Congrats Brooke!

Just want to throw out a CONGRATULATIONS to my bestie Lori Brooke and her fiance Dan Springer! They were engaged last night downtown at The Roof. Brooke was completely surprised and couldn't be more happy. The date is set for August 21, 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple.

(ps.. i stole these pics from her fb page.. so they arent mine and i really dont know who took them.. sorry!)
I am so excited for Brooke! I can tell how much she loves Dan and i am so glad and grateful that he came into her life! i have never seen Brooke this happy before and i honestly am so ecstatic for her! Congrats again you two love birds!
It is pretty crazy to me that my friends are beginning to get married. It is so weird that i am now at the age where i could get married! I remember being in sixth grade and thinking that 19 year olds leaving on missions were soo OLD! And to think that my missionary friends are all coming home this fall.. it blows my mind that i am going to be that OLD. I actually have RM friends.? really..? Life is just crazy. I am beginning to get the feeling that i am never going to feel 'old'... but that it just happens. WHAT A SCARY THOUGHT! Life is going by too fast for comfort.. and in some areas i am completely ok with that.. In others.. time just needs to slow down!

Happy Birthday Min!!

It was my roommate's birthday on Saturday and boy did we celebrate! We were all so crazy busy, but in the end.. i am pretty sure she had a great day! We celebrated by going for ice cream after their soccer game, and on sunday we surprised her with homemade oreo cookies and a confetti cake.

Whitley. Minni. Haley

I have known Lauren (aka minni) since i was about ten. We played AYSO soccer together, and then we were on our first club soccer team together. Through the years we grew up playing with, and against each other. Such great memories! We both committed to Dixie State our senior year of high school.. and soon after we decided to be roommates! It has been good times ever since!

Min is such a great girl and such an amazing example to me in so many ways! I wish i could be as organized, clean, and on-top of things as Lauren is. She is always so nice to everyone, and so strong in the gospel. Love the girl to pieces and i hope she had the best birthday ever!
Happy Birthday Lauren!

Seeing Double

acting like stripers in the middle of an outdoor mall

Some people think it is weird that having a best friend who's name is the same as their own. I, however, don't think it is weird at all! Me and my dear friend Haley Dut.. we grew up in the same ward and became really close in high school through soccer and student government. Ever since.. it has been history! Our first childhood memory of each other was when i was in fourth grade. We went to the Backstreet Boys concert together and had 3rd row floor tickets! I remember Haley made a sign on a single piece of paper that said "I love Brian". hahah so cute. Those were the days.
end of year assembly.. we had been crying..

getting ready for Prom my senior year

Haley and i are so much alike it is ridiculous. Everywhere we go people always ask us if we are twins cuz.. apparently we look alike? Then they think it is super weird when we tell them our names. (That is always an awkward situation by the way.. Just imagine.."hi my name is Haley".... "hi my name is Haley too?"'s always a weird introduction..) In high school people always thought it was so cool to say "hey Haleys" and they seriously thought they were so clever. Wow we have never heard that one before. Good one people.
Back in high school... we were so little
There are so many reasons i love this girl. Honestly though, it would take forever for me to name all the qualities she has that i wish i could obtain. So i will name just a few...

Haley is so patient. She loves everyone. She is so fun to be around. She is confident.

Haley is good at everything she does. She is superrr smart. She is genuine.
She doesn't get embarrassed. EVER. She will act like she is posing for a picture just so we can take a picture of something ridiculous behind her.. ex.. "getting booty 24/7"
Trying on the most hideous dress ever... a Jean Jumper. fabulous.

I love this girl so much! and i am so excited to be able to play with her this summer! yay!!!! reunited once again :)

Spring Break Week 2??

Last week was one crazzyyy week! There were tonz of people in St. George for their spring breaks, and i swear every night we had different people staying at our house. I felt like i was running a motel or something.

However.. i was eagerly looking forward to Wednesday, when Brooke, Jaimie, and Haley were coming down from Utah State. Oh my heck! it was so fun to have my friends come to visit! I miss them all so much and we had sooo much fun catching up and playing together! I loved having them in town!

First night at Pizza Factory.. YUMM!

Caving adventures..

Vegas!! shopping at the Outlet Mall.

M&M factory

Coca-Cola Factory

End the day at Caesars Palace for dinner at Planet Hollywood!

It was seriously so much fun having the girls come visit. I loved showing them my little 'world' down here in St. George and i wish so badly that they could come visit more often! I love these girls and we were all so sad that Steph couldnt come!! next time i guess :)

Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break! wahoo!! i decided that i was going to save my money for Africa, so instead of going somewhere super fun i just went up home. Honestly i couldn't have asked for a better more relaxing Spring Break! Just some fun things that occurred..

*I went to a cabin in Midway with my roommate Stephanie and her cute friend Brooke.
*Went to some way sweet hot pots in Heber
*Caught up with my dear friend Tanner Langston
*Went to Jamba with Chan and T.J
*Visited the girls at Utah State
*Got some Hot choco with recent r.m. Ryan Barlow
*Attended my very first Utah State Basketball game.. CRRRAZY!
*Met Ben's parents for dinner at Geckos-delicious! and so fun catching up.
*Went shopping with my mother and got some very great deals! 2 pairs of shoes! wahoo!!
*Totally dominated my little brother in Just Dance on the Wii
*got totally demolished by my mother at Just Dance-she really is an amazing dancer with incredible beat. no lie.
* Went on a double date with a kid i met on New Years-way fun.
*Had a girls day with Brooke, Karlan, mi mother, and myself.
*Found myself a summer job- back at the LC.
*visited the Lichties- Ava and Noah are getting so big!
*Went to Jump On It for the first time with some buds! ahh Loveee that place!

