A Sunday of mixed emotions

Today was the dreaded day.. My sweet 'little' brother Easton had his missionary farewell. I know i didn't do a particularly great job of telling you when he got his mission call.. my goodness that was 5 months ago! He actually opened his call while i was in Africa... and with the miracle of technology i was able to listen in from the middle of the African dessert as he announced he would be serving in Guatemala City, Guatemala. He did an amazing job speaking today, and drew quite the crowd of teenage girls to my house this afternoon. One thing is for sure.. he will be greatly missed and wednesday is going to be roughhhhh. i love my dear brother and am so happy he has a desire to serve the lord!
cute elder Hansen
Today was also a big day in Kali's life. This morning she received her patriarchal blessing! I was so excited she let me share that special moment with her. I know i don't say much about my sweet sister, by let me tell you: She is one amazing girl. She has quite the life ahead of her and i am so proud to call her my sister. Not only is she super freakishly intelligent, but she is nice, caring, funny, and gorgeous along with all those other things. I love her and am grateful for the spiritual experience i got to have with her along with my other siblings and parents this morning.
Daddio. Kali. East. Teag. Chan. Haley. Mom.
It's official. i have the best family around. sometimes life is rough, but my family is a family of strength and encouragement. I love them all dearly and i am excited to see where the future takes us all.

Top 10 Ear Pleasers of the moment...

.... my style of music? pretty much anything and everything.. as you can see here :)

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Maroon 5... hard to pick just one song. -this stupid playlist only had this one.. so look up "i can't lie" it's a longtime fav of mine.
Everything..Obviously a classic Ingrid song. But who doesn't need a Happy-go-lucky song every once in awhile?
I love love loveee mat kearney. His new stuff is incredible.
And tay.. well you already know i adore her.
Kiss me slowly? parachute.. another longtime favorite.
Hide and Seek.. I have heard this song before.. but it is a new obsession of mine.
Now.. who doesnt love ADELE?
Augustana is my secret love addiction. On particular days.. i craveeee their music. Weird i know.
I am slightly embarrassed that i love blasting this song and screaming the words.. Are you gonna kiss me or not??
And.. our lovely Passion Pit.. Who doesn't just love a little sleepy head?

As you can tell my music genre is all over the place.. especially lately! But i love music suggestions.. so who's got some for me?

how great is this song

Umm one. i love Rascall Flatts. Two. i love Natasha. And three. The harmony is in this song is beautiful.

Wednesday greatness

Today included activities such as:

My boss giving Hilary his sunglasses because the sun was blinding her through the windows. Which, naturally was sort of awkward cuz she then felt obligated to wear them...hilarious.

Celebrated a birthday and an employee leaving on a mission..free lunches at work today..Primeeee

Writing 3:4 papers due tomorrow. Only one left.. Which will be done around the 7 a.m hour tomorrow morning. Yay!

Reading all about love during my shift at the LC. Did you know there are 5 love languages? Way interesting stuff.

Anddd I officially decided that I hate autocorrect. Really..wag? I meant way ya dumb iPod!

Plus I laughed out loud at the mere thought of my teammate throwing the ball in underhand last night in my soccer game. Wayyy too funny for words to even express. Welcome to an all new low Haley Hansen.

How was your Wednesday?

Loving these products

Product review day... just throwing something different out onto my blog. Obviously i am no expert.. but i loveeee these products!

Essie: Power clutch. $7-8 at Ulta
Essie Power Clutch
I am absolutely obsessed with this color. It is the perfect neutral. I am one who loves black nail polish, but sometimes it makes me feel goth. Soo instead i opted for a little lighter gray shade.. and let me tell you i am in love. It is the perfect fall color, and yet it is light enough that i know come spring time it will still be in style.

I love essie nail polish in general. Ever since i bought my first color--Turquoise and Caicos-- i vowed to never go back to any other brand. i am sure all you OPI lovers out there want to shoot me.. but sorry! i have tried that stuff too, and personally essie is a lot more smooth and easier to apply. And it dries reasonably quick. I hate painting my nails because i am way too impatient to sit and wait while the polish dries. Usually i end up with smudged and chipped nails before i even get to show off my new color! All because i just suck at waiting.. and sometimes i apply too much polish. Which is why i went on a limb.. i bought this stuff today:

Essie Good to Go--- $10 at Ulta
Essie Nail Polish Wicked 249

In the words of Essie it is "the fastest drying top coat". I will admit i am a little skeptical when it comes to things like this--especially for the price. But i am in complete shock at this stuff! it seriously dried my nail polish about 19284921804 times faster than normal, and it gave a little extra shine. Just as it says on the box.. it dries nail polish almost instantly.. and truly it does! I will neverrrr paint my nails again with out this stuff. I am already typing on my computer.. and yup i painted my nails like 3 minutes ago.. Whooot woot!

