No school. No work. What is a girl supposed to do on a day off? well let me tell you what i did today! I completely cleaned out ..half... of my closet. It may not sound like a feat in any way, but trust me people... It's a BIG deal! I have a great big stack of clothes that will be heading to Playdoh's Closet here in the next day or so, and whatever they dont of you guys can find it at the DI! 
Come one! Come all! Take whatever you would like!

Isn't having extra closet space the best feeling ever? Now the next trick is finding time to clean out the other side of my closet. ehhhh. Until then.. i am completely satisfied with the neatly organized one side of my closet :) Lets see how long it stays like that.

ps can you see my lovely new Kohls purchases? LOVE.


  1. It's always nice to have extra space :). I seriously need to do the same thing to my closet. I just found your blog today and I love it :). I will definitely be stalking :).

  2. yes! i love new followers :) hope you dont mind if i check out your lovely blog as well!


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