I had so much fun going up to Logan and visiting the girls up at Utah State. WoW! what a fun weekend that was!

All the girls at dinner at Cafe Sabor in Logan.

Me and Hay Dut at the USU basketball game.

I was even decked out in my Utah State BLUE! ahh

K so they handed out these posters of the graduating Seniors face.. Creepy? definitely.

hahahha so funny! i love it so much!

The rest of the week was kind of a blur.. but really it was a great Spring Break! It was weird though.. cuz i missed St. George so much and my friends down there.. i am SOO glad to be back!
Bring on the HEAT!!!

8 months? crrrazy!

Elder Woolf has now been gone for 8 months.. weird?! but also great at the same time.! He has sent a bunch of pictures over the last while.. and people are always asking how he is doing so.. here are some pics to show what he's been up to..

Apparently ben loves baking cakes now??

The little kids in Africa love ben.. and he is not afraid to admit it! I guess every time they see him coming down the street they yell "elder hoof! elder hoof!" cuz they cant say woolf.. and they always want him to do magic.. somehow he magically can make a rock transfer from in one ear, and out the other? :) haha crazy!

Some cute videos he has sent.. scroll to the bottom to pause the music first :)

"water in the boot" .. hahaha ben had to buy rain boots cuz it rains so hard there! This video cracks me up! haha he is such a little nerd and it makes me laugh so hard!

i seriously cant imagine having to deal with this everyday.. but he doesn't seem to mind and is absolutely loving Mozambique.

This is my favorite picture he has sent home... how adorable are those kids?! they are gorgeous!

K you cant really tell in this picture cuz its so small.. but it describes Ben to a 'T'! All the other boys are all nasty and gross.. after playing basketball in the 100 degree 100% humidity weather.. and well.. ben on the other hand is in his Jordan shorts, pure white Nike shirt, and his Jordan sandals.. looking as though he didnt do a thing! he stands out so bad in this picture and i find it hilarious! Plus he is the most attractive one of the bunch :)

soo busy!

The past two weeks have been so ridiculously busy in my life! It has been so good for me, but at the same time.. kind of disasterous. I have been really busy trying to find a job, getting schoolwork completed, finishing up my application to the University of Utah, filling our scholarship papers, socializing probably more than i should, applying to be an efy counselor, and figuring out my trip to Kenya. It probably doesn't sound like too much right.. wrong! Amidst all the chaos.. my laundry and cleanliness have seriously been abandoned. I am totally embarrassed about the picture to follow.. but it is just one of those things i have to share. My mom is going to KILL me... and i promise my room never looks like this..

dont judge me people! :)
Yup.. that is my pile of laundry.. i would say i have a good 4-5 loads of laundry to do today.. lovely lovely day.

Arizona... Oh yeah baby!

Well two weeks ago some friends and i decided to take a random trip to Arizona to watch the baseball team play. Madison's family lives there, so it was a cheap trip and soo much fun. The weather was super nice on Friday, but on Saturday.. it poured!

Loving the Arizona heat!

Boo... freakin RAIN!!!

Our sweet walmart tats! excuse the fact that i look HUGE!

One huge cactus!

There were definitely some gorgeous sunsets :) the picture doesn't do justice!

Presidents day weekend!

It was so nice not to have class on Presidents Day! The weather was gorgeous down here..and i had Spring Fever sooo bad! My roommates and i convinced some of our friends who are on the baseball team, to take us to play some ball. I have to say thank you to my dad, who, my whole life made sure i knew the correct 'hitting stance', how to throw a curve ball, how to catch a fly ball, and the basics of each position. hhaha now, i will definitely admit i still am not too great at any of those things, but i definitely held my own that day! it was soo much fun.

The deal was, if they took us to play baseball, we had to go shooting with them after. what a deal right? So we drove out to the Arizona strip and went shooting these way sweet guns! We had tonz of fun and there was a lot of laughing going on that day!

(Left to right... Alex, Quinn, Whitley,Lauren, Haley, Ammon)
What college boy has 5 guns? hahah Alex certainly does..

Valentines Day!

What a lovely day right? Now, really i have never been one to hate Valentines Day... and this year was no different. My roommates and i threw a little fondu slash sugar cookie party at our house on saturday night.. and we had quite the turn out!
50 homemade sugar cookies: Gone.
2 large containers of strawberries: Gone.
Big Bag of marshmellows: Gone.
two big bundles of bananas: Gone.
10 cut up apples: Gone.
bag of recess cups: Gone.
3 2-liter soda bottles: Gone.
Successful night i would say! it was so fun.. but i forgot to take pictures cuz i am just so smart like that.

Now the 'actual' Valentines Day wasn't too shabby either.. It worked out perfectly. Ben emails on Monday mornings, but because of the time change, i receive the emails late sunday night. So, on Valentines Day i got one of the best emails. He sent me the cutest poem ever.. that he wrote? Yeah i guess going on a mission makes you suddenly a poet? Seriously it was the cutest thing ever and talked about our first date that we went on two years ago. He attached some pictures he had taken for me..

Hahha what a little nerd.. but i love it

and i was even lucky enough that he also attached a short little video clip of himself talking into the camera. haha it was so dang funny and i loved it! I know i am probably the biggest dork out there... but any time he sends pictures.. it seriously makes my day!

Oh the month of Love!

Wow! it is already March!! So glad that i made it through February. I havent blogged in quite awhile soo.. i have a lot to say and a lot to catch you up on..

My little brother Easty and his friend Stevie came to visit over Valentines Day weekend and i was so glad to have them around! They are both total studs! I miss my little bro so much and it was fun introducing him to my friends. They all LOVED him! .. even his tacky Gen-X gangster shirt, bull cut, and all!
Sad to see them leave.. but it was such a fun weekend to have them around..COME BACK SOON! love you!