On saturday while i was at work i got the exciting call that we would be throwing a surprise party for Jason that night. We were to meet at carson's at 6:30 so when jason arrived at 7 we could blast him with the surprise! Well true to Jasons character.. he was an hour late! He made up for it though with his shocked expression when we all came running out of Carson's room yelling "Happy Birthday" and "SURPRISE!" I think he was completely confused, shocked, and happy all at the same time. it was so cute.
The Birthday boy and the ladies
The surprise crew
We ate, hung out, watched the most adorable movie Brayden made that showed pictures and videos from the evolution of our friendships, and then decided to go to a 3D movie. 
my lovely date Ky Ky
You know how in big groups the "pair off" usually happens? well in our group of friends i feel like that seldom happens, however this night unfortunately it did! Good thing i had my lovely date Kylee! Screw boys when you have the best girlfriends ever right?!

Ps you can see the cutest video of the surprise HERE.

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