Helpppp meee

K i feel really bad writing this.. but i am looking to my fellow bloggers for some serious help. I have a person my friends and i like to refer to as a "mr persistent". I have to give credit to dear kylee for this term. i am a firm believer in karma.. and back when i was reading her blog about her "mr. persistent" i have to admit that i laughed. Now look what i got myself into!

Background on the story:

Last semester my omega girls and i would go to this weekly event known as Pi Night. Basically it is a social gathering that the sigma boys put together on thursday nights at the Pi pizza restaurant. One night this boy kept talking to me as if i had known him for years. He kept telling me every time he was going to do something. Example: "ok i am going to get a refill now." "ok well i am going to go say hi to that guy over there." "ok well i am leaving now.." and so on... The next week at sorority one of the girls in my sorority came up to me and said that 'Jack' (we will change his name for obvious reasons) wanted to know what i had thought of him. My response was "who is jack?!" honestly i didnt even know the kids name! hahaha she told me that she had explained to him that i was dating someone--- which at the time i was, and that i also had a missionary. She said he was still very curious about what i had thought about him. I think i remember just kind of staring at her and then we both started laughing. I never saw him again that semester. Thankfully.

Fast forward to now:

I have seen this boy around the institute building numerous times. Because we were never really on a personal basis, i never really felt the need to say hello. Well come to find out he is in my institute class. One day after class (before Ky and Jason joined me) he hunted me down and insisted that we walk to our next class together. It was a normal walk and usual conversation with this boy.. awkward, and uncomfortable. I was happy when we parted our separate ways. Well i figured that since Kylee and Jason joined me in institute class, that i wouldnt have to worry about anymore awkward encounters with this Jack character. Boy was i wrong!!

 I have an hour break before i have institute. Usually this time is filled with studying, (currently blogging), and reading, in the commons of the institute building. Welllll this boy loves to come and sit at the same table as me. He will sit and talk and talk and talk. I have tried the whole 'headphone trick', and yet for some reason he will still come sit next to me. One time he even gestured to me to take out my headphones. Awkwarddddd. And every time our conversation is the same..."how is your day? what homework are you doing? what are your plans tonight? what are you doing there on your computer?" question after question after question! I have used the "i have to use the restroom" excuse too. To which, his response was "oh i will watch your stuff and we can walk to class together". Ummmmm i quickly gathered my stuff and headed to the restroom for the remainder of my break.

Last week my friends abandoned me in institute alone. I knew he would insist on walking me to class again, so as soon as the word "amen" was said, i left the classroom and started the longgg walk to presidents circle. As i was heading down the stairs of the institute building i didnt see Mr P in sight. Good sign. ....or so i thought. I was heading through the parking lot and suddenly i hear from behind me "soo haley how is your day going?" ahhh i had been caught! Conversation followed for the next 10 minute walk. At some point i think he was even hinting to me that he needed a date to the formal dance this friday. Luckily i already have plans, but for some reason i told him i had work? I crumble under pressure! Seriously i couldnt even think straight! i knew i had something on Friday, but i couldnt for the life of me remember what it was. So the excuse that i had work came flying out. Once again.. awkward. It really is the only word to describe the convo.

I feel so bad avoiding this Mr. P, but what other choice do i have? I feel like i have given subtle hints but he doesnt seem to catch them. I dont want my institute class to be a place where i feel i have to be mean, but honestly he just isnt getting it. And what about what the girl in my sorority told him last fall? To his knowledge i am dating someone and i have a missionary. What the crap!? Although only half of that sentence is true, you would still think it would shy him away in the slightest!

So my question to you fellow blogger...what is a girl to do? how do i fix this problem? Really it is starting to put a damper on my days because i worry about it so much. Any advice would suffice. please. i beg of you.


  1. never again will i leave you to deal with him alone at institute. only because i have had to deal with a similar situation do i merit my advice good. i warn you now that you won't like it or even want to do it but i promise it works. full blown honesty. i tried and tried to avoid my mr. p. i tried to leave hints. i tried to subtly tell him i was uninterested. he did not get it. finally i found the courage to be honest. i told him i wasn't interested. he got offended and i had to reassure him we could be "friends" and then he stopped creepin and life got a whole lot better. your situation is a little different though because he's creepin in person and my mr. p refused to talk to me in person so i was lucky enough to use texting as my way of honesty. doing it in person is a whole other animal. all i can say is good luck or perhaps tell carson to pretend to be your boyfriend from now.

  2. I had a guy kinda like this...not to the extreme youre experiencing, but I had to keep changing the spot that I did homework in and also I kinda avoided the institute building which is sad but I didnt want him to talk to me any more.

  3. ooooo girl I had one of those!! Not fun at all! I agree with Kylee, just straight up tell him! Then there isn't any confusion! Good luck!!

  4. if you can't tell him off, I think you should go buy a fake diamond and act like you got engaged!!! Or just have cars be your bf the ready of the semester!

  5. Ha, ha, ha!! I soo don't miss those days. I had the same thing with a guy in 2 of my classes, and when he DID finally get the hint he dropped those classes...which I still feel really bad about because I know he needed them to get into dental school. AND he was one of my best friend's brothers friends (if that makes sense) so I got crap all the time.

    It's hard when you don't want to be mean, but you get so annoyed by them. There was this other guy at BYU. He was in my ward and we had an early morning PE class together. One morning, I slept in (not in honor-code clothing, might I add) and HE CAME INTO MY APARTMENT and IN MY ROOM to wake me up. I think me being so suprised and yelling "What?! You're freaking in my room??" scared him straight.

    Oh, yeah, then there was ANOTHER guy in my ward who was like, 29 (I was 19) and I thought we had a great friendship...until he told me to kiss him. I tried to play dumb and goofy, but the little bugger was not getting it. He asked me like 10 times until I literally had to ask him to leave. Yeah, he didn't like me so much after that.

    Bottom line, it's totally horrible and awkward but if he's really that annoying, just tell him. Or, if that's too hard, keep talking about a new guy you met in your ______ class and ask him things like "what should I do to get his attention" or "should I wait for him to ask me out". Maybe then he'll get'd hope.


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