Babysittin fools

{I promise if you can make it through this whole post it will be worth it}

Last week Am and I were asked to babysit for a friend of a friend. We obviously accepted and were excited to spend time around kiddos. Well we showed up to the house (keep in mind.. not knowing anyone there).. and literally  walked into a mad house. Turns out the family was only down here for the weekend; grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, and all. The two grandchildren (ages 3 yr, and 18 months) were SCREAMING bloody murder. It was apparent that they were NOT happy about their mother leaving and both were having complete breakdowns. awesome. The mother ran out the door (ya know one of those situations where she just had to leave or else it would get worse).. and 2 minutes later, there we stood. Alone. In some random house. with two tantrum throwing toddlers.

I headed toward the 3 year old boy, and tried to take his mind off his mom leaving, all while Ammon headed toward the 18 month old girl screaming while eating (more like covered in) a chocolate donut. After a few minutes of no change, I looked at Am and we immediately knew that maybe we should switch. So switch we did. While i cleaned up the little tot, [still screaming nonetheless] ammon somehow miraculously got the little boy to calm down. WTH. 

Finally after about ten minutes they both settled down. These two kids were CUTIES. seriously. The boy, Owen, was BOY through and through. All he wanted to do was tackle and wrestle with Ammon. It was the cutest thing ever. And the little girl, Leela, was as prissy as an 18 month old girl can get. She had her little fake makeup bag, with fake blowdryer (yes it did turn on, and yes i had the same one when i was little) comb, and curling iron. She would not let those things out of her sight! She had her little lipstick, and if the lid wasn't on she would flip! "LID LID LID?" It was so tender. She would just sit there as I pretended to do her hair, and all the while Ammon was getting plummeted into the ground. Hilarious. These kids were adorable to say the least.

We turned on Ice Age, and 5 minutes later I look over and see this:
We were both exhausted..this was the night of moving day :)

Tell me it is not the sweetest thing you have ever seen? Keep in mind these kids had only known us for a few hours. Poor Owen was dead asleep for the whole movie, and cute Leela fought and fought her sleepiness. She sat on my lap wide eyed, but yet so exhausted she couldn't even keep her head up.

I will tell you.. the cutest thing of the whole night was when momma walked in the door. There Leela sat, half asleep on my lap, and as soon as the door opened, "Momma! Momma" in her cute little binky filled mumbled 1 year old language. When her mom finally walked through the door.. She literally burst into tears and started bawling all over again, saying "mommy! Mommy!". She was SO happy to see her mom, and I could tell her mom felt the exact same. It was the most tender moment ever. I cannot wait to have that for myself someday. But for now, I just like watching my cute husby play with little kids. They absolutely LOVE him, and although they can never say his name (we've heard it all.. from Abmon, to Ashley, to Am-MONE, to Amos) he is always the favorite. That's why we are ecstatic that we have been called to teach in primary again.. this time, the 6 year olds!

Mi casa es su casa

Welp the house is finally coming together. In one short week our house went from this:

To this:

ignore the vacuum.
I just wish I could say the same thing about our room! BOXES. EVERYWHERE.

Obviously first things were first.. the tree had to go up. So.. with our house a jumbled mess, we unpacked the tree and up she went! I love the feeling of Christmas, and I love the cute ornaments my mother got us! Can't wait to get more next year.

Guys. I love or house. It is so perfect. Things are still messy, but gradually getting put away.  Eventually I will dare putting holes in the walls.. but for now, I just want everything organized. We went to church on Sunday and we felt soo welcomed. We had more people come talk to us than we EVER did in our last ward. We have been told that our ward has 4 nursery's... OK what!? and after sacrament we realized how.. It was literally a MAD dash to primary. I cannot even tell you how blessed and grateful we feel to be living in such a great area! Now we just need some visitors.