As of late

The weather in St. G has afforded us the great opportunity to spend plenty of time outside. Am and Alex took me to the driving range for the 3rd time in my life... and by the end i actually was doing pretty well.
 Welcome to my new home. Work has consumed most of my days.. and only part of my nights. The good news is.. i still thoroughly enjoy my job! It is fun and i am learning soo much.
I promise this looks worse than it actually was.. Amm is way better than me..but lately i have been getting lucky!
This has been a re-occurring alert on my iphone. I dont know when i decided to be half decent at Words With Friends.. but i think Ammon would appreciate it if i went back to my old ways. He use to cream me.

Whit. Hay. Kat. Min.
Tonight we had a bridal shower for my roommate Kat. She is getting married in two weeks in the San Diego temple! I am sooo excited for her. She is sooo great and you should all be excited for the post about her wedding.
Min. Am. Hay. Alex. Tyler
Dixie State won the Pac West Championship.. and unfortunately for me i missed out on the free shirts. Obviously. Sadly i am not a Dixie State College student, but i love to pretend like i am. 

Sometimes i joke that Am has a 'thing' for Japanese women. He is great and always plays along.. until one night when i came out of the bathroom with my eyes taped back, and my hair in a huge asian bun on top of my head. We were both laughing so hard we almost cried.

the coloring on this one is kinda weird.. but this was on Valentines Day! (promise my hair isnt greasy either)
Valentines day was awesomeee. This boy completely spoiled me. We went to dinner at Anasazi Steakhouse, and went to a movie. We exchanged gifts.. and it ended up that we got each other the exact same thing. Cute? hahah kinda. we are just glad we are on the same page!

The job

I am convinced I have the most fun job on the planet. Ok maybe that is an exaggeration, but seriously I am loving my job at ULTA. I'm, what they call, a Prestige artist. Meaning.. make up artist and product education. I know what you are all thinking.. Haley? really?...a make up artist? hahahah I KNOW! But seriously i have had some awesome training with some of the best companies and brands in the U.S. and have learned so much! Plus I have this weird secret love for cosmetics that none of you even know about.. so it kinda sorta worked out perfectly. Ahhh the happiness that a new nail polish brings me is quite ridiculous! (k that sounded soo girlie sooo just forget that i even wrote that)..embarrassingggg
Setting Smashbox and making testers
Perks include AWESOME hair coloring and cut
My nail brand. yum
Pride. and. Joy.
more hair pics
awesome buys from the week. 

Seriously. Someone shoot me now before i get my next paycheck so i can have a little more variety in my dinner selection.. i'm getting sick of oatmeal.

An introduction is necessary

Since this cute boy Ammon may be popping up on the blog from now on.. i think you need to know a little more. Sooo here are some great little facts about this sweet boy of mine.. i have bragging rights.

He plays baseball here at Dixie State. Shortstop to be precise. Anddd he has started all 4 years. Legit.
Lately he has this obsession with Recees Peanut Buttercups.
His birthday is February 8, 1988. Oldieeee
He plays the piano amazingly well. ...Amazinggggggly well. (double take for emphasis)
He went to Lone Peak high school, but grew up mainly in murray. His fam moved before his soph year.
He served a LDS mission in Japan. And yesss obviously he is fluent in Japanese.
He is superr smart. If i told you his ACT score he would most likely kill me... it's THAT good.
He loves to cuddle and is the best cuddler around. Back tickles are his favorite.
He is the definition of patient.. (These stories will have to be explained on a later day)
He loves the gospel with all his heart and it shows in everything he does.
His choice of beverage is usually Dr. Pepper. But occasionally he'll mix in a Diet Coke or Lemonade.
He has four sisters and one brother... And is child number 3.
He is a business major, with plans to get his Masters degree in athletic administration.
When he gets tired he mumbles like crazyyyy. It is hilarious.
He is witty and honest.. and maybe even a little bit nerdy.
He loves leaving notes and little cards.. just for the heck of it. i am constantly finding hidden love notes
He cooks the bestttt meals. Seriously his rice is to die for. (i know what you're thinking..Rice? but really.. japanese rice! yum)
He it thoughtful and kind.
He played basketball and football before deciding to solely focus on baseball.
He is my roommates "go-to" guy for priesthood blessings. Which is so humbling for me.
He loves me for me. He even thinks my calves are the best ever.. while in reality they are huge/manly.
He likes to read and is constantly reading church or inspirational books.
He is left handed, but plays sports right handed.
He has the most calm persona and mellow voice of anyone i know.
He hasn't sworn in over 6 years. and even before that it was never a regular occurrence. (how he handles me i will never know..)
He is my Valentine. And took me on the best Valentines date ever.

