Jaimie is Engaged!!

Well it is official! Another one of the six kicks is getting hitched. How exciting! Jaim got engaged a few weeks ago but i just havent gotten around to blogging about it. I am pathetic! But how cute is this couple?

Jaimie and Chad
excuse the crappy resolution photo.. it was obviously stolen from her facebook :)
Jaimie and Chad met through a blind date last...i wanna say last.. October ish?  Jaimie's childhood best friend lined them up to go to the Brad Paisley concert together. I think that's who it was? Anywayyy... they totally hit it off and have practically been inseparable ever since. They are set to be married May 21, 2011, in the Salt Lake temple. I am so happy for these two. They are seriously perfect together and i cant wait to see her in a wedding dress! ahhh 

Congrats [future] Mr and Mrs Broadhead! 

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