Tarte: Smooth Operator Tinted Moisturizer $36 at Ulta
smooth operator tinted moisturizer oil-free tinted moisturizer with SPF 20
This summer my face was super dry because i was on dumb medication that dried out my skin.. this product came to my rescue. Moving into the colder months means the same thing! 36 bucks i will be honest.. i am not a huge one for spending.. but this is a life saver. Moisturizers are tricky because everyone's skin is different. And trust me, i use to have the most oily skin around. But this moisturizer is seriously perfect--not too oily, and not too dry. Plus the extra tint gives you enough coverage that you can go out with just the moisturizer on. It gives your skin a nice evened out look with out appearing to have your make up 'chalked on'. I like to use this as my moisturizer after i wash my face, and then i use a little bit of Bare Minerals powder to even out the oils. Sometimes i think that Bare Minerals doesn't stay on for very long.. but i have noticed that the two combined create a perfect mixture.. the Tarte moisturizer makes the Bare Minerals powder stick to your skin for longer. It is light weight and most of the time i can hardly tell i am wearing any make up. Try this combo.. its a must!

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser... about $8 in grocery stores

I have never been known for my beautiful skin. Quite honestly, i have struggled with acne and any other type of skin disorder out there.. you name it, i've had it. My skin is uber sensitive, but at the same time i need something strong enough to keep my skin clear. This cleanser has been the only one that has worked wonders for my skin! it is awesome. It cleanses, but doesn't leave my face too dry. So if you are trying to find a good facial cleanser.. try this one out. My dermatologist (yes i see a dermatologist regularly.. i'm not even embarrassed cuz she is awesome)..anyway.. she recommended it to me years ago and i have been using it ever since.  Make the cetaphil switch! you wont regret it!

I know i am no beauty expert.. and quite seriously i have never been one of those girls who knows all about fashion: whats in vs whats not, what hair color is popular, and all that other jazz. I am one who knows more about the World Series, NBA championship, or College Bowl games, than any of this other prissy good stuff. But i do know what has worked for me. And if you are like me in any way i hope these recommendations helped you out! 

What are your favorite beauty supplies, brands, or products? 

i learned..

today has been interesting. Church is always good, but today was one of those days where i just could not focus for the life of me. hahaha instead, my inspiration comes from my personal study. Best scripture of the day.... goes to Alma 33:11....

"And thou didst hear me because of mine afflictions and my sincerity; and it is because of thy Son that thou hast been thus merciful unto me, therefore i will cry unto thee in all mine afflictions, for in thee is my joy; for thou has turned thy judgments away from me, because of they Son."

I love my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the atonement. It is through our Savior that we are saved, comforted, and blessed. He truly does know exactly how we are feeling in every instance.

Just one more thought for tonight....

Wayyyy good right? lets all try to be a little happier, a little more cheerful, and a little more uplifting. Because if we do.. we will see the Lord's hand in our life. I have felt it and i know it to be true. Happy Sunday everyone.. here's to a new week and new lessons to be learned!

sooo this movie...

was seriously incredible! loveddd everyyyy second! Julianne Hough.. yup she can dance. and she has a rockin body. and she can act. and i loved her. And mr Kenny Wormald?... smokin! holy i seriously was in love with him too. everything about this movie was just fantastic. i highlyyy recommend you go see it!

