Happy Thanksgiving to all! Well being that it is November, i have to admit that i have been super self centered lately and haven't really thought too much about what i am grateful for. It seems as though Thanksgiving has absolutely snuck up on me this year and for that i am grateful! 

I am grateful no particular order...

my family (near or far)
Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication with the Hansen side of the family.
The day chan got home! not the best picture but still...

my amazzzing friends 
(seriously i have the best friends in the world)

Brookie's wedding
Cody's Homecoming

an education

Utah Football game
my health and the ability to exercise 

wakeboarding summer '10

 My Siblings

on the beach of Cabo San Lucas
my parents
How adorable are they?
a lovely boy in Africa 
(who is now at the 17 month mark eeek!)
Mistaaa Benjamin :) 
my old roommates 
Best group of girls i could have ever lived with.
my talents 
Dixie Soccer 2008
The opportunity i had to go to Kenya
Visiting the Village of the Masai people
My experience at Dixie and my wonderful friends down there
Shooting on the AZ strip
Halloween with the team back in 2008
my cell phone
my comfortable bed
my car and excess means of transportation
and the most important..
My Savior and the blessing of His gospel in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! :)

Yee-Haa! Ω

This past weekend Omega had its barn dance! it was so fun getting all dressed up like a cowgirl and hanging out with so many friends. I love my Omega girls! it was a great night full of dancing, laughing, singing, and everything in between.
Cody, Haley, Josh, Kim, Lacey, TJ
 There were two other sororities that joined in on the fun..It was so fun seeing my dear friend Lindsey Canfield.. a Beta girl!

Lindsey and i grew up in the same ward. We use to play power rangers together when we were little!
Kim, and Lacey
Gotta love these boys! We had a great time square dancing, and talking hickish all night. Cody even brought a can of 'chew'...ok not really it was just beef jerky.
Good ol Cody and Joshua. Go beetdiggers :)
We had yummy quesadillas and lemonade for din din!
There were sooo many people at the barn that there was literally no room to eat..and for that matter dance! 
We finished the night off with some pictures and ish.

After the dance we went to Tj's house where i beat Cody in ping pong 21-7. (who cares if he spotted me 10 points at the beginning of the game?...his fault right?) But the sad news is.. i lost the next two games 19-21, and 22-24. sooo gay. Still a way fun night!

Black out

So i am sure most of you know.. but last saturday was the U of U black out game vs. TCU. Of course i was so psyched to be able to go! Me and my girl scottie went up early with our signs and all. We tailgated with the MUSS, got free tshirts from espn radio, and scored some awesome seats through some friends!
 Scottie and i Pre-Game.

 Our sweet posters that got us on tv. Yeahhhhh baby!

 4th Row.. no big right?

The painted men. gotta love letter H. :)

Even though the game totally sucked, it was still so much fun to be in such a crazy atmosphere. And yes...
 I still love my Utes!

jazz vs. Raptors

On wednesday Brayden took me to the Jazz game! Nate's dad got us way good seats and we even got to go and have the complementary dinner before the game. We had such a fun time! The Jazz started out really well, but gradually got worse, and then finally stepped it up to pull out with the win. 

row 13!
I cant even say how much i love having some of my friends home. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! The only problem is, they think it is so cool to speak spanish all the time so we cant understand what they are saying. way cool. NOT.  next up we have Carson on January 4!...which will not help the situation considering he is coming home from the Dominican Republic-and speaks spanish. LOVELY :)


Halloween weekend was so great!
Brayden, craig, jess, jaimie, haley, allie, nate, lacey, jake, juli, tracy, ammon, jason.
My mother did her traditional scones and soup night.. all my friends came! I cant even explain how much fun we had reminiscing on high school and all the funny drama that we went through! 

Easton's crew dressed up as construction workers.. any excuse to be shirtless right?

Cody raymond.. kinda a big deal back in the day. Just got home from his mission in New York.
Even Cody Raymond showed up. So great having some of my friends back!

These boys just make me laugh
I was pleasantly surprised that these boys dressed up.. lookin good.

Ammon, haley, Natalie, and Adam
On Friday Am and I went up to Logan to visit his sister and brother in law. They had a little Halloween party at their house where we carved pumpkins, ate, and played some Mario Kart. So fun seeing them! I stayed at Dutsons apartment that night.. and i can honestly say it was so fun waking up the next morning to.. "hay i am so happy you are here! Good morning!" hahah she is the best.

way awesome costumes.
Our costumes were sweet.. and dont worry.. i even made my referee shirt myself. Painted it and all! sweet right?

Halloween weekend was a success! I got to see all my closest friends and spend time with the family. Now we have another great weekend to look forward to.. TCU vs. Utah game on saturday! and Jordan vs. Cottonwood on friday! bring on the football games!!