uhh are you serious!?

it is official.. The Shine is dead. My lovely cell phone of the past 8 months is gone. I am so sad. I was driving in Hay Dut's car this morning with my phone sitting on my lap. We turned a corner, and it slid of my lap, onto the floor of the car. Not a Big deal. I picked it up, and shoved it in my purse. Later on, i looked to see what time it was, when i realized my screen was black, and only a little corner was lit up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ..i have dropped this phone SO many times, and it has survived. it even lived through a second story drop off my balcony to the cement, while down at school. So why now??.... the screen is cracked. i am on the verge of losing ever number, picture, video, and text that has formed quite the collection over the years.. The solution?? buy a new phone, or pay to fix the screen. Well i think i will go with option two, seeming that at least then i can save The Shine's life. Lets hope it is fixable!! 


Yesterday was a weird day for me.. i had work at the Life Centre from 12-4 at the desk. Usually during this time Ben would text me, and we would make our plans for the rest of the day. well, maybe i am just a psycho, but i kept checking my phone like i was expecting a text from him! Weird! i am a freak obviously! so i got off work, and took my sister down to the Real game. On my way home i was so sad! i had been good the day before, and then it was hitting me again! Right as i was just about to tear up, Linda (Ben's mom) called me and said she had just gotten a letter from him that he wanted me to read! I cant believe how much a single letter can affect your day! i was so happy and everything seemed to be so much better!! 

He sounds soo good! i am so proud of him! he is one tough boy, and so mentally and emotionally strong. He is doing awesome, and i couldn't be more happy!!

what a week!

Wow!! This week has probably been the longest week of my life! For real though.. it just keeps going, one things after another after another. But i will say this, although it had the potential to be the worst week of my life, i have realized so many blessings, which has made it seem so much better. 

Some of you may know, but my boyfriend, who is also my best friend, left for his mission this past wednesday. We have dated for the past year and a half, and we have known each other since we were in fourth grade. We became close friends way back in ninth grade, and have always kind of known that we had a certain "thing" for each other. So for quite some time now, i have been dreading this week. I have had many friends go through this same kind of deal, so i had an idea of what i was getting myself into... oh wait! No i didn't! Saying goodbye was so hard! i dunno i knew i would see him eventually.. but still, i have talked everyday with this kid for the past year and a half, and now, i am almost completely cut off? It doesn't seem fair sometimes.

But I have no doubt that what he is doing is right. He is going to be an awesome missionary. I am so excited for him to go to Mozambique and teach all the people! And i am stoked for him to learn to speak Portuguese. That's going to be sweet when he gets home! His mission will make him an even more amazing guy and i cant express how grateful i am that he chose to serve!

So, people keep asking how are you?? are you doing ok Haley? And the answer is.. Yes! i am great. Honestly. Now, obviously there are some hard times, but i get through it. I am so grateful for my wonderful friends. They have been so good to me, and are always there when i need to talk. I am not one who shows my emotions, so it is so nice to have such great friends who are there regardless of the time, or place. Even people that i didn't know were aware of my situation were so cute about it. Loren Petersen and Allie Morgan brought me over some cookies the other night. Such a small act, but it made me feel so loved and cared for. Even the little girls at my work were so concerned about me. They were fully aware of the whole "event" and told me on numerous occasions that they had the biggest crushes on Ben.-- who could blame them? he was soo cute with them. My conversation with them went like this..
Lexi: "Haley did you cry a lot when Ben left?"
me: "Yes i did.. but i am good now!"
Lexi: "When do you get to talk to him"
me: "oh not until around Christmas."
Lexi: (looking shocked and very disappointed) "well do you have his number?"
me : "no why?"
Lexi: "because i need to call him and tell him he needs to call you! (pause) and i miss him so much!"

I loved this little story! and i love my job. Although it is crazy, and sometimes so annoying.. i love my little kids, and they truly have helped me so much! I love my family, friends, and I am so glad this week is finally over!
Thanks to everyone!


Holy crap!! i feel like it has been ages since i have updated my blog.. and indeed it truly has been forever!! Soo much has happened since my last post so here are a few quick things to catch you all up to date..in random order sorry.. it's just how my mind thinks..

1. Finished my first year of college!! yay!!
2. Moved home and started my job back up at the Life Centre
3. Had multiple friends leave on missions
4. went to Vegas with Ben and his family for a few days
5. got hit on by a creepy old guy there..
6. went on the stratosphere rides..pics to come soon!
7. ate some nasty buffet sushi..
8. Taylor Swift concert!!
9. Played state cup with my Celtic Storm Girls!! love them all
10. went fishing with the fam
11. hiked bell canyon
12. Lagoon!!!!
13. Ben's Farewell.. 
14. Received Chan's official release date! August 21
15. Talked to Chan on Mothers day!
16. went to my friend Natalie's wedding!! crazy!
17. moved Kalinee's bed into my room.. yes i will be sharing a room shortly..
18. TURNED 19!!! 
19. received a Carmello Anthony jersey 
20. signed up for summer school at slcc
21. sent off the love of my life to go serve the lord for two years
22. went on a bobsled ride up in Park City!!