She's just too great not to blog about

I am sure you get sick of hearing about the amazing people in my life. But really it's true.. i am surrounded by the absolute best. This post is going to talk about my dear old roomie Whitley. 
Aneeeewayyyy. This last saturday was her 22nd birthday. I hadnt seen her since July practically so i headed down saturday afternoon to visit. She had a game (yeah she is a champ.. stickin with college soccer for all four years unlike someone i know).. and what a better time to watch her play than on her birthday right? I was running a little late, as usual, when i got a text from Am saying "Whit just got hurt." I responded promptly with a "shut up that's not funny." ...when the response came my heart dropped "no it's not a joke.. it looks BAD." Immediately all sorts of swear words go flying through my mind.. and within the next ten minutes i pulled up to the field. One thing is for sure.. Whit doesn't get hurt. I dont think i have ever seen whit get taken off the field because of an injury. i mean, she is one tough cookie....and she neverrr gives up. It must be baddd. 
Sure enough when i got there whit was on the sideline getting help from the trainers. Through out the rest of the game i could tell she was in pain. Yet, sure enough, there she was laughing and joking with her teammates. After the game, the diagnosis didn't look great. A partial tear in her LCL. (knee ligament) but the trainers needed her to see a doctor on Monday for a more positive diagnosis.
I headed to the doctor with her.. and after a bunch of tests, the doctor ruled out the LCL. The only thing left that it could be was the ACL. Those three letters are the absolute worst diagnosis any athlete could ever hear. She went in for an MRI less than 30 minutes later, and we were left to wait. The results wouldn't come until the morning. 

Sure enough later that night i was out running errands, when i got a phone call from Ammon. He let me know that i should probably head back to Whit's and maybe prepare myself a little before getting there. He had just talked to whit and was heading over to give her a blessing. Well long story short, the diagnosis came back earlier than normal... a torn ACL and partially torn MCL. Am gave her a beautiful blessing, and shortly after whit, min, and i, were left to talk/cry it out.
Although moments like this are some of the hardest in life, i value conversations like the one we had so much. It is in times of trial that we get to see people's real character come through. And, it is in times like these that i realize i am surrounded by the best. Obviously the circumstance is devastating: Senior year of soccer, team captain, 4 year starter, regional honors, and everything is over with one badly planted foot. Watching whit handle the situation has taught me so much. I value her example more than anything. She was left to make a really difficult decision concerning the upcoming 10 day trip to hawaii. I was amazed at her surety in the Lord's plan for her, and the absolute need to be honest with her teammates and coach. She wasn't afraid of the consequences because she knew that if she told the truth whatever was supposed to happen would. What faith right? 

I am so sad for whitley, but i am just as impressed by her. Her example that day really taught me so much about what's important in life. Putting trust in the Lord and his plan is hard, but if we follow his example we will be blessed. I love whit so much and i am sure the road ahead will not be easy, but i know she will face it strongly. I am grateful for her steadfastness-- even in the worst of situations.
Happy Birthday to the newest and greatest 22 year old around! i love your guts and am jealous you are in Hawaii! :)

Happy Anniversary

A big shout out to my dear parents. Today marks 25 years of marriage for them! I couldn't have chosen better parents and i love them dearly. Honestly i am going to have to do another post about them later cuz i just don't have the time right now. Check out my mamma's blog in the mean time. She is so awesome and i just lover her and my dad so much!


Yup i will admit it.. i left for the weekend and hardly told a soul. I am happy to be away. I came to one of my favorite locations, and boy is it heaven here. I love having absolutely nothing to do, no where to be, and having some selfish Haley Thinking Time. It is sooo great and refreshing. I am sure if you know me well enough you could easily figure out my whereabouts.... but for now i am leaving that little bit of information undisclosed. I will return soon enough and hopefully i will see some of your bright lovely faces!

Happy Fall Break to all my fellow Utes!!

even though...

Ya know... today has been an awesome day so far. I know it's only 2:00 in the afternoon and things could still happen that would change my great mood. But i wont let them!

Even though i woke up to a text that said "snow"... and i obviously refused to get out of bed for another 20 minutes, somehow everything went perfectly while i was getting ready in a hurry.

Even though i had twenty minutes to get ready somehow I managed to coordinate a cute outfit. I am loving my brown boots, dark denim jeans, white long 'dressier' shirt that goes mid-thigh in length, a royal blue long sleeve cardigan, and a side braid that ends in a side ponytail. Somehow, it looks decent. Add the cute white pea coat and i am set.

Even though i left my house a little bit late, and i made the executive decision to stop at Reams and buy an umbrella, i still somehow made it to class on time.

Even though it was raining/snowing miserably on my walk to class... my executive decision to buy an umbrella definitely paid off.

Even though my class was brutally boring, my teacher, who has a heavy Korean accent, made me laugh when she said Firth. i was obviously confused and it finally clicked that she was trying to say "first". Or how about the time that she said "eckjauted... oh you mean exhausted? ..made my day.

Even though the class started filling up with smoke, and my teacher kept pretending like nothing out of the ordinary was occurring, my buddies and i filling the last three rows got some good entertainment out of her facial expressions when she realized the class was 'foggy'.

