore and signed a paper, and the next thing i knew i was 500 bucks richer! It has definitely come in handy- i have bought 2 sweatshirts and some sweatpants, and I am using the rest to hopefully buy my books for the next 2 semesters! YAY! Honestly i have to say i was in complete shock because while yes, i may have luck getting great parking spots, I. NEVER. WIN. ANYTHING. EVERRR.

or so i thought...

Last week was our company Christmas party. We had a blind auction for wrapped gift cards that were to different places for different prices. They had informed us that there were two 50 dollar gift cards, and one 100 dollar gift card. The rest were either 10 or 25 dollars. Considering there are like 30 employees i definitely didnt really think twice about my chances of getting any of the 'choice prizes'. Plus throw in the fact that it was completely unknown what you were bidding for. Anyway, long story short, i was talking to East, and looked up to see my boss auctioning a bag. No one was bidding on it, so i just threw down my 200 fake auction dollars, and took the bag and sat down. As i opened the bag.. i saw 

100 bucks! 

 Seriously though i dont know how things like this have been happening to me! plus they gave each employee a 25 dollar card to Target! I am so grateful for my luck this year! And even more grateful for my amazing job, and the bosses that care so much about their employees. 

Gender Final Project

So my gender communication class has definitely been one of my favorite classes i have ever taken. It is something that i thoroughly enjoy learning about! Anyway for our final project we have been creating a portfolio with artifacts that deal with gender issues in the media. We had to answer some specific questions as to what the artifact was communicating, and what we thought of the article. Anway I just finished mine! I am pretty proud, yet insanely exhausted and ready for this week to be over. Glad it is only monday! not. 

please check it out and let me know what you think! i am considering keeping this blog up cuz it really is so intriguing! i am a nerd.. i know.

*oh and let me say.. there are some pretty explicit things on there.. hahah dont look if you cant handle it :)

best of luck to everyone on finals!!! loves

School sucks.. i know

Wow really school? how much more homework can a girl have in one week? please... please please. let this week be over soon. And let me somehow pass all my finals.. 


Utes vs. Cougs

Last weekend was pretty dang great! First we had the good old 'Holy War'.. which i might add i think is the most retarded thing ever. but it did give me a good reason to rush the field! all i can say is.. WOW. WOW. WOW. really though how much more amazing could that game could have gone for our Utes? I must admit we got pretty lucky, and both teams definitely werent anything special.. but it sure does feel good to take home the 'W'.
Me and my girl Lace.
 Funny story real quick about the game.. so i was sitting on the 5th row in the MUSS, and well.. we of course had to rush the field. So at the sight of the "blocking", i grabbed my bag and shoved my phone in my back pocket. I quickly realized how far of a drop it was to the field and made some kid catch me as i fell. Well, i felt my phone fall out of my pocket at some point on the fall.. so as soon as i landed, i quickly checked the ground around me--- it was no where to be found. So i started yelling to the people above (who i might add where very kind in helping me out) and still.. no where to be found. I figured someone must have picked it up and taken off with it, and i so took off toward the middle of the field to celebrate with my fellow Utes.  About a half hour later Lace and i decided to go try to find my phone. We looked everywhere where it could have fallen- even in a half full garbage can close to where i jumped. NOTHING. Then i hear Lacey yell.. "hay! i think i see it in the bottom!"... dont worry my phone had fallen in a garbage can and was safely waiting for me to find it there! seriously how lucky can a girl be?!
Right after i found my miracle phone
After the game the Kicks got together to draw names for our annual Christmas Girls Night and Gift Exchange. i got my girl Dut. yess :) but really i would be equally excited no matter who i drew. And then we had a date night bowling competition. Dont worry... me and Am could be called the comeback kids! we won with a combined score after two games of 528. wahooooo!! YOU GO AM! :)
I didnt get a picture of the whole gang.. so this will have to do. Love these girls

Tay Tay!

Well yesterday i found out some exciting news! ....wanna know what it is?

........ i found out she is coming in concert...

.....which means... Deja vu back to 2009..
                     ...... when i went with this lovely boy...

...and when we promised we would go together to any Tay Swift concert that came to Utah...

..and now add the fact that it will be 2011.. 
               .....meaning that this nerd will be home..

And what do you get?...

.... A very excited Haley, and a hopefully equally excited Benjamin!

so on September 28, 2011, you can find me at the Energy Solutions Arena with this boy. yay!