I missed Am's Birthday....

Pretty much i am the worst! I didn't even post for Am's birthday. He turned 26 in February! What the crap. I met ammon a few months before his 22nd birthday? how is he 26?!

I debated and debated for a long time what I should get ammon for his birthday. Since starting his new job his dress code changed as well, so i knew i should get him some dress shirts and new pants. But k, how lame is that?.. girls get excited over stuff like that, but boys.. not so much. Plus i feel like all i ever buy ammon is clothes. I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, and he said "just like get me some tickets to a game or something".... okay best idea ever. So i found some tickets to the Jazz vs Heat game through a friend and was soo excited to give them to him! I also went ahead and got him some new shirts and shoes (boring). It was the best because i gave the tickets to him last and he was SO surprised. Like I dont think I will ever be able to top that gift.

We went to the game with Jess and Evan and we had a blast. Our tickets were in the nose bleeds but the game was awesome! Ammon said he had a great birthday and I am so glad! I dont know why but i always get so worked up over birthdays and holidays and parties and making sure that everything goes perfectly.. so it is nice that Ammon is SO NOT like that. He calms me down and grounds me when I go crazy on stuff like this. Just one of the many reasons i love that man! So glad he was born 26 years ago! :)

If you doubt essential oils, read this...

Two nights ago Am and I went out to dinner with my fam at a little Mexican restaurant in Draper called La Hacienda. [ps They have the best chips and salsa] Anyway I love this place, and had the yummiest chimichanga and enchilada ever. After, we went home and went to bed.

Well a few hours later.. at like 1:00 in the morning I woke up sweating! Like serious sweat here people. I also felt as though I was going to throw up.. we all know that feeling. You start salivating, you get the chills, you can literally feel the food in your throat.. Yeah that is how I felt. And add onto that your stomach rolling like the ocean in a storm.. and well yeah I thought I for sure got a bad case of food poisoning, or just like normal, my stomach was acting up.. but in a more serious manner (I have the worst stomach ever). NOT GOOD. This feeling was instant as soon as I woke up. I laid in bed for awhile debating what to do.. And after a good 15-20 minutes of some serious dry heaving I decided to go to the kitchen and take some oils. (sorry about the graphic nature of this post.. but you have to understand.. I was sickkkk)

I instantly grabbed my oil ‘Digize’ (this oil is probably used the most at my house) and rubbed it all over my stomach and put a drop in my belly button. Then I grabbed peppermint and did the same thing with it. I took my enzyme supplement (essentialzymes 4) and grabbed a bag of my antioxidant drink (ningxia Nitro). Next, I put a small amount of water in a glass and put in a drop of Digize and a drop of Thieves (thieves is a good oil for cleaning), and I chugged it! I’ll be honest it tasted like crap but I was so desperate. (I hateeeee throwing up).

I then headed straight back to bed. And within 5 minutes my stomach was calm, I was no longer sweating, and I fell right back to sleep. MIRACLE people. I didn’t throw up OR go to the bathroom, and I woke up the next morning feeling relatively great. I KNOW this is because of my oils. I didn’t take or do anything else to help me soo yeah. Oils are awesome and this is just the beginning of why oils are so great. Also i still love La Hacienda.. no one else got sick so it must have been my body reacting to something I ate. As i said, i have a bad stomach.

I also promise I am not JUST going to talk about oils on my blog. Am and I still love each other and love other things.. not just oils. I am really going to be better about blogging!

Essential Oils aren't just for hippies!

So I posted a picture of some of my essential oils on Instagram and I got quite the response. I should have known that people do not know how oils work, how to use them, or why they should use them, so i decided I should write up a post about it. Now now now, I know a lot of people are skeptical of things like this.. and trust me! I was one of them!... Essential oils are for hippy, nature freaks, and earth lovers right? ..WRONG. Essential oils are for everyone.. and here is my personal take on oils and why they work.

History: It should come as no surprise that essential oils have been around since the beginning of time. People thousands of years ago used our Earth’s resources to heal, prevent sickness, and treat different ailments.. we know this from scriptures. Essential oils are found in plants, shrubs, fruit, trees, bushes.. you get the idea. Well the oils are stored in glandular structures and assist the plan in a lot of different ways. Oils can help defend the plant from predators, it can support the plants cell regeneration, regulate hormones… and a lot of other sciency things that a lot of you probably don’t care about. You can read more about what the oils do for the plants here. My friend Haley runs that blog and we work together.. she is awesome!

The better question to ask is.. What can't oils do? Oils can do everything!!!!!! Literally there is an oil for every type of  symptom, cut, bruise, burn, emotion issues.. you name it.. there is an oil for it. It is sometimes overwhelming when you first start looking into oils.. like What oil do I use? How do I use it?... But I can tell you there are so many resources out there that are awesome! Usually I just turn to google.. I’ll google things like “essential oil for stomach pain”… “Essential oil for headache”… and bam.. a million sites with recommendations on what to use. I also downloaded an app with tonz of suggestions.  Or I will experiment. I love trying different oils in different situations to see what works. Oils are different for everyone so you have to learn what works for you. Experiment! It is so awesome.

Well.. there are three basic ways.. you can breathe them in.. preferably by using a diffuser (like a mini humidifier on steroids). You can use them topically, like just by rubbing them onto your skin. You can even ingest them.. like in a pill form.. or by adding a drop of oil to your favorite drink. I LOVE adding grapefruit, lemon, or lime to my drinks.. so tasty! J
What is great about essential oils is that they are so fast acting. Because they are fat soluble, they are absorbed into our bloodstream very quickly. I love it because I can feel the effects of an oil almost immediately.. instead of waiting for my ibuprofen to kick in, or pepto to start working. IT IS CRAZY. I literally have so many stories I could tell you where oils have saved me from stomach issues, headaches, bruises, food poisoning..etc!

Which oils should you get?
Well.. if you are just starting out.. I would suggest some basics. My favorite oils at the moment are:
 1. Peppermint: probably the most universal oil in my opinion.. headaches, stomach aches, energy.. it does it all.
 2. Thieves: any time I have the slightest sore throat, or that ‘I’m getting sick feeling’ … thieves comes to my rescue.
3. Lavender: SO good for your skin. I add it to my moisturizer… also good for burns, cuts, and calms the body. Love adding it to my baths..it helps me relax and calm down after stressful days at work :)

So there are my top three. Thieves is a blend of different oils to make one ‘super oil’ if you will.. only Young Living carries this specific oil. I do not sell Young Living oils, but I am a raging fan!

I am thinking about doing different posts featuring different oils to help you guys understand what certain oils can do/help with. Let me know if you have specific questions.. I would be more than happy to research it and let you know! Obviously I am no expert, but it is definitely something I love learning about. Also I am going to start posting some of my success stories with oils.

Give oils a chance! :)

Post questions in the comments section. :)