Eden is 6 months! i can hardly believe it. She weighs 17.6 pounds and is 26.5 inches long. The 79% for weight and the 77% for height. I have no idea where she gets her height genes from.. definitely not from me.

She loves hide and seek and recently started understanding how to play! It is the cutest and she squeals and smiles so big!

She loved being around a lot of people and gets bored with mom all day. She loves church, wedding receptions, and parties because she loves watching people and commotion.

She has eaten all the veggies possible and likes them all. She loves banana's and pears more though :)

She still lovessss bathtime! .... she recently started hating her carseat which is depressing.

She loves watching the tv, and we just barely introduced her to Frozen. She likes the bright colors and music.

She eats 5oz every feeding, sits up on her own, got her first tooth this week, and sleeps like  champ! 10-11 hours a night and three naps a day!

She is generally a very happy baby and smiles at just about everyone.

She doesn't giggle, but squeals instead. It is pretty dang cute.

She shows no signs of crawling but loves to stand and can stand on her own for a few seconds without falling.. pretty impressive!

And she LOVES making noises with her tongue and spits everywhere! Its hilarious.

She has a few names she goes by.. Edee, Ede, and Eden-Weeden---no idea where the last one came from, Am and I just started calling her that.

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