And while clearly i could go on and on.. i am tired and i have a 9 hour shift tomorrow. Sooo i will give you more details soon. I promise. Our story is quite hilarious, and yet so great at the same time. I hope all your Valentines Day treats were as awesome as mine! xoxo

for your enjoyment.. i present Ellen

so funny. I love her so much. and how sweet is her husband?

Happy Birthday Dear

Today is Am's birthday.. So clearly a blog post is necessary.

Ammon turns 24 today. Yeahhhh holy old man status i know! haha kidding. this boy is so great. if you need a friendly little reminder about our history together.. well you can read his birthday post from last year, here. It is so crazy how things have turned out, but to say the least i am so happy.

Anyway today Am left for Oakland, CA, for a 4 game baseball series this weekend. So instead of celebrating today we did last night! Am and I went to Texas Roadhouse because he wanted a 'big fat steak'. hahah such a man! :) I am seriously shocked at how much this boy can eat/drink. It almost makes me proud in a weird way. haha. After dinner (which he made me swearrrr i wouldn't tell the server that it was his birthday) we headed to my house where we met up with our friends to have cupcakes, ice cream, and asphalt pie. We casually talked and hung out. It was a chill night spent with close friends.. just the type of night we both enjoy!

This morning i met him at his house where i 'surprised' him with new batting gloves and a shirt from AE. I made him pick his own gloves because one time he told me "well if i don't like them, i'll just use them as my practice gloves...And if i dont like the clothes you get me i will just wear them around the house. ....but i am sure i will love anything you get me" haahahahhaa.....OK!?  Needless to say i am completely freaked out about buying this boy anything now. But deep down i know he would wear anything if it meant it made me happy. BUT i understand that when it comes to baseball, things get serious. Anyway he was happy and i think i did alright in my shopping selections!

Am is so great and is the most sincere person i know. He is genuine, thoughtful, loving, kind, funny, determined, and smart. He is talented, and yet humble. I know you all don't know much about this cute boy but that post is coming soon. Today i mostly just want to say...

Happy Birthday Dear! I hope it was the best birthday yet.

....Andddd good luck this weekend. K some trash!!! :)

the cats outta the bag

well it is official. I moved to St. George! Surprise surprise right? haha. Seriously it was like a week between the time that i decided to move.. and the day that i actually left. I am living with Whit and MIn (the same girls that i loved with before) and then Kat. Kat played soccer with whit and min.. she is getting married in MARCH! I am so stoked for her. Anyway in an effort to show you my humble abode.. check out the little video i made. It is edited superrrrr crappy and might seem boring to some of you. BUT my family wanted to see my house and soooo a video was necessary.

I love my house. I have my own room and my own bathroom. I have neverr had both of those combined. And let me tell you... it is so great. I love having my own space. St. George is amazing. I love the warm weather and had quickly forgotten how warm it really is in January and February. I am in heaven. Sooo if you ever need a place to stay or are in the neighborhood.. holla at me! 

Story time everyone

This is kinda long but i promise you wont regret it if you read the wholeeee thing.

Tuesday was spent at my house doing homework allllll day. I had a quiz due by midnight that was composed of short answer and essay questions. I worked on that thing for sooo dang long. [at least it felt like it..between my pinteresting, blogging, and television watching, i worked for hours on this quiz!] haha but seriously it was one of those days that i couldn't focus for the life of me. I would complete 1 question and then do 30 minutes of who-the-heck-knows-what. After his baseball practice, Am called me to to see if would be done with the quiz and showered by 7:30 so that we could go to the basketball game. i told him i would be ready and waiting... i mean it was barely 5:00 at the time.

