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School is for Fools!

So i officially go here..

  • The fact that i know that my teachers KNOW what they are talking about.
  • The fact that i have SO many opportunities within my major that i wouldn't have had at Dixie.
  • I KNOW i am going to learn so many cool things!
  • The BEAUTIFUL campus
  • The comfy chairs
  • The diverse people- i heard 4 different languages while walking to class today.
  • The number of people!
  • There is ALWAYS something going on
  • The liberal teachers and students.. ahahah i love hearing their views of the world
  • Only going to school mon-thurs!

  • The commute! i have to wake up soo freakin early it's ridiculous. (at the same time i love my thinking time)
  • The WALKING! sooo much walking. and more walking. and more walking. and more walking. 
  • The parking! so frustrating
  • The stupid counselors who all tell me different things-thus the reason i was enrolled in 2 classes until late last night, and the 2 i was enrolled in weren't even ones i needed for my major.. yeah way cool.
  • The stupid teachers who wont add me even though there are PLENTY of seats available.
  • The guy who skipped processing my ucard so i ended up waiting 45 min.. all while the people behind me in line were getting their cards. sweet man.
  • the blisters on my feet from my dang shoes.. and the WALKING

I love when the teacher cancels class on the 2nd day it's in session.. and when i just added it late last night.. showed up this morning at 8, and don't worry.. CANCELLED. wayyyyy cool.

I seriously LOVE school so far though. It is so fun.. and i really cant wait for football season to start! whooo 


All the Single Ladies!

The Kicks all decided that we were going to surprise Brooke by doing a little dance for her at the reception. Disclaimer: None of us are dancers. So that definitely made things interesting! Jess was a cheerleader in high school so that was very useful, but teaching us how to 'shake' was not an easy task! We must have watched the Single Ladies music video 100 times before we had it simple enough that we could perform. We practiced every day last week and got it down perfectly! It was so funny and Brooke loved it. Man.. i gotta admit.. i was SUPER nervous beforehand! hahah all turned out well.. except steph totally screwed up on the ending.. but it made it so much more funny! man i love my friends.

sorry the lighting sucks.
enjoy!! :)

Brookie is a MARRIED woman!

Saturday was the big day!.... Brooke got married! Seriously she looked amazing and was absolutely glowing. It was so fun seeing her walk out of the temple and knowing that they are sealed together forever. All of us teared up a bit as we huddled around to congratulate her! The reception was gorgeous and everything went off perfectly! She is on her honeymoon in Aruba right now.. and i am so jealous! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Springer!! :)

Waiting for the Springers to come out of the temple!

The Kicks :)


Reception decorations.. soo pretty.

The girls.. doin our thing at the wedding. haha love them all so much

Congrats again love birds! 

Curse the Mail!

So my dear friend over in Mozambique wrote me an email and told me that he had written me a letter and was going to send it that day. He also told me it would take 7-10 days to get here. So, of course that whole next week i was getting pretty anxious every time the mail man drove up. Well... come to find out.. my dear friend mr benjamin didn't even end up sending it til the following monday. So, once again the waiting process began. 

Fast forward to now. Dont worry people.. that letter was sent an astonishing 3 weeks ago. But keep in mind i thought he sent it 4 weeks ago. holy moly waitin for 4 weeks now. And wanna know the worst part? he sent his family a letter the same day he sent mine, and they got it LAST TUESDAY! kill me now. 
i hate the mailman.
 i hate the mail system. 

and most of all..

 i really hate that my letter is most likely gone forever.

But on a brighter note.. Ben's malaria is gone for now and he is back to feeling well again ...which is obviously way more important than me getting my stupid [yet, oh so wonderful] letter.

Take that Nature!

Yesterday our family decided that we were going to take a trip up to the mountains. We were all given assignments and prepared to head up as a family to roast mallows. Well.. as the night went on, gradually the number of us 'able' to go decreased. It ended up being teag, my mom, dad, and i. Although we were small in numbers we definitely still had a blast!

Finally after forever i figured out the dang self timer!
Teag is a stud!

I am so grateful for the time i am able to spend with my family. They are the best. And i love my little buddy Teagy.

just pondering

....... There is definitely a running theme in my life lately which is...

...........Why is it that sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest?

