Retail Therapy

Ya know, i never really realized the power of retail therapy. Yesterday my mother and i were talking and we decided that we are firm believers. So.. what did we decide to do? Well with the recent post on Lisa Morgan's fashion blog The Juicy Tube, i decided that i needed to go check out Lauren Conrads new line at Kohls. I will be the first to say i am not a huge fan of Kohls, but with my recent winning at the soap factory of a 100 dollar gift card there, i decided it was worth taking the time to see what all the fuss was about. Let me publicly thank Lisa for completely opening my eyes to what could be one of my favorite new designers. I loved EVERYTHING i tried on. Narrowing it down to 100 dollars seemed like an impossible task, and i ended up spending wayyy more than i should have. But the good news is i got a 40 dollar 'kohls cash back' deal, an additional 25% off my entire purchase, and everything was 30% off. Talk about a deal! My mom has taught me.... when there is deals like that.. you have to partake! haha I am so excited about my new clothes and can hardly wait for spring time when they can make their big debut! 

Just a few of my little purchases :)

So excited to wear this cute little dress! It really is way cuter in person 
LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ruffle Chiffon Dress
I absolutely adored this trench. It is super feminine and has the cutest bow on the back tie.
LC Lauren Conrad Trench Coat

This shirt may look really plain, but the back is semi open with a lace detailing. 
LC Lauren Conrad Crochet Banded-Bottom Top

It may not look that cute, but i fell in love with the detailing on this top! it has a tie, and the buttons only go half way down the shirt. And the tulip sleeve----ok love it!
LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ruffle Blouse

I actually bought this top and this cardigan. I love them both. The cardigan is really versatile, and the top looks different in person. love them both. 

LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Camisole

Welp you just got my little fashion update. Seriously though.. can spring come a little quicker? I just want the warm weather, no school, flip flops, and shorts. Doesn't that just sound lovely?

Oh ps. i got all these images at


  1. Hey girl! Glad I could help you out! I firmly believe in retail therapy... of ALL kinds. Shoes, make-up, clothing....

    I am so happy you found some cute clothes. I am obsessed with that cute dress. Did it come with the belt? You need to post pics of you wearing your new outfits!! :)

    xo. Lisa

  2. ohhh my haley yep. i was kind of dying inside when she was saying that stuff. her story was funny but really didn't have much to do with her topic. she started saying a few good things then when she started talking about looking good all i got was: if you want to get married you have to be pretty. if you're not pretty then you better figure out how to pretend like you are. suggestions include cute clothes, cute makeup, cute face but mostly cute hair. really though. so awkward and so not what i expected to hear from the pulpit. thank goodness her husband redeemed the fam a bit with a good message. so glad i got to see you today! you looked super cute! which means you'll probably get married :]

  3. [ps] that top dress is adorable! so excited to see you wear it!

  4. yes i agree! her husband did a very good job. i was happy with the message he shared. and ky lets be honest.. YOU were the one with an A+ outfit today so you have no need to worry when it comes to the marriage factor. i did learn though that if i want to get married i had better stop wearing sweats to school. ......hmm maybe thats my problem! hahahaha too funny. love ya girl!


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