Let me be quite frank with you and preface this break down by saying that it was 'that time of the month' and well, mother nature has not been too kind this week! Anyway, after a phone call with my dear friend Winston, i realized i was running super late. It was 6:45 and i hadnt finished my quiz.. nor had i showered... nor had i eaten dinner. perfect. So i jumped in and took a quick shower. After, as i was attempting to let my hair dry, i tried to finish my quiz. Out of frustration on my quiz, my life, my hunger, my shaky legs from working out, and my lack of ability to everrrr be on time.. i completely lost it. Like badd people. I was bawling. No one was home and there i was, sitting at the counter sobbing. I collected myself enough to call Am to see if he would come over, because well, naturally he makes me happy when crappy things occur. He could instantly tell [even though i thought i hid it well] that something was wrong and promised to hurry over. This is about the time that Whitley walked in. We started talking and the water works began once again! So embarrassing. She calmed me down a bit, and comforted me by reminding me that i am where i am because the Lord led me here. Instant comfort. I calmed down, and by this time it was nearly 7:30. I went upstairs to straighten my hair, and she left for the game. As soon as i got upstairs the frustrations built up and the tears came on again.. only stronger. I was crying harder than i have cried in a reallyyy long time. To a certain degree the tears felt nice in a way. I have put on a happy face for awhile now and those tears were a huge sigh of relief and a major release of frustration.

This is where the story gets so great. There i was, standing in my bathroom, eyes swollen (still sobbing), no make up, hair alll over the place and frizzy as crap, nasty snot covered t-shirt, and pasty white hairy legs (stupid winter).. and suddenly i was wrapped up in the best hug ever. Ammon was here finallyyy and i was more relieved than ever. I continued crying and he just stood there.. playing with my hair, rubbing my back, and letting me cry. He didnt even say anything. Just sat there and held me while i sobbed. I kept apologizing for making us late and all he would say was.."hay the game doesn't matter one single bit." i then realized he had brought me a jar full of lifesaver candies with a note tucked in the top. He whispered in my ear and told me to read the note when i felt like it, and also told me that he had brought me dinner to eat when i was ready. [i read the note later.. and seriously it was the cutest thing on planet earth. ladies it would just melt your hearts] I finally calmed down, and continued straightening my hair. He walked into my room and asked me what i was planning to wear to the basketball game. (clearly its because there were probably 8492122 outfits scattered all over my room in attempt to find something that looked decent). I hesitated because i was embarrassed at running soo late on time, but eventually told him that i didnt know what i was going to wear. He told me he would pick me an outfit so "i wouldnt stress about it." How cute right? I gently told him i was planning to wear my black jeans.. which as you ladies know..naturally means i couldnt wear a navy shirt. He laughed when i told him that because i guess that only eliminated 3 shirts from my closet. haha Anyway he picked me out a cute new roxy hoodie that i had never worn. His reasoning: "i know you dont feel great this week and this is just comfy and cute." hahah what guy says that right?! so adorable. I got dressed, did my make up, and went downstairs to eat before we headed to the game. By now it was 8:15 and i felt terrible for making us so late.

I will be honest. I totally thought he picked me up some Wendy's, or Arby's, or something fast and accessible on the way over to my house. I mean seriously... he got there decently fast! BUT there, sitting on my counter was a fresh cafe rio salad. My favoriteeeee. I was so shocked and so happy that I instantly expressed my Thank Yous x's a billion. He was so cute and all worried about me not liking it when he explained..."i know you have been craving salads lately (which by the way is totally true.. i pretty much eat them for everyyy meal).. but i also know you have been feeling really fat and bloated lately. So i got you a pork salad with out any beans because that's the main thing that will make you feel bloated. Sooo i hope it's ok and that you like it."

I seriously don't deserve this boy in the slightest. Dinner, a jar of candies, the sweetest note ever received, and all within minutes of my phone call? This boy is magic i tell you! He is such a total sweetheart and is constantly working to make me happy. He is thoughtful, loving, funny, and just plain great in every way. A real winner i tell you! i can't even wait to tell you more and more about this cute boy!