Spring Break Week 2??

Last week was one crazzyyy week! There were tonz of people in St. George for their spring breaks, and i swear every night we had different people staying at our house. I felt like i was running a motel or something.

However.. i was eagerly looking forward to Wednesday, when Brooke, Jaimie, and Haley were coming down from Utah State. Oh my heck! it was so fun to have my friends come to visit! I miss them all so much and we had sooo much fun catching up and playing together! I loved having them in town!

First night at Pizza Factory.. YUMM!

Caving adventures..

Vegas!! shopping at the Outlet Mall.

M&M factory

Coca-Cola Factory

End the day at Caesars Palace for dinner at Planet Hollywood!

It was seriously so much fun having the girls come visit. I loved showing them my little 'world' down here in St. George and i wish so badly that they could come visit more often! I love these girls and we were all so sad that Steph couldnt come!! next time i guess :)

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