He's Backkkkkk

Welcome home Elder Williams!
I am sooo happy to have Carsy home! It is the absolute best feeling ever having my friends coming home. We only have 3 more and we will all be officially reunited. Eric gets home in may, Ben in June, and Preston in July!

Left to Right: Jason, Brayden. Kylee, Stetson, Jess, Carson, Nate, Haley, Craig, Lacey, Heather.

Last night Jess, ky, and i, were talking about how truly lucky we are to have such an amazing group of friends. We have all been friends for such a long time now and it is just fun to know that we are friends to stay! Also, Lacey and i were talking about how blessed we were in high school to have such a good grade. We felt like everyone in the '08 class at Jordan got along so well and cliches weren't really that big of an issue. I feel so grateful to have such awesome friends that i know will always be there to support, uplift, and love me no matter what trials i face!


  1. i agree about our grade being so great. we really all did get along. so glad i get to call you my friend haley!

  2. Seriously, it's cool how we were all friends. Love your blog!!


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