Birthday men!

 I have missed some birthdays i need to get caught up!! Last week was my dear little brother Teagan's 12th birthday!

Teagan Dane
January 31
this kid is so awesome. I love him to pieces. He was so excited to be able to receive the priesthood and his first temple recommend and cant wait to go to the temple next week! What a little stud. i cant believe he is already 12! I remember vividly the days i got to stay home from school to help mom.. i would sit on the couch all day with this little baby in my arms and just talk to him. He has always been--- and will always be my little buddy and best friend! he loves to give me dating advice and is always sure to tell me what he thinks of the few men i have brought home. He is getting to be a little stinker though and wont hold my hand in public! What a brat. haha I love you teagy!

Andddd today is the birthday of two of my very good friends!

 Elder Eric Proctor
Currently Serving in Seoul, South Korea
Eric and I on carving pumpkins Halloween of 2008.
Eric and i have been friends since 9th grade spanish class when he decided to write 'dirty haley' on my desk, chair, and every paper i turned in. Dont ask me where he got 'dirty haley' because to this day neither of us know! All he will say is that he knew it bugged me so bad and so he kept doing it just to make me angry! what a butt head! We became even better friends our senior year when we served on Student Government together. He is probably the funniest kid on the planet and i am sure he is being such a great missionary. i cant wait for him to come home in may! Happy 21 Elder Proctor!


Ammon Zitting
not the greatest pic of us but it was one of the most recent that i had :)

Am is so great is so many ways! We became close friends in the fall of 2009 while we were both attending Dixie. We dated on and off through 2010 (i will admit it was my fault every time i suck at dating) and have now decided to just be friends. He is wayyyy legit at baseball and is one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals i have ever met. He served in Japan and really taught me to love the asian culture. I learned a lot from this boy and wish him a very Happy 23rd birthday!

Happy Birthday gentlemen! One year older and wiser too? 


  1. when i saw that picture of you and eric i laughed out loud. suuuuch an expected pose from him. goodness i miss him! no worries about the tie situation! i'm extremely poor anyways! [ps] his release date isn't until june 8th. i do wish it was as soon as may, but june is the month and i cannnnnot wait!

  2. yayy! i love birthdays! :] how fun! thanks for stopping by my blog! i love new followers!

  3. OHHHH MYYY GOSH! that is the day after my birthday ky! freak i better get to see him. Have you talked to Lynn about what time he might be coming home? I will be so sad if i miss him cuz i leave for Africa the next day! booooo!


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