Congrats Brooke!

Just want to throw out a CONGRATULATIONS to my bestie Lori Brooke and her fiance Dan Springer! They were engaged last night downtown at The Roof. Brooke was completely surprised and couldn't be more happy. The date is set for August 21, 2010 in the Salt Lake Temple.

(ps.. i stole these pics from her fb page.. so they arent mine and i really dont know who took them.. sorry!)
I am so excited for Brooke! I can tell how much she loves Dan and i am so glad and grateful that he came into her life! i have never seen Brooke this happy before and i honestly am so ecstatic for her! Congrats again you two love birds!
It is pretty crazy to me that my friends are beginning to get married. It is so weird that i am now at the age where i could get married! I remember being in sixth grade and thinking that 19 year olds leaving on missions were soo OLD! And to think that my missionary friends are all coming home this fall.. it blows my mind that i am going to be that OLD. I actually have RM friends.? really..? Life is just crazy. I am beginning to get the feeling that i am never going to feel 'old'... but that it just happens. WHAT A SCARY THOUGHT! Life is going by too fast for comfort.. and in some areas i am completely ok with that.. In others.. time just needs to slow down!

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  1. i can't believe how many girls keep getting engaged! it's exciting! who's next hay?!


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