I am beyond excited to go back to Kenya. Holy Moly preparations are under way and it is getting me a little too happy sometimes. June 9th cannot come fast enough!!! if you know anyone that is interested in maybe joining our team. ..let me know :)

In other news... I am heading to....
for 10 days after kenya! Crazy right?! I can seriously hardly wait to see these two little girls! And of course my aunt Cyd, and uncle Damon. 
All in all i will be gone for just a little bit less than a month.. june 9-July 3. two and a half of those weeks in Kenya, and the rest in Italy and London. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy and seriously i can hardly wait for summer!!


  1. my jealousy is beyond explanation right now haley. africa AND europe? the two places on the top of my must visit list. goodness i am excited for you!

  2. Glad to see you are making it official!!!!! We cant wait to see you!!!

  3. Haley! Who/what do you go to kenya through? or do you go with a group?! I am SO envious. and would LOVE to do something like that.


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