Presidents day weekend!

It was so nice not to have class on Presidents Day! The weather was gorgeous down here..and i had Spring Fever sooo bad! My roommates and i convinced some of our friends who are on the baseball team, to take us to play some ball. I have to say thank you to my dad, who, my whole life made sure i knew the correct 'hitting stance', how to throw a curve ball, how to catch a fly ball, and the basics of each position. hhaha now, i will definitely admit i still am not too great at any of those things, but i definitely held my own that day! it was soo much fun.

The deal was, if they took us to play baseball, we had to go shooting with them after. what a deal right? So we drove out to the Arizona strip and went shooting these way sweet guns! We had tonz of fun and there was a lot of laughing going on that day!

(Left to right... Alex, Quinn, Whitley,Lauren, Haley, Ammon)
What college boy has 5 guns? hahah Alex certainly does..

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