Even though i didn't really prepare for my big group presentation, somehow my professor loved it! and we totally aced it.

Even though i didnt have time to study for my final in my night class, miraculously my class before got cancelled... which is why i am in the library blogging instead of studying. So... time to study!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

To 1410000004

[let me first preface this by saying.. i am not writing this for a sob story/pity party.. i simply just want to set the record straight for ONE person.. person 1410000004]

I have been thinking. And mostly i am frustrated because i want to talk to this person. But there is really no way to know who sent it. Sooo with that being said, i am reaching out. My friends know about my blog and whether or not 141000004 reads this or not.. i am attempting. I am apologizing and also stating my feelings. Take it or leave it.

Dear 1410000004,

Let me start by saying that i am slightly confused why you would send me a ten page text from some stupid app so i wouldn't know who you were. There are very few people that know the details of my life as of late, and seeming that you are most likely one of them, we should be good enough friends for you to voice your concerns to me face to face. Not over some stupid text. I have no idea who you are and quite frankly i am kind of glad.. but i do feel the need to address some of the things you said in that hurtful text.

"you are going to screw up your whole relationship because you are just being dumb and selfish"...Ok i might be acting 'dumb' but it is not your place to say whether or not i am screwing up my relationship. And selfish? i think i have the right to be selfish when it comes time to deciding who i marry. Correct me if i am wrong, but it is my future we are talking about here.. not yours.

"can't even stand talking to you anymore because you are being so selfish and it is always about you--try thinking about others instead of what Haley wants all the time"....I am sorry if i have disregarded problems in your life. Truly i am. And i hope we can talk at some point cuz clearly i have been checked out. But in this situation, with my dating life, i do think it is ok to be a little selfish with my decision of marriage. I have to live that life. Hypothetically if i were ever in a relationship to make everyone else happy.. probably not a good thing right?

"Ben has been so sick and all we hear about it you and your drama. Ben has always been there for you and now you aren't even being a friend for him when he is so sick. Instead you are making it worse i'm sure (his sickness)."....You wanna judge me for not being there for Ben when he has been sick? How about all the nights we have cancelled plans to sit at home because he is too sick to get up? or how about the days i went straight up to his house from school because he was home alone sick?.. i am making it worse?... his illness is from Mozambique, and he is on meds to correct it. So please dont assume that i am making him sick. I know this time has not been easy for anyone involved, but realize that he is not the only one hurting. And more importantly please don't tell me that i haven't been there for him while he has been sick. you have NO idea what has been going on with his health apparently.

"you are just scared to get married now that he is home"..... hahahahahah kind of hysterical if you ask me! i am not scared to get married. I would actually love to be married right now. There i said it and admitted it to all my blog readers. And if it were to Ben i would be happy! But i am NOT going to marry the wrong person. So.. give me a break please and let me figure out what my heavenly father's plan for me is. Cuz sorry, but i am not going to take your 'word for it'.

"you know you have received your answers so many times.. and everyone can see it BUT you." .... Well i am glad you think you have the right to analyze my spiritual experiences. Maybe i should just trust you to pray about my dating life and then i'll just do what you say. yeah that sounds like a fantastic idea. Seriously? Do you really think you have the right to tell me how i have felt when i have gone to the temple, read my scrips, or prayed to my heavenly father? Sure i will admit i have for sure had experiences in the past (while ben was gone) that i thought meant i was going to end up marrying ben. But Guess what? I wasnt asking then if i was going to marry ben. I simply asked if i should wait for him to get home. Those are two completely different questions.  And i know it is easy to mix up the two.. trust me i know. In the moment, it was easy to think i was going to marry ben. Looking back it all makes sense. But i also know the promptings i have had lately, and i am doing what i feel is best right now.

"Your confusion is your answer.. that you shouldn't be second guessing things. that is why you are not calm about it."... Well there is where you are wrong. I am finally at peace with myself. yeah it sucks, but i know that i need this time. I know that i will be guided. Whatever is supposed to happen, will. Sure i am confused about the WHY but not about the what. I know what i did was what i needed. And i know that my Heavenly Father loves me and will let me know when the time is right. When and who will be answered someday. Now is just not the time and i was finally getting to the point where i felt ok about that answer. Then you had to send me this lovely text. so thank you.