........I am not liking this theme.

  not one. single. bit.

oh and ps.... Ben has MALARIA!! ahhh

I'm on a boat!

Yesterday Jaim and i were invited to go boating with Jess and her family. It was definitely a girls day out considering Jess has 4 sisters and no brothers-and evan had to work. We just went out to Utah Lake and spent the day wake boarding, and tubing! It was super nice weather in the morning, but by the afternoon it was getting pretty stormy and the water was choppy-perfect for tubing!
I was so proud of myself for getting up! 
I was sooo scared that i was gonna die! We had a blast though!

Ok this is the part where jaim decides to jump onto my tube, and then proceeds to yell at me to get on her tube.. while she is laying on top of me.. Yeah there was no way i could even move.. She was straddling me! 

It was such a fun day and i am definitely super sore today!! That is when you know you had a good day boating! A BIG thank you goes out to the Keddingtons for inviting us! 

life is life

I have decided that being a 20 year old is not as great as everyone says. Sure, it is fun getting older and having more options than EVER before.. but i have also come to realize that sometimes it is just overwhelming. There are soooo many options and opportunities placed at my feet that it seriously is stressful just thinking about picking just one! i wish someone could just tell me what to do, where to go, what to major in, where to work, where to live, who to hang out with and everything else that life has thrown at me! I know everything will work out, but right now... i feel like i am in constant stress mode!

PLUS i have to write a talk for church tomorrow! lovely.

50 cent bowling

some of our group..missin Evan, Brig, Ammon, Hay, Chase, Riley, and Kenz.
Classic i know... i am sure you are all sick of hearing about our bowling nights! last night was so fun though! After Brooke's shower we headed over to Fat Cats and bowled. It was [as it always is] a great night filled with lots of laughing and fun. 
Chase. Dutson. Hay. Ammon
Awesome night.. not such awesome bowling unfortunately. I know for a fact i will never beat my 182 score that i got last week. booooo.

[i promise this will be my last post about bowling.. this is getting ridiculous.]

Brookie's Bridal Shower

Last night we had a Bridal shower for my friend Brooke! i am sure you guys remember when she got engaged? if not.. click here. Welp she gets married in a few weeks so we threw her a grocery bridal shower at my house. It was fun seeing people from high school and celebrating her upcoming big day! 

the kicks. love these girls! Steph. Dutson. Brookie. Jaim. Hansen. Jess.
Some of the people at the end of the night.. mostly everyone had already left.
It was a success and was so fun! Now we just gotta get this wedding day here.

Africa #2 -Gratitude

 Anyone who has been to a 3rd world country comes home and is super humbled by the things they have seen and the way they have lived life. It may seem cliche, but my trip to Kenya was no different. 
I think it is obvious to realize and to say how lucky and blessed we really are materialistically. We have over abundances of clothing, food is always convenient to obtain, our houses are IMMACULATE, transportation is easy, communication with others is always at our fingertips, Internet connection is fast immediate, and we literally can get ANY necessity (or non-necessity for that matter) at any given time. We live convenient lives. Think about it. 
Have you ever realized though.... JUST how lucky and chosen i [you] must be to have been blessed both materialistically and spiritually
At church in Butiere with some of the members
The world is a BIG place people. I realized that very quickly on my 30+ hours of travel. It is hard to comprehend just how many people there are on this planet. How was it that i was lucky enough to be born into a family of the only correct church on the earth today? How was it that I was blessed with the truth without having to search for it?
 I came with the knowledge.
 I came ready and prepared with the truth. 

Why me?

This is one of the many questions i have been asking myself since i got home. I don't think there is just one right answer to this question. But i do know that i need to figure out at least some of it. Why was i so abundantly blessed materialistically and spiritually? Sure having nice clothes is great. But the real question.. Why was i blessed with the gospel? 
Church was the MOST amazing experience
I know that i have a responsibility to stand as a witness-- set the example and show others the way to true happiness. That is why i was chosen. i was chosen to have the truth and it is my job to share it. I am so extremely grateful for that knowledge. I am so grateful for the many blessings i have-both materialistically and spiritually. i am grateful for my Savior and grateful for him blessing ME with the BEST blessing he could ever bless me with. The gospel of Jesus Christ.
I. Am. Grateful.