8 months? crrrazy!

Elder Woolf has now been gone for 8 months.. weird?! but also great at the same time.! He has sent a bunch of pictures over the last while.. and people are always asking how he is doing so.. here are some pics to show what he's been up to..

Apparently ben loves baking cakes now??

The little kids in Africa love ben.. and he is not afraid to admit it! I guess every time they see him coming down the street they yell "elder hoof! elder hoof!" cuz they cant say woolf.. and they always want him to do magic.. somehow he magically can make a rock transfer from in one ear, and out the other? :) haha crazy!

Some cute videos he has sent.. scroll to the bottom to pause the music first :)

"water in the boot" .. hahaha ben had to buy rain boots cuz it rains so hard there! This video cracks me up! haha he is such a little nerd and it makes me laugh so hard!

i seriously cant imagine having to deal with this everyday.. but he doesn't seem to mind and is absolutely loving Mozambique.

This is my favorite picture he has sent home... how adorable are those kids?! they are gorgeous!

K you cant really tell in this picture cuz its so small.. but it describes Ben to a 'T'! All the other boys are all nasty and gross.. after playing basketball in the 100 degree 100% humidity weather.. and well.. ben on the other hand is in his Jordan shorts, pure white Nike shirt, and his Jordan sandals.. looking as though he didnt do a thing! he stands out so bad in this picture and i find it hilarious! Plus he is the most attractive one of the bunch :)


  1. haley! i loooove the updates! i'm glad ben is doing well!

  2. So fun to get caught up on what is going on in your life. Wow, to be in college again... Tell Ben hello from the Andrizzis next time your write and we love all the pictures.


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