time to think

so i am sitting here.. its 1:00 am.. and i am not one bit tired. call me crazy but this summer sleep schedule is just how it goes. i have been contemplating all the things i could write about.. and well i really have nothing. There is one thing though that keeps coming to mind. and that would be the missionaries!! heavens i should be better at writing them but it is so hard keeping track of p-days, addresses, locations, etc of so many fine young men! I have friends serving all over the world and it is fun to hear of their stories!!

Elder Carson Williams- Dominican Republic
Elder Benjamin Woolf- Mozambique Maputo Africa 
Elder Preston Richards- Fort Worth, Texas
Elder Chandler Hansen- Minneapolis Minnesota
Elder Taylor Meyers- Culican Mexico
Elder Eric Proctor- Seoul, South Korea
Elder Tanner Langston- Stockholm, Sweden
Elder Zach Fackrell- Montevideo, Uruguay
ElderBrayden Ward- Morristown, New Jersey
Elder Merit Egan- North Carolina
Elder Jason Erickson- Fukuoku, Japan
Elder Nate Pulley- Nicaragua
Elder Matt Palmer- Japan
Elder Cody Raymond- New York, New York
Elder TJ Richards- LA, California
Elder Tyson Amudson- LA, California
Elder Bridger Battaglia- Portland Oregon
Elder Lance Lowry- Kennewick, Washington
Elder Jaes Jones- Finland
Elder Jason Shallenburger- California
Elder Hayden Moss- Long Beach, California
Elder Royce Lauck- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Elder Will KiniKini- Minneapolis, Minnesota

OK that is quite the list.. we got em all over the place! and this list doesnt include a lot of people! hmm.. anyway it is so fun seeing all of chans friends get home from their missions and hearing the stories and experiences they have had.. it is amazing what the gospel does for peoples lives!  i love the missionary program and cant wait for all of these boys to be back home!!! Even though, it will be awhile! Good luck to all these boys!!


So i have been thinking a lot lately.. I LOVE my Brothers!..(not that i dont love my sister.. but that will come later...) Ok maybe that sounds cheesy.. but its so true! You all have heard about Teagan.. but i think i need to give a shout out to my little-Big-brother Easton. Ever since Chan has been gone, me and East have gotten to be really close! Although sometimes i can't stand the kid, he really is amazing and someone i look up to. He has so MANY attributes i wish i had..

Easton is a Work-aholic. He has the most powerful work ethic of anyone i know. He is constantly driven and will do anything for anyone.. no matter what kind of effort is involved.

He always has the desire to do what's right. He is a people pleaser, and willingly does anything for anyone. We constantly find him mowing lawns for widows in our neighborhood, shoveling the driveways of the whole block, and always helping anyone in need.

Most people don't get to see this side of Easton. He has the most tender heart. He recently got called to serve in the Special Needs mutual. I can't imagine a better calling for East!  He is so sensitive and i love that about him

We also have the same sense of Humor. As bad as this sounds.. we love making fun of people, and i know.. if i don't say it.. he will!

so... if you dont know Easton... get to know him! He is one amazing kid and i am sure you will figure that out too!!

The family is finally reunited!!

For the next two weeks all my cousins from my dad's side are in town! It is my grandparents 50th anniversary so we have spent the whole week up in park city at the Marriot Mountain Side resort. what a blast it has been to finally see everyone! Between work and school, i have spent as much time as possible up there, but i cant wait to spend even more time with everyone when they are down here in Salt Lake! Here are some fun pics of the weeks adventures...

The cousins with Grandma and Grandpa

Probably my favorite cousin, Halle, and my aunt Cyd

Jumpin in the pool! we all look so cute

Main Street Scavenger Hunt.. I found the statue.

Some of the Girl Cousins

Everyone at the top of Main Street, Park City

Me and My dad and his sister Alison


Yup you read right! i am so sick!! i actually cant remember the last time i was this sick! Yesterday at work i started feeling weird, and as soon as i got home.. i lost my lunch. gross i know. But thats not the end. From about 3:30 til 9 i threw up every fifteen or so minutes. Of course, i hadn't eaten that much food, so there wasn't a lot to throw up after the first few times.. but it just kept coming. I couldn't even drink water, with out losing that too. So nasty. Then around 11 i started feeling a tad bit better so i drank some sprite, and water. And when i say "drank" i mean "sipped". I hardly had drunken anything, and the next thing i knew.. i was back in the bathroom. Bad night i tell ya. But the good news is, i feel a lot better today and am "eating". Wahoo... water has never tasted so good.