Mr. and Mrs. Broadhead!

Well its official! Another one of the kicks is a married woman! Jaimie got married last saturday and it was the most perfect day. Well except our little mishap. For some reason us girls have been late to EVERY single wedding. Dutson, Steph, and I, had planned to drive to the temple that morning together. We planned to meet at Dut's house that morning at 12:15 to be sure that we would make it to the temple on time. Jaim's sealing was scheduled at 12:20 so we were positive that we would have plenty of time to spare. Well long story short.. Dut's little sister ended up in the hospital that morning which left Hay stuck in Provo! We ended up leaving about 20 minutes late but still figured we would get there in time. We were just hitting 33rd south when the phones started ringing.."Hurry she's about to come out!" "Where are you guys?" Ahhhhh it sent us all into stress mode! Anddd to make matters worse, we were in Hay's little Geo Tracker.. aka.. maxes out at like 75mph. We scored a good parking spot (thanks to steph and brooke's mom) and booked it to the temple! We got there right in time (and even a little to spare). The photographer somehow got lost which postponed the happy couple coming out on time.. thank goodness!

Steph. Brooke. Hay. Jaim. Dut. Jess

Dutson was in charge of decorating the car.. i think it turned out adorable!
The remaining three. Who will be next?!

Jaim looked gorgeous and so happy and at ease. It was so fun being with the girls again. We are all so busy and can hardly find a time when we can all get together. Congrats to the new couple.. Mr. and Mrs. Broadhead!!

heaven on earth

Every week i get an email from Sephora. If you have never been to Sephora.. you NEED to go! It is the best store ever...make up, shampoo, fragrance, skin care, nail polish.....they've got it all! There is a new one in fashion place mall and it is seriously heaven on earth. I was telling my mother.. i could spend hours and thousands of dollars in a store like that. Wellllll this week the email was a pretty dang good deal that i couldn't pass up! 

Ok i have to go off on a little make up rant for a second. I love love love Bare Minerals. I am a firm believer. Typically while growing up, i didn't have the best skin.. very sensitive to pretty much any make-up which caused horrible acne. No matter what i did it just didn't get better! ...(i even tried that proactive stuff.....hahahah it did alright but still my skin=too sensitive!) Anyway... finally i found a solution. BARE MINERALS! It is really easy to apply and i never really feel like i am wearing make up when i use it. So today when i saw this amazing kit.. i had to buy! Look at all that stuff.... for 49 bucks instead of 126? Totallyyyyy worth it. plus you get three different sample items at check out when ordering online. Talk about a steal of a deal!

check it out people. you get...
- Keepsake Mirror Charm
-Sassy Eyecolor (opalescent caramel)
-Dual-Sided Compatible Clever Blush and Chic Radiance (petunia pink/sun-kissed glow)
-Illuminating Mineral Veil Finishing Powder (completely sheer with luminous finish) 
-Mini Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black (black) 
-Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Savvy (rosy tan) 
-Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer 
- Flawless Application Face Brush 
- Mini Big and Bright Eyeliner in Intense Black 

sweet right?


I've had some random thoughts the last few days and i need somewhere to vent my joys/angers/loves/hates get the picture. So here goes nothing

.. i reallyyyy hate my blog. i need to make it cute, but why the heck does it take me sooo long to do so? i need to redo the header. ..but flip that takes 10 years and a half and by the time i get it done, the pictures will once again be outdated. Help anyone?

...i decided it's one of my biggest pet peeves when people don't listen to what you have to say. And by listen, i mean really listen. Sure everyone is capable of hearing what one is saying, but why is it sooo hard for someone to listen to how you feel? I am sick of people thinking that they know what's best for me and trying to convince me to do what they want. If they would just listen they would know exactly how i feel. People should know by now that i am a pretty much an open book.'s my momma's birthday today. I wont tell you how old she is...she might kill me in my sleep tonight.. but lets just say she isn't as old as she thinks she is. :) Happy birthday mom!

...i really just love John Mayer. I miss singing his songs in weird voices with my bestie. I also have been loving Tay Swift..i miss screaming her songs with my other bestie. ok lets be honest.. when am i not loving either of these two?

...In sad news about this bestie... she is moving to Colorado for the summer to do pharmacy internship. i am going to miss her!!!! summer is our time to be together.. and now, we wont be. booooo.

..Speaking of Tay.. My dad surprised me for my birthday with 4 tickets to her concert in September. I will probably sell two of them, but even still... SO. EXCITED. if you promise not to tell anyone, i will tell you something embarrassing. I was listening to Tay the other day and got so excited for her concert that i teared up. Yup i cried. I am sooo weird. What the heck.

... We had a bridal shower for Jaim on Saturday. it was good seeing the girls.. i haven't seen them since our gift exchange before Christmas! what the heck. But life just takes you different directions, and as sad as it is to say... that's kinda how it is going with the kicks. Still love all those girls to pieces though. Jaim gets married in 10 Days! so excited for her.

...i think i am 'buying' a new ipod. Remember that gift card that i won? well.. a new ipod before Africa would be a nice way to spend it right?

...i am suddenly feeling sort of stressed with all the stuff i need to do before i leave. Did i mention it is less than a month away? Freaking out much.

...Ben gets home in 54 days. Of those 54 days.. 24 of them i will be spend out of the country. I would be lying if i said i wasn't SO excited for him to get home. But i would also be lying if i said i wasn't kinda nervous. It is quite the roller coaster of emotions. I haven't let myself think about this day for over two years. Back in those days it was too far away to even think about. Now all of a sudden i feel this overwhelming feeling that is so hard to describe. hahaha ben used this phrase in his last letter about coming home.. "it's kind of a suffocating feeling thinking about coming home." I have to agree. I feel that. Not necessarily in a bad way.. but there are just sooo many different emotions i feel that it gets overwhelming sometimes. I cant wait to go to Africa and lose myself in service.
...I am really excited for work to change to 8:30-12:30 days. I know i have never been a morning person, but i have come to love that feeling of waking up early and getting things done. Working in the morning and having my afternoons free seems like a marvelous plan. Especially if there is beautiful sunny weather, a pool, and a bottle of tanning oil calling my name.

.. I came upon this video today and almost died. How cute is it? haha at the same time.. i really hope my kids aren't that eager to get their first kiss. crazy.

...i keep telling myself that i will start eating more healthy and exercise everyday.. yup i was supposed to start on the 9th... but i am still saying "i will start tomorrow"... Where is my motivation?

...i am having a girls night with Lexi tonight. I think it is needed. And i think it will help this crappy mood that i am in. I found this on stumble and i cant decide which side the tears are coming out of first? hahaha how annoying is that?!

Until tomorrow.. thanks for reading my angry/happy rant. you are all great. Nighty

crafty? whaaa?

well let it be known that i might just have somewhat of a crafty side. Put a BIG emphasis on might. But my dear friend Megan is getting married while i am in italy, and so my mother and i are throwing her a shower for all the lovely ladies in the ward. We went to Roberts to find some cute paper etc, and decided that bright pink, tiffany blue, and a dark gray would make a cute invite. What do you think?

the name of the person getting invited on the envelope. the insert with time, place, date, etc .

I think they turned out quite nicely. I give my mother most of the credit, because after all, she is the scrapbook master. But i think i deserve some credit for these things. They took forever and i am soo glad to be done making these buggers!

Fishtail Anyone?

So apparently Blogger had some sort of disfunction yesterday and deleted my latest post. sorry for those of you who missed out on reading that thing. There is nooo way i am re-writing it. Bummer. It also deleted all my progress with my blog editing! what the heck. i was getting it just how i liked it and now.. its back to blahhhh state.

 But! i went out of my comfort zone yesterday and tried out a new hairstyle. For those of you who dont know me well.. i really suck at doing hair. I can straighten, curl, and pony tail--- thats about it. So this was a big day for me! i successfully performed a fishtail braid.. on my first try!!! i must say.. its superrr easy and everyone should try it :)

90's Flashback

Yesterday i was talking to my dear friend Lexi.. reminiscing about our childhood and the funny/crazy things we did together. She told me that she had a total 'flashback' the other day while listening to pandora. She was listening to her Backstreet Boy station (best idea ever right?) and the song "C'est La Vie" came on by BeWitched. I instantly knew what the flashback was to.. me singing that song at the top of my lungs while jumping/dancing on my bed. I guess you could say i was a fan. ...maybe a huge fan? either way we were both dying laughing. I had to look up the music video and obviously the video makes it that much better. Gosh i miss the 90's sometimes!..except for those awesome jean outfits. they can stay away forever thank you. hahaha


Well let it be known that i have severely neglected my blog in the last month. Lets just say i have been one busy gal! So... quick update on the last month or so:

Had the best April Fools Day yet. Let it be known that April fools is one of my favorite holidays. Day included 12 yr old brother crying... twice. 
this guy caused some serious emotional damage
Went to St. George (of course) for a quick vaca with the family. Activities included: baseball games, hiking, hanging with friends, and getting veryyyyy sunburnt.
Hiking in Leeds, UT

wrapped up some major projects for the semester.. including one that involved volunteering for RTC. So glad school is FINALLLY OVER. can i get a HOO-RAH?
Comm 3030 class project: Assist a nonprofit. we chose Reach The Children. 

Got my flights confirmed for Italy! i cant wait to see my cute aunt, uncle and cousins.
So excited to see these cute girls. I'm thinking going dark again. What do ya think?

Prep for Africa continues... can i just say how excited i am to go back?!!
just excuse the black bra and awkward posture... its hard to move when people are grabbing your hair.
Have i told you how much i love weddings? by the end of this weekend i will have gone to 5 weddings in one week. HOLY MOLY. i love them so much. call me a freak.
Cortnee and Todd's wedding.. ok adorable! you should watch their video it was my favorite part of the wedding i think.. almost made me cry i loved it so much. watch it here.
Marissa's wedding.. we played soccer at Dixie together. She looked gorgeous and her wedding was soo fancy!
Got asked to be Vice President for Omega next year. I. AM. SO. EXCITED.
i love these girls. every. single. one.
This girl leaves on her mission in 3 weeks! sad day, but yet so exciting!
Gosh i love Paige
UMM ........Two months from yesterday this lovely boy will be home!! eekkkkkkk!!!! 4th of July will be here before i know it!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry for the absurd amount of exclamation points.. i am excited ok?
how cute is he?! .... seriously though. 
Loving life right now. new motto goes a little something like this:

k promise i wont neglect the blog anymore. i have fun stuff to write about.. until then..