Seeing Double

acting like stripers in the middle of an outdoor mall

Some people think it is weird that having a best friend who's name is the same as their own. I, however, don't think it is weird at all! Me and my dear friend Haley Dut.. we grew up in the same ward and became really close in high school through soccer and student government. Ever since.. it has been history! Our first childhood memory of each other was when i was in fourth grade. We went to the Backstreet Boys concert together and had 3rd row floor tickets! I remember Haley made a sign on a single piece of paper that said "I love Brian". hahah so cute. Those were the days.
end of year assembly.. we had been crying..

getting ready for Prom my senior year

Haley and i are so much alike it is ridiculous. Everywhere we go people always ask us if we are twins cuz.. apparently we look alike? Then they think it is super weird when we tell them our names. (That is always an awkward situation by the way.. Just imagine.."hi my name is Haley".... "hi my name is Haley too?"'s always a weird introduction..) In high school people always thought it was so cool to say "hey Haleys" and they seriously thought they were so clever. Wow we have never heard that one before. Good one people.
Back in high school... we were so little
There are so many reasons i love this girl. Honestly though, it would take forever for me to name all the qualities she has that i wish i could obtain. So i will name just a few...

Haley is so patient. She loves everyone. She is so fun to be around. She is confident.

Haley is good at everything she does. She is superrr smart. She is genuine.
She doesn't get embarrassed. EVER. She will act like she is posing for a picture just so we can take a picture of something ridiculous behind her.. ex.. "getting booty 24/7"
Trying on the most hideous dress ever... a Jean Jumper. fabulous.

I love this girl so much! and i am so excited to be able to play with her this summer! yay!!!! reunited once again :)

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