Now i just want to say 1410000004 i am sorry. i am sorry that i have complained, or 'burdened' you with my burdens. But it is only because i trusted you and thought you cared. Obviously i am mistaken. And i am truly sorry that i have made you feel like i do not care about your life. That is not ever the case. I care about you. And i really hope you will call me soon. You dont even have to bring up this text. In fact, dont. because seriously i am hurt and dont want to talk about it anymore. But i do want to talk about you.   Can we all just pretend this never happened?

Lastly, i want to say i am sorry to dear Benjamin. The Haley of the last month has not been a pretty one. And i am so sorry. You know i love you and think the world of you. You are my paly pal. :) and thank you for being sooo extremely patient with me. You are a true gem ya know that? muah! xoxoxo

And to my bloggers.. i am sorry if you just wasted your time reading that. but i already feel sooo much better. You have officially seen the worst of Haley Hansen, and quite frankly it is something i am ok with. I dont have a perfect life. And I am not perfect. But i am learning. Eventually things will be dandy, and for now, we weather the storm right?

Also thanks to all of you who have reached out to me in the past few days. You are all sooo great and i hope you know it really has made a difference in my days. I love you all. It's true! I have been sooo blessed that i have no reason to complain. Because i DO have amazing people surrounding me.. and that is all of you! Thank you thank you thank youuuu. Tank you (that one is for benjamin, brooke, and carson specifically) love you all and good night!! sweet dreams :)

people are just mean

I just barely got probably the rudest text in text history. Like really i have no idea who would say such mean things. The worst part?.... the text was sent from this number 141000004.. what the crap. that has to be an email or something right? does anyone know how numbers like this exist? Maybe i will muster up the courage and post the text tomorrow. Oh did i mention it was 10. TEN. diez. pages long. yuppppp you heard me right. A 10 page long text. Full of pure hating on haley words. who does that? i really dont get it. What i also dont get is that the things in the text are things that only BEST friends of mine know.. so yup one of my bf is sending me way cool texts. You know that makes me feel reallyyyy great. Ooopps here goes up the trust wall again. Trust no one. it goes SPLAT right in your face.Yay me. yay unnecessary drama. yay good friends that know nothing about what they think they are experts on. going to bed. hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

(if you cant really tell.. i am pissed beyond actual words. and hurt. and crying. BUT it's my blog i'll say whatever i want. thank you and good night)

Tay Tay

I absolutely love tay swift. She will forever be my favorite.. along with Johnny boy Mayer. The concert was incredible... Quite unbelievable to even try to explain. I walked away one happy girl that night and officially say it was the best birthday present everrr. Thank you daddy! Let me say.. tay is an amazing performer.. she played the piano, ukulele, guitar, bass, and wrote all her songs. so awesome. Her rendition of Fearless on the uke made my heart happy.

She sang a song i have never heard before.. it is my new favorite and explains exactly my life right now. so have a listen.. it's a definite ear pleaser.

Life makes love look hard....

Goin on a limb

i have been thinking a lot lately. Ya know what bugs? and with out a doubt everyyyone does it? myself included? well...this is going to take a lot of explaining. 

Why does everyone always have an opinion about who should date who, who goes well together, who absolutely should not date, and who one should marry..etc? It drives me crazyyyy. People do it all the time. "like what is she doing..?".... "He isnt good for her..."....."They are perfect together why did he end it?"..."oh my gosh she totally should date that other guy"...."you guys are like the perfect couple"... "why would you do that?".... blah blah blah. I am so sick of it. I know i have done it before too everyone is guilty. But now that i am on the other side of the criticism it hits all too close to home. I get that people want me to be happy. I get that people will always have an opinion of what is best for me. I get that. i get it all. What i dont get is why.. if.. [ultimately] people want me to be happy.. then why are they sooo critical? It's not their life. Who i date, hang out with, or marry, will not directly affect anyone besides myself and my future family. That alone is enough pressure right? 

I know i am guilty too. everyone is in one way or another. No one ever knows what someone else's relationship is like. Only two people are involved in those relationships.. and in the end those two people are who matter most. Are they happy? Are they good for each other? We can assume, and have our opinions, but in the end we should put all our efforts toward supporting them. Go along with them on the ride of  new, fun, relationships. Life is about learning and improving. We can all learn and improve from our friends and their experiences. 

i vow to change. i will judge less, be less opinionated on friends choices, and support them in their challenges. We can all improve, and we need to improve.  Because in the end.. all we will have left are the relationships we have built. So scrutinize less, be slower to judge, and be quicker to lend a supporting hand.