update via iphone pics

I officially decided that i HATE the eye doctor. new glasses are in the works. ohh yeah.
Sundays spent at the park [after church of course] with these girls might be my favorite thing ever. 
 a night on the town with my sister, my besties, and her besties? classic. it works out perfectly seeming sissy's best friend is my best friends little sister. Match made in heaven i do believe.

Hello GREEN DARS!!!!!!!! =Hello last semester of college!!!!!!!!!!!

 How great is the temple?

 Such wise words that have come to be my favorite. the hardest thing is usually what is right.

Best news ever. I didnt even know there was such a thing as the Deans List? hahah sorry but i am proud!

 Whit making fun of my mom's shake weight. Guys. No joke. that thing works magic.

 How gorgeous is that sunset?

 Visiting my cute boy at workkkk (i made him pose and he was sooo embarrassed)

 So ashamed that i made the conversion. From Life Centre employee to Golds Gym member? yeah gross. and whats even more disgusting is actually goingggg to the gym. That place is a meat market that i dont want anything to do with! but a girl's got to stay in shape somehow right?!

Text messages/calls from daddy are the best thing ever.  i thought this was the most adorable picture ever for some reason, and for the first time in a reallyyyy long time, i wished that i could be ice fishing with them in the freezing weather.

I dare you not to laugh

oh PS

I have some news. Some might say it is BIG news, but for me, its not that big of news. :) someday soon i will blog all about it. It will be epic so be sure to check back. This weekend is going to be busy.. but i am soo excited to have some visitors  ....thats a hint for all of you who are dyinggg to know..

so i might have cried watching this..

The missionaries are the best. Our gospel is amazing.  And how cool is that girl?
ps i miss my cute little missionary brother. But boy oh boy am i proud of him.

Look Forward

A New Year brings so many possibilities and opportunities. I am beyond grateful for the experiences, challenges, lessons, progression, and growth, that i obtained and encountered in the year 2011. It was an amazing year. However, i am even more grateful for the new opportunities and new experiences that 2012 will bring. I love this video because i think sometimes it is so easy to dwell on the past. It is easy to think we know what is best. It is easy to do what we want. It is easy to 'look back' and think 'what if'. It is easy to stray away from the plan our Heavenly Father has for us because of our own wants and desires. I love this video. It sums up how i feel about the year 2012. I am excited to focus on the life i have ahead of me. I am excited to strengthen my relationship with my Savior. I am excited to 'learn the language of revelation'(Sheri Dew). And i am excited to see where the Lord takes me.

 "That's what faith is...coming to believe that what God has for me is bigger and better than what i have going on right now. When you lack hope it is because you feel like you have nothing to rely on to give you any hope. And for me, it's the Savior.  ...You have a Savior that loves you, and that's something to be excited about. Trust in God, trust in Heavenly Father. Whenever he tells you to do something, don't look back just go and do it. It is a New Year. Move on. Forgive and forget. Everyday is the beginning of a new year. Just live for it. Live for the Future."