"Guess who's back.. Back again.."

Yup you guessed it! my big brother chandler just got home from his mission... FINALLY!! heavens it seems like forever ago i saw him and i have been counting down the days for a super long time now. geez i missed that kid. 

The week leading up to friday was such a crazy week at the Hansen household. So many things still had to be done, and my mother was working so hard to get everything accomplished-with little help from us kids. 

We made it to the airport about 20 minutes before he was supposed to land. All of us were a bit anxious and so excited to see him!

...... Come to find out.. we were in the WRONG TERMINAL! ahh so it was a mad dash to the next terminal where we found Elder Hansen standing there with no one other than my good old grandparents! who'd a thought they of all people would be the ones to get to the right gate?

I was so excited i immediately started crying. aww he is so cute. and it was an amazing feeling being around someone that is so close to the Lord.

The Hansen Family is once again Reunited!!! Too bad i had to leave two days later to go back to school. Bummer. But it is so good to have Chan home again. I missed him so much and i look up to him more than ever for the honorable service he was so dedicated to for the last 2 years. What a STUD.

Trip to AZ!!

oh man some good times went down in Arizona! i was so excited to spend some time with some good friends.. and be reunited with my long lost best friend Lexi Dahl. Her brother Ian got married this past weekend, and so i drove down with all his childhood friends, who coincidentally,  i have gotten to be really good friends with this summer! We had some way fun times.. and the pictures tell it all!

we went cliff jumping at this sweet place and this is my favorite picture of the day!!

Me and Lexi swimmin and jumpin at our way cool house!

Wedding day! all the groomsmen at the temple! It was soo hot at the Mesa temple that day! The bride and groom provided these cute white umbrellas! so fun.

Girls night out.. the night of the bachelor party.. Oh geez. we saw Time Traveler's Wife.. yeah i didnt like it all that much.

Sydney (13 yr)- 5' 11''
Lexi (19 yr)- 5'7''
Haley(19 yr)- 5'3'' 
.. we got problems here..

Dancin the night away!!

Gotta love Brock and Brandon. This wedding was crazyy fun. They played gangster music and i was LOVING it. "you could say i'm a G"... hahah good times

Our dance moves broken down to the song Paper Planes by MIA

Me shane and chris.

Me and Kenz doing our classic epileptic dance move. We honestly had a blast and i think all the AZ people thought we were from another planet. gotta love it.

Our awesome house.. the kitchen area

downstairs sleeping arrangements

The sickest pool!! soo much fun!

sorry this was uber long! but i had so much fun and i miss my girl Lexi already! it was a blast spending time with everyone and i loved AZ!!


The other day Linda and Trevor were so nice and invited my family and i boating! it was a blast and we had soo much fun. I love spending time with Ben's parents cuz Ben really is such a good mix of his mom and dad. We went out to Utah Lake and it was a great day for boating! it was way choppy when we first got there, and prime for tubing! i have never laughed that hard in my life.. I swear Trevor was gonna kill us. It was really a blast though and i even did a little wakeboarding! wahoo. Thanks Linda and Trevor!!

oh i also learned to backflip this summer! so sweet!!

proud i finally got up!!

Me and my bestie Jessica Hill!!

great pic of me and Jess

Concluding the day!

anxiously waiting..

ahhh!!! tomorrow is such a big day!! chan gets home and our house has been crazy for the past month getting ready for it!! wow. time flew, but it seems like forever ago i saw my brother! i love him so much and am soo excited to see him tomorrow! wish me luck!


Last summer me and Ben had the opportunity to go to the John Mayer, Colbie Callait concert. It was AMAZING!! i may sound crazy when i say this.. but it was life changing. Ever since i have this new found appreciation for music artists. Especially John Mayer. Ok, so he may not be the classiest guy around, but the guy has got a very special talent for writing and preforming music.

Recently, i have been addicting to listening to his music! The lyrics are so true, heartfelt, and amazing to say the least. I dunno maybe it's just because i have been missing Ben so much lately and listening to someone who feels my pain makes me feel better. so lame i know. Really i probably sound like a freak. But next time you listen to any of John Mayer's songs, pay close attention to the lyrics. One of my all time favorite songs by him is titled "The Heart of Life". I quote when i say.. "Fear is a friend who's misunderstood. But i know the heart of life is good!" I can do this.. Life really is good :)