soo busy!

The past two weeks have been so ridiculously busy in my life! It has been so good for me, but at the same time.. kind of disasterous. I have been really busy trying to find a job, getting schoolwork completed, finishing up my application to the University of Utah, filling our scholarship papers, socializing probably more than i should, applying to be an efy counselor, and figuring out my trip to Kenya. It probably doesn't sound like too much right.. wrong! Amidst all the chaos.. my laundry and cleanliness have seriously been abandoned. I am totally embarrassed about the picture to follow.. but it is just one of those things i have to share. My mom is going to KILL me... and i promise my room never looks like this..

dont judge me people! :)
Yup.. that is my pile of laundry.. i would say i have a good 4-5 loads of laundry to do today.. lovely lovely day.

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  1. hmmmm. i have seen your room look like that a ......feeewww...times!! It must have been when you were veeerrrry busy! Haul it all home - we'll get it caught up! We even miss your laundry pile.


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