Oh The Day of Loveee

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there! 
This year is the second year that i haven't had my Valentine here with me but let me tell you.. He certainly makes up for it. :) I can hardly believe that this is our 4th Valentines Day spent 'together' and it completely freaks me out that he is coming home in about 4 months! Holy moly time is sure flying! This boy is just so amazing and i am so grateful to have him in my life :)
Picture overload i know.. but i was looking through our pictures together and i cant believe how young we look! haha i couldnt narrow it down.. so these will have to do. :)

TL: at a ranch in the summer of 08. TR: on our 18th birthday downtown
BL: Senior Trip on our cruise to Mexico. BR: going away party before i left for college.
TL: in st George fall of 08 TR: gateway winter 08
BL: Thanksgiving point Christmas lights BR: bowling with Teag
Spring Break of 2009 in San Diego. Pictures at the San Diego Zoo, Body Worlds Exhibit, and some random park
TL: Ben's Farewell TR:19th Birthdays
BL: Vegas for our Birthdays BR:Park City to ride the bobsled

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. Well besides my squinty eyes. Isn't he cute though? 
I love this boy. 4 months cant come soon enough!!

Well Happy Valentines everyone... 
sorry i'm a day late!

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  1. are you waiting for a missionary? talk about the hardest thing you will ever do in your life! haha i've never done it but i was the missionary and it is rough on both ends. and my best friend waited for a missionary and i saw the tough times for her! i hope everything works out when he comes back! good luck sweetie!

    your blog